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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • So wow!! I've fallen in love with Cluster… I used 5.1 to shoot a 25th wedding anniversary this past weekend and it was such a joy to grade

    The story is so touching as well!

    ps, vimeo encoding isn't the best so take a look at the flickr pictures for closer to ProRes quality

  • @driftwood Normally 6 months would not feel like an eternity, but you got us used to incredible improvements at such a fast pace that it does feel like an eternity (Sedna's and Canis' IQ were inconceivable dreams back then)... ;-)

    I agree that bkmwcd's and lpowell's 3 GOPs are excellent. Nonetheless, I'm sure that 1GOP lovers like myself would find it awesome to have the option to switch to a similar-looking 3GOP when 1GOP won't do. Anyway, can't really complain. You guys have already spoiled us plenty...:-) So, thanks so much!!!

  • @Jhero Were you use 720p, shutter 125? All the slow motions look so nice.

  • Hi I have posted this picture in another topic but i will post it again. I think everbody can see the differenc between stock and hacked firmware. stock-sanity5-flow 2.02-cluster5.1 bye

    1300 x 1000 - 2M
  • @driftwood Just tried Cluster v6. Enabled AQ to All Details, the images are tack sharp despite the consistent but relatively lower bit rates of about 25-28mb/s. Interesting when compared to v3, which i have been using as the default patch for sometime now. What i noticed about v6 with AQ enabled, is that it is so sharp it's almost lost the shallow depth of field, for some reason. With v3, using the same settings, and lens, when i rack focus, I can still see a change of planes. Care to enlighten us?

    Regardless, thanks so much once again for the tremendous efforts. Saw Quantum9b used in the Zacuto shootout. Awesome! For the next tests, think they better try your new ones : )

  • @Driftwood I just sold my 7D for 1100.00 with kit lens. I've had a half dozen other people with cash in hand, email me since. That should give you a ballpark idea. Can't help with the MKII, I sold that a year ago,

  • @tinbeo yep! You got it

  • Kazuo, As they say, a picture's worth a thousand words.

  • Cluster 4 - profile smooth - iso 640 - 24p - pancake 20mm - i love it

  • @pop24 that's some crazy quality

  • @strancali yeah cluster 4 i love it so much. next time i will try cluster 6 :-)

  • Hey guys,

    I tried today cluster 6 and cluster 5. Both record for more than 50min/1 hour but I'm not able to see preview with the error "This motion cannot be played". I can see preview with small files instead, 7-15 seconds? Is it a span problem? I did my test in a dark room, high iso, SH and SL, with a Sandisk extreme PRO 64 Giga 95mbs. Is there something wrong with my camera/card?

  • Could someone be kind enough to tell me the difference between Cluster V6 and the latest Quantum v9b/Sedna Mtx? I know the Quantum has higher br. Which would be more appropriate for nature shots, water and fine details? Guessing Quantum....while Cluster is more streamlined/optimized setting? I'll definitely test both.

  • @pvjames Tried Quantum 9b with the Sedna matrix, think you need a 95MB/S card, i was shooting HBR and even then the card couldn't handle it. After slightly over 2 min of recording, cam locked up. Btw i was using Sandisk Extreme Pro 32Gb Class 10

  • @kazuo

    On those insane patches you REALLY need to use the 64 GB Extreme Pro card. Something about better sustained data rates, if memory serves.

  • Here's how I see it guys, a top of the line card is a must have. Think of it as part of your kit. If you're using stock gh2, no problem but if you want into the hack game, it's the most important piece of hardware in your arsenal. This is not the time to be "cheap". Save money on other things but not the very thing that will cost you a re-shoot. That will end up being more than $180 in the long run.

  • @jhero - Beautiful video! What an eye for people you have. Bravo!

  • @jhero great little film there! Makes you think about what's essential and the short time to get it done :)

    @pop24 You're sure you used gh2 for that? ; )

    Back to the topic, just a few screen grabs from Cluster v6. It is sharp in the nicest way possible! standard all -2, iso 160, AWB.

    1 is 24H 2 and 3 - 24L .

    Cluster v6 24H.png
    1440 x 900 - 2M
    Cluster v6 24L.png
    1440 x 900 - 2M
    Cluster v6 24L _a.png
    1440 x 900 - 2M
  • @luxis very nice :)

  • I've been shooting stills and factory video settings w my GH2 since 2010. However I'm brand new to video and though I've been following this forum for a while I still am figuring it out as I go. I finally hacked my firmware with the Globular patch and tried shooting with my Nokton 25mm 0.95 lens. At first I used a SanDisk class 10 30MB. The camera froze in Cinema mode w/ 24H settings. I dropped my battery and set it to 24L and it worked OK. I just bought a SanDisk Extreme Pro 32GB class 10 95MBs. So far I seem to be able to record in Cinema mode at either 24H or 24L. However my GH2 freezes and says recording stopped to to limitations of writing speed of the card when I use S, A or Manual modes. Am I doing something wrong? Do I need and even faster card? Or should I test a gentler hack?

  • @WinkleJon Try Cluster v6 - it should provide stable results for you.

  • Cluster v6 is what Panasonic should have run from the get go. It's my favorite setting by far. Solid as a rock and oh how sweet the IQ is ......

  • Luxis, those shots are very nice.

  • Sorry guys, but it seems that Cluster 6 and 5 are not stable on a Sandisk Extreme Pro II 64 gb 95mbs. It's my case! I cannot see previews, it seems to spans but it gives errors, card limit error. It's really a mess! What and why does it happen? Can anyone help?

  • @davidemar Its becoming a bit of a rule on 64Gb 95mbps cards on many settings with bitrates over 60M this: Always record a small file after a long span. Otherwise try this. Switch off, remove battery/take sd card out, battery back in after a few secs, turn on then sdcard back in - hit play. See if that works. Try and get at least a few secs of preview... let me know.


    The files you recorded will be fine copied over onto the computer (remember to copy the entire Private folder from the sd card over to a folder on the hard drive). Should playback in OSX Movist/Windows WMP (with K-lite codec pack installed) fine and of course on your chosen NLE.

    Just to prove it here's a really boring 1 hour 11 minute span on Cluster 24p.

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