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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • LOL @itimjim ...No, actually the weatherman says the jetstream will be changing shortly - expect good weather from next week... just in time for the Olympics!

  • @driftwood your comp has just alienated the entire UK. What frikkin sun!!!

  • @peternap thanks for the donation. Will still make donation asap @mee thanks for your support guys means a lot. Got 2nd follow up 121 interview tomorrow so fingers crossed. In the mean time I'm going to dig out my old nikon and/or pentax film cameras and have fun with these. Might help get new perspective on things! Good luck with the comp guys

  • @pop24 great work as always, Paul. Beautiful girls nice music too. Nice skin tones, how did you handle WB, esp in the wardrobe scenes?

  • @Diffusion33 Made a little donation to the board for you a few minutes ago. If you find who burgled you, kick his ass once for me. Luck finding work!

  • @cantsin true, I dont see much difference. Try to shoot dark small structures side by side like pavement or concrete. You don't have to go for grading, you will see it flicker immediately. Maybe in 70% there's no difference but I like to be on the safe side with the other 30%

  • @kong With those statistics your eclipse video is possibly Flow Motion v2. If you can make the original MTS file available for download I could probably tell you for sure.

  • @Diffusion33 I feel for you, I sent my GH2 in this last weekend for some issues. Luckily it is still under warranty. It sucks not having it, but it gives me time to look at things a bit more and think through how I may film them when my little beast returns.

  • Thanks @Zaven13 I ran it through streamparser but I got 1 P-Frame and the rest are I-B-B frames it's in 24p setting. I don't have fast card and don't want problem associated w/ slower cards I think it's in 24L.

    Here is the info from SP:

    Stream: TS Max Speed = 105,526,700 bps Mode = 1080/24p Average PCR Timing Interval = 0.094 seconds Clip Duration = 0:04:03.03 PCR Duration = 0:04:03.00 Average Total Bitrate = 16,336,242 Average Video Bitrate = 15,329,900 Average Audio Bitrate = 235,009 Average Other Bitrate = 771,332 Max GOP Size = 264,000 Bytes (2,112,000 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 5,827 - 1,942 / 1 / 3,883 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 36,096 / 81,611 / 125,184 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 57,984 / 121,540 / 125,184 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 36,288 / 36,288 / 36,288 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 36,096 / 61,673 / 72,768

  • @Diffusion33 Youre welcome mate. And good luck with the return of your camera and the fan problem - Im sure youll have it back within 14 days, and, it will be returned as good as new.

  • @driftwood Thx for the welcome. It's been 6 months since i started to follow PV. I've learnt a great deal in this time. Still to make a donation as it has been a very though six months as lost job and been burgled. Thank fuck i had my GH2 with me. Will donate as soon as back in employment. Thank you @vitaliy for all you great work and the community for sharing in their experiences. Sedna fecking rules :-)

  • First use of the Voigtlander 17.5mm lens and Cluster 6. Nothing special, very challenging due to poor lighting and cramped space.

    ISO 320, SS 50, 24H, Vibrant -2 -2 -1 -2, shot at 2.4.

    Played with color correction and a little grading in FCP7

  • @dbp No transcode. Just post source files please. Create a dropbox folder and invite me on email: Always interested to see how Intra performs. Thanks.

  • @kong. Run your .mts file through Streamparser. If it shows as Intra frame only (I frame with red color), then it is one of Driftwood's GOP1 settings assuming you used 24p.

  • What's wrong with 175mbps DNXHD files? I transcode and edit with them all the time.

  • MUST be source. Also can you continue this discussion on the existing following thread;-

  • I asked the OP to upload either the source files or HQ intermediates (Dnxhd, pro res) somewhere and he said he would.

  • Very true @alcomposer. Thats why Im pleased I brought up Cluster to a new level and one that gets closer to my Intra settings which are quite superb handling motion.

  • This is really where that 'side by side' example of @LPowell's shines... FILM RUNNING WATER CLOSE UP AND SEE HOW IT HOLDS UP. Grading or no grading its 'attack of the macro blocks from hell'.

    Not making this a flame war or anything but as it has been shown before using Vimeo to 'prove' a certain point is hopeless. Its all been 'bashed' down to Vimeo quality.

    Besides this is an old proven concept. These posts (including mine) should be deleted as it has NOTHING to do with Driftwood or Cbrandin's new settings...

  • Its very easy to identify which is which. Just look at moving background and all the motion artifacts. If you had the raw files they would be worlds apart.

  • One test, one scene Natalie. Proof is in the quatisation results, shadows, dealing with banding if you want a measure. Send me the mts files and I'll show you. However, I will not dispute if the scene is well shot then it can be difficult to subjectively tell the difference at first glance. Later on in the grading you discover if you want to push things more stock images fall apart.

    Finally, isn't the GH2 a wonderful beast? No one is forcing anyone to use a hack. If you're happy with stock stick to it.

  • anyway, believe ore not ! but in reality you cant see no difference to the original Firmware ..

  • The truth is, the hacks are better than stock. Truth is also in the grading. Watch the stock/low bitrate ones fall apart. More info in the shadows, better motion. Intra editing. Lots of new people on tonight. Welcome.

  • It would be interesting to expand this test to include more patches. I am convinced that I can tell a significant difference between Sedna and Sanity, for example, but that could be at least partly due to the fact that I only use Sanity on less dynamic scenes.