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PTool 3.61d topic
  • PTool v3.61d released


    Wastly improved Video Bitrate patches.
    Many new encoder related patches for testers added.
    Few minor software bug fixes.
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  • 1. You'll need this base firmware:

    2. StreamParser by Chris Brandin as help tool to analyse AVCHD streams -

    Other good idea is also use trial version of Elecard StremEye -

    3. Remember that new encoder patches are for testers. Use simple bitrate patches.

    4. How can I make encoder hold better in low detailed scenes?
    Try tweaking bottom limit in AVCHD encoder.
    Use Patches for testers->AVCHD Encoder->Bitrate Settings and choose proper bottom setting patch.
    Remember that original bitrate patch already adjust this for you, but keeps bottom value conservative (less than 70% of bitrate setting). You can override this if you wish.

    5. How to update firmware:
    a. Load GH2 1.0E firmware, see 1. how to get it.
    b. Check all necessary patches, Version increment must be always checked.
    c. Save firmware. Just change last digit to any number you want.
    d. Copy firmware to root of SD card. Fully charge you battery. Do not even attempt to use AC coupler!
    e. Power off your camera if it was on.
    f. Power on camera. After this press (not hold) green play button.
    g. You'll see hourglass and prompt to update.
    h. Press down arrow and after this Menu/set.
    i. Wait until upgrade will be completed.

    6. How to privide reports in this topic?
    a. Use systematic approach (one-two changes at a time with careful thinking).
    b. Shift-Click on round button in PTool to save your particular settings.
    c. Paste here settings with detailed observation + MediaInfo screenshot + StreamAnalizer screenshot.

    7. If anyone wants to share uncompressed video - you can use to instantly share very large files (download their Adobe Air client that work on any platform).
    Of course you need good connection as it uses p2p tech.

    8-999. Reserved.
  • Here we go!!!
  • @vitaliy:

    I wonder you put the progressive patch in ptool again. You said, 25 would never run.
  • PTool updated, redownload please. Must work in all regions without this format error now.

    I'll clear this topic.

    Please, before any reports redownload PTool!
  • Thanks Vitaliy. Great to see so many more test options to use. And looking forward to seeing what high bitrate AVCHD 24p looks like for first time on the GH2 :)
  • Everything is working, and I'm doing my first tests..
  • @Sage

    Good to know.
    Always read, hints please.
    It is advisable to always check bitrate patches in pairs. Even if you do not use lower setting.
  • Is there something new for gh1?
  • So I ran some quick tests with the recommended settings(42mb and 35 mb) High and low. I also set the 720p GOP to 15 to match 1080i and set the 1080p one to 12 because it defaults to 13 even though it says the base value is 12.

    All formats are showing higher bit rate averages and max bit rates now. However, 720p does not have B-frames with the setting1 = 3. Here are some screen shots.
    720p High.png
    1280 x 1024 - 195K
    1080p at 30 FPS 80 percent playback High.png
    1280 x 1024 - 197K
    720p High 1-120 shutter speed.png
    1280 x 1024 - 198K
    1080i High.png
    1280 x 1024 - 197K
  • Streamparser shows, this is a winner.
    + No need to shoot 24p before 720, no need to add b frames to the 720.
  • @mpgxsvcd
    Let's make agreement.
    You'll stop recommending custom GOP settings for casual users.
    They belong to testers topics.
  • 30min limit
    AVCHD FPS 1080Progressive

    I shoot with 1080i FSH
    These are the results
    1440 x 900 - 231K
    1920 x 1080 - 410K
  • @Elenion

    I know.
    If you pump bitrate it'll be better in top part, but bottom is garbage.
    Why? Because video feed to encoder already looks so.
  • @telkitachki

    >Is there something new for gh1?
    None at the moment.
    GH2 encoder is different, so I can't transfer new knowledge back to GH1.
  • @Vitaliy

    I didn't think these were casual users? Anyway I can stop mentioning the settings. I didn't think changing the 720p GOP from 30 to 15 would be such a big deal.

    Just to clarify. Are you saying I shouldn't test other GOPs or just not mention that I am testing them?
  • My understandig is that GH2 sensor output always is progressive, For FSH and FH are the 2 interlaced frames taken from same p-frame skipping every other or is it thru interlased where i-frames are taken from each (half) p-frame? If they are taken from same p-frame the result is kind of progresive. Someone know?
  • I am getting a weird blip in the first second and then everything evens out. Anyone else see this in stream parser? It also shows up in the first second of playback in the camera.
  • Now we are talking 40+ mb/sec 720p! The fact that the average bit rate is hitting the max bit rate indicates that the scene can go higher. Next stop 60 mb/sec.
    720p 40 plus mb-sec.jpg
    1280 x 1024 - 349K
    1280 x 720 - 2M
  • thanks for the hard work Vitaliy,
    I will try to hack my cam first time.
  • @mpgxsvcd

    >Just to clarify. Are you saying I shouldn't test other GOPs or just not mention that I am testing them?

    You can do both. Just use testers topics (about AVCHD encoders) or make new one about GOP settings.
    And make clear warning that this is testing.

    >I am getting a weird blip in the first second and then everything evens out.

    It is ok. I also got this during testing. Low bitrate in very start.

  • Here is 1080p at about 40 mb/sec.
    1080p 24 FPS 00002.png
    1920 x 1080 - 4M
  • is it stable, how many minutes did you shoot?
  • It is stable for 40 mb/sec. I am trying 60 mb/sec now. The only issue is the low bit rate 1st second or less that Vitaliy mentioned. It manifests itself in the playback still image. However, that is not a big deal since it plays back so darn nicely.

    I must say that high bit rate b-frameless 720p looks mighty good. Thanks Vitaliy!
  • @mpgxsvcd
    What were your settings for that last 720p frame grab?
  • @Sage
    Just 42 mb/sec for the high bit rate FSH/SH and 24p. That is the only thing I changed.
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