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Driftwood Settings, Series 5: Cluster v6 ULTRA RELIABLE, Mysteron, Crossfire, Quantum 9B, Sedna...
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  • It was when I zoomed in on the deepest blue in the bay with all those waves that the previous version of v5 globular locked up the camera FYI.

  • I tested Cluster v5 and loved how good mjpeg is in cinematic motion. Exatly something what I need, when I shoot documentary. One question: Is there any changes to get this in pal framerate, or 24?

  • MJPEG is 30 fps. In my opinion 30 fps is not cinematic

  • Just tested your v5.1 'Globular' With Sedna I Frames matrix on my shrubbery of death with a pany 14-140. Rock solid, especially in 720SH where I shoot 100% of the time, and clips look great!

  • man,i haven't even tested enough the simple v5,now with many flavors, hard to choose that eye candy; )

  • @driftwood. I just did a quick test of Cluster v5.1 with Panasonic 14-140mm AFC, OIS using Sandisk Extreme pro 64GB 95mbs. All modes worked fine with the exception of 720p60 SH write error in high detail. Image quality is very good specially in 24p mode. FSH/HBR with bitrates of 30+, SH around 50+ and H around 30+. However, I like Cluster v3 with Sedna matrix (all 6GOP) much better because not only it has been very reliable in all modes (some write errors in SH in high detail), it has more detail and better quality with higher bitrates. 24p is pretty much the same for both but Cluster v3 FSH/HBR has bitrates of 50+, SH 50+ and H 40+. In addition, Cluster v3 does show higher frame rates for I and P frames in Streamparser specially I frames. So far, among all Clusters I have tested, my vote goes to Cluster v3 with Sedna 6GOP, Thanks again Nick for various options.

    Edit - One of the other aspects of my tests is long zoom and ETC mode. I have been testing various settings using Panasonic 100-300mm lens with or without ETC zooming to 300mm. Some settings hold better detail than the others. Cluster v3 6GOP with Sedna matrix has been delivering good quality in those long zooms with ETC on especially in 720p mode compare to some of the other settings. My Sanity-Sedna A Q20 hybrid setting is another one delivering good detail in long zooms with ETC.

  • Testing the Sanity-Sedna Matrix A Q20 patch it works great on the 64GB 45mb/s cards

  • Good testing @Zaven13, although I'd like to see any comparative tests of the v3 versus v5/5.1 if you would? Thanks again and its nice to see you combining your fav settings into one. Well done.

  • Cluster v4. 24p 1600-2500iso in a dark club olympus 45mm f1.8 smooth profile

  • How does Cluster v5.1 24pH Etc Mode perform under the different picture profiles of the GH2?

  • ... the only thing I do not like about V5.1 ist the fact that it builds up its grains in line like patterns. How did that come?

  • @driftwood Love V5.1 just flash it on my new GH2 after my last Bricked, I don't see the grains @7pc talking about but doing some more test myself

  • Its got a lovely grain - Rest assured :-) It's Vimeo I'm sure. However, if youre experiencing grain problems in the recordings tell me more info about conditions etc...

    If you check the vimeo of Streameye Pro above notice how the avg picture quantisation matches the settings specified (the target!) in Ptools Q patches. Notice how Prediction works and motion vectors plus how macroblocks are divided - you can go deep into these to check quantisation co-effecients. Also notice how every GH2 stream takes between 1 and 2 seconds to settle into its groove.

    I recommend this programme for all testers - download the eval version from Elecard.

  • I noticed the lines also. Stuck out more in Nostalgic. But the grain I don't mind.

  • How is Mysteron aganist Orion v4d dark matter v3?

  • I like Mysteron better personally but Dark Matter has a very nice feel to it and brighter.

  • I've just tried the new Driftwood Globular (Cluster V5) : the footage looks amazing (in 24p, HBR and 720p) I think I will stick to it. I was using Sedna AQ1 [C] so far but I have experienced a few freeze/errors (using good Sandisk Class 10 cards) which was a bit stressful when shooting a short film with a crew. This optimized Globular patch should suit me better. Thanks again to Driftwood

  • Guys, I was making a comparison (for my own purposes) of high-end hacks, Driftwood Cluster v4 vs LPowell's Flow Motion v2.02.

    The comparison was done simply by placing my two GH2 cams on a bar and running them simultaneously, with two hacks as above. Exact same settings on both cameras.


    Frankly, IMHO, in every situation Cluster v4 looked better... on static shots, on motion shots... just more contrast, more detail, better motion representation... EXCEPT for one test scene so far. See screen capture below:

    Here, Flow Motion has definitely less stairstepping artifacts (see arrows) than Cluster v4.

    Do you know why is that? (Granted, this particular screen cap was done with 400% zoom in, but even without teh zoom the problematic area looked "dirty" at normal 100% magnification...)

  • Cluster v5 sedna - very fine grain indeed. Also at iso1600 the noise is very minimal. 3200 looks good too. I tried soft and standard all -2. I noticed the high iso(closed the f stops so exposure looks the same) adds up to 30mb extra to the bitrate(the same static scene,indoor fixed light), is this something that happens to all the patches?

  • Higher ISO will can add more bitrate upto 25%.

  • @mo7ies Slightly different angle and light.

  • @driftwood - in your opinion, is it worth it to upgrade from Cluster v4 12/15 GOP to v5? or to v5.1?

    The idea is to have the best quality hack possible, while still having reliable recording and spanning - at least in 24H mode.

    (For super reliable, good everyday quality I use Ralph_B's wonderful Sanity v5.)

  • I tried Cluster 5.1 against CM night this evening. 5.1 looks mighty good until dusk, then I got more noise than CMN. This grab was 720-60, 14-140, smooth -2 ISO 200 Sandisk 16 gig 45 mb and no errors. I didn't test for spanning.

    Cluster 5.1

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