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Driftwood Cluster X Series 4:│Moon T8│Spizz T7
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  • @matt_gh2 Thanks man, and while they were cutting the cake my photographer actually gave me the idea to shoot their portrait and it actually ended up being useful! @jdude Thanks, and I would definitely recommend it if you want beautiful slow motion but in order to get playback you will have to switch off the camera and cut it back on (which I had to do some during the shoot).

  • @Gardner, I really enjoyed the color scheme of it all. Awesome for weddings, since they are pretty warm, light moments. Good shit.

  • Does anybody still experience the "digital rain" effect when decoding with current Adobe software?

  • @treibholtz 'SPACE' Is a great long duration setting that spans on every level. Always 32Mbps minimum.

  • @nomad "digital rain" still affects a lot of software, for me it is Sony Vegas Pro. You can fix it by transcoding to intermediate codec for existing recordings. You can avoid it altogether by not using GOP3 hacks.

  • @nomad

    I haven't seen any rain since I switched to the all Intra Moon patches.

  • I have confirmed about the spanning issue of T8 patch with 02 GH2 and 01 Sandisk 16GB 45MB/s and 01 Sandisk 32GB 45MB/s following: - Spanning well on both Sandisk above, and both GH2 (one is Japanese version and other is US version) - DO NOT span IF you turn film mode to MULTI FILM mode. I have accidentally switched to the multi film mode and found it causing the problem with span function on GH2.

  • @nomad @ Jim_Simon The digital rain is from GOP3 hacks, intra ala Moon is GOP1. Spizz uses GOP3. The problem is the way a certain aftermarket codec is interpreting the info and both Adobe and Sony use it, (I think it is even more widespread than those two).

  • @dancerchris I did see the rain on some DREWnet 12 GOP patches as well, so it's not just GOP3, which I've never used.

    And the problems shows up in both VLC and KMPLayer as well, not just NLEs.

    But again, not there in the Intra patches like Moon.

  • @Jim_Simon It doesn't matter whether it's GOP3, GOP12 or another GOP size other than 1. (even stock GH2 footage has this issue). GOP1 = Intra-frame, anything non-Intra-frame will cause "rain" with the newer (since CS6) Mainconcept h264 encoder used in many products (among ones from Adobe, but also many others), When it has all actual frames and doesn't have to reconstruct any frames with the decoder (that's what intra frame is basically) it's ok, but otherwise you're gonna have to re-encode to something else first. If you're handy enough with FFmpeg it's easy to get around though, and you can always use apps with a front-end GUI like the very popular 5DtoRGB to get to a intra-frame codec like prores or dnxhd.

  • @Driftwood I've been testing Moon T8 on two cameras for the last couple of days Nick, and I gotta say, I'm impressed especially with the low light. It plays in camera too and today I tried it with electronic lenses and no glitches. You get 4 stars for this one.

  • "It doesn't matter whether it's GOP3, GOP12 or another GOP size other than 1."

    My point, precisely.

  • Spizz T7@vintage lenses (Jupiter, Helios, Mir)

  • Hello guys, i'm a rookie with GH2 patches, so please excuse my ignorance if my post/video test looks too amaturish to some here. Thanks a lot Driftwood & Vitaly for priceless work on thsese GH2 patches, much appreciated.

    Here's a short Moon T8 test i did last weekend, i didn't encounter any problem testing using sandisk extreme pro 95m/64gb card, and based on my observations, this is the best overall image quality of all the moon patches i've tried, i love it. I added a lil Moon 5 to this test just to see instant comparison, im sorry if it's off topic guys.

    I've been following moon threads for a while, although this is my first post, as im not technically knowlegded with the nitty gritty of the patches, i can't stop being amazed at how every latest moon patch turns out to be a significant improvement from the previous one even though some people here thought the previous one couldnt probably get any better cos they so good already. All i can say is BIG KUDOS TO YOU DRIFTWOOD. To say you are a genius is an understatement, thanks much.

  • Test Panasonic Lumix GH2 with Driftwood "NEBULA T8" hack

    Lens - Helios 44-2 No color correction, no denoise, without treatment

    Smooth -2 0 -2 -2 ISO 160 WB - auto

  • Hi guys, can you help me? I need a zoom lens, good for my gh2, more filmic than videoish, old, and very cheap. Any sugestion? Thanks a lot.

  • Go for the Canon FD 35-105, the Tamron 28-80 (Adaptall 2) or the Minolta MD/MC 28-85.

    All pretty "filmish" and normally below 100,-.

    For further questions, please check proper thread!

  • Just want to report that I shot a full wedding at 24H with Moon Trial 8 tonight using the SanDisk Extreme Plus 128 GB card with no issues at all. I've also used this card for several jobs with Moon Trial 7 and that also works beautifully. Both patches span just fine.

  • Spizz T7@SanDisk 64G/95MB/s No problem so far :)

  • Moon T8 all the way!

  • Has anyone been able to span with Moon T8? My capture hit 4GB and stopped recording after. SD card used is pretty much empty. PNY 32GB, benchmarked at 90MB/s read, 80MB/s write

  • So are Moon T8 and Spizz T7 definitively better than the Moon T7 patch?