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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • @silvertonex24 wow man I loved that! Great job!

  • @schprox I would guess you are getting 24 Mbps max because you may still have the stock/standard firmware. That's the max that the camera comes with from Panasonic. Perhaps when applying the patch/setting, it's just not being taken by the camera, so you're left with the original stock firmware. I'm a bit new to this too, so I could be wrong, so hopefully some of our more experienced guys can chime in. In the meantime I'd review the to make sure you're prepping your patch/setting correctly.

  • @schprox When you did the hack, you did click on one of the letter tabs on the bottom (The one highlighted)...Didn't you?

    I usually click on it twice just to make sure.

  • BlueBomberTurbo was right! Sometimes patches needs to be applied 2 times. Dont know why but the first time it went back to stock. Thanks guys

  • Hello) Tell me please, what it can be.

    Used Cluster v7 - Apocalypse Now 12/15 GOP Sharp Matrix. Every 15 frames image is diced. Allocated a place where to be seen, and then slowed to four times. video - 720p, 59.940 fps. Sorry for my English.

  • @Shon what you see every 15 frames it's the beginning of a new GOP (group of pictures). I've seen this on every interframe codec, more or less: with some patches and some settings is unnoticeable.

    You could avoid this using an intraframe patch, but we have them only for 1080. Try using a patch with a shorter 720 GOP structure, it worked good for me. The forthcoming IntraVenus Apocalypse Now will have intra for 1080 and a short GOP for 720, can't wait for that!

  • Lanz1 I think that it is because of the new matrix in a patch "Sanity 5" does not, so far, only the checked.

    Only in Apocalypse Now have this problem, all versions, (drewnet soft matrix, sharp, Nebula soft matrix, sharp, Valkyrie TYPE-ZERO). In Driftwood Series 6 do not exist, in SANITY 5 also does not. Just as it is not in the official firmware. Just checked. Each "gop" frame is in small cubes, it is clearly seen in the vertical and horizontal lines.

  • @shon it is also to see in the raw camera mts file?

  • mozes Ок. "smooth" (-2, -2,0,-2) Sharpness undervalued to hide these artifacts, add in your video player sharpness. If necessary, I can make a video tomorrow with normal sharpness, and against the high (+2). For now examine this file.

  • @Shon Im downloading your mts file. Also what sd card you using?

  • There is something else wrong, look ad the streamparser picture.
    video elementry stream

    Error while getting the NALU in file format Annex B, exit
    ------------------------------ JM-SP 18.2 (FRExt) -----------------------------
    Input H.264 bitstream: C:\Users\mozes\Downloads\00034 (2).264
    get_annex_b_NALU: no Start Code at the beginning of the NALU, return -1
    00034 (2)_Frames.PNG
    746 x 454 - 143K
  • @mozes / @shon Looking at it, did you record on SH setting or H setting? You are using DREWnet. Could be the picture is simply too much under SH with this matrix at Q15 on certain settings. I want you to run a test, can you edit ptools and try out Quantiser 16 and initial Quantiser 16 - changing from Q15 to Q16 and reshoot and see if thats ok?

  • @driftwood i did use the file from @shon
    i didn't have any problem with your new settings.
    I am now working on a integration with my sports10 gop2 720p setting

  • driftwood,mozes (Error while getting the NALU in file format Annex B, exit ------------------------------ JM-SP 18.2 (FRExt) ----------------------------- Input H.264) This is all due to the fact that I cut a piece of the video program Tsmuxer, its size 250 megabytes, it is hard to spread large files. record on SH, drewnet v7 sharp matrix. I think you need to record a video with fine lines, such as mosquito nets, to make a comparison drewnet v6 and AN drewnet v7, on drewnet v6 grid on "gop" frames can not be met by small cubes, and the v7 will happen.

    Managed to record another file, this time without cutting. This time version drewnet v7 soft matrix. Recording settings, smooth (+2 sharp, -2 contrast, 0, -2) Record SH, memory card - trancend 10 class 32 gigabytes. If you need to do tomorrow, compared with driftwood v6, but do not know exactly when, the morning should take the child to school.

  • I'm not seeing cubing on my computer...? test2 seems ok (see graphic attached) Whats your whole workflow? Do you copy over private folder, what are you using to playback, what are you using to edit, etc... Not sure about your Transcend card for 60p720 at hi bitrate either as I dont have one to test.

    As a safety measure @shon try this edited 720p patch inserted into the DREWnet 12/15 GOP setting. If this doesnt produce 'virtual' results in streamparser (on streameye its ok!) on the same subject it would be good to know.

    Click this link to Download harnessed DREWnet Soft Matrix 12/15 GOP setting

    Also in ptools uncheck deblocking as mine could be too aggressive for this sort of subject matter on the creative record modes such as 720p/HBR... Need to keep testing.

    Whatever, we can fix it, but Im loathe to turn down hi-qual settings without further testing.

    shon test 2.png
    1750 x 845 - 509K
  • driftwood Thank you :) I'll try tomorrow, we've got already dark outside, I'll try to remove deblocking "ptool" Set as a test record with this patch. Another wanted to know how to insert into your comment name of the person?

  • I get the itch, I have tests, and Vimeo has been 48 hours huge problems with the upload process ........ aaaaaaaaaahhhhh

  • Can someone please help an old video bloke out on how to download the Apocalypse Now GH2 hack.. And the instal procedure for a Mac user.

  • @Shon just put @ in front off the username

  • @inframe you can download it on the first page of the various patches, then you need PTools 3.65 and because you are a mac user (like me) wine / WineBottler so you can start PTools.

  • @Lambo cheers for the comment.. I clicked on the first page and on .zip files but they just highlight and if I right click it just appears as a Jepg on a new web page. Just above I managed to download the Drewnet Soft Matrix... Ill be back on in the morning to work out this hack download and find the PTools program after some zzzz's

  • @inframe do you still problems, or run everything now ...?

  • @mozes Thank you. @driftwood Got to do the test at home, using your proposed patch, with the usual settings and without deblocking. The result of the former, with thin lines (the pattern on the curtains), the same jumps on each I frame. Install again "drewnet v6", the problem disappeared.

  • Just a little fun edit I made while testing AN

  • Sweet people i'm new to this forum, but can you tell me where i can find a '444' setting for my g3 ??

    Thanks in advance, Mariella

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