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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • Right, Im off out now to The Brighton Festival Fringe Party... catchyou laters... :-)

  • Is 24p available on the GF2? If so, can someone advise how to use it?

  • @driftwood You really have outdone yourself here fella...and thats saying something! Just tried quick tests on all movie modes without failure....All spanning, All playing back in camera, All visually stunning, All shot on panny 20mm at 2.8 and All shot on both 16 and 32gb Transcend cards.

    What more can i say...This does exactly what its says on the tin... fantastic at highest quality and extremely long recording on lower settings with still amazing quality....All Purpose!!!

    i shall explore further

    Thanks and Well Done

  • Is the first time that I load a patch (so bit scared) but no problems shooting few short clips and they look great. I've only shoot PAL HBR on an 32GB SanDisk Extreme Class 10 that say to write (read?) 30MB/s. Up to QTX the data rate was around 44Mbps. Tomorrow (here almost 1AM) I'll give a better try. Thanks to everybody that make those patches possible, especially, of course, to Vitaliy.

  • anyone with a faster card than my Transcend class 10 can test in gh2 if it stops recording 12 minutes after?

  • For HBR 25 P what is better : Quantum X V2 rocket / or Quantum V4 ?

  • Just tested -- went to about 12:10 (4.06 GB) on 24H before cutting out on a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb 32GB class 10. But what I got looks fab!

  • Very nice.

    have to report same results as usual with 720p/60. Write error within 10 seconds with lumix x lens. On 95mb/sec 64gb card. Note the stream parser wierdness with the huge drop in bit rate. same with 14-140 lens. Same with 30mb/sec sandisk. 24p and hbr good.

    720p was much more stable in quantum 100 v3 if that gives any insight.

    1294 x 682 - 142K
  • This is the patch I have been waiting for!!! Killer 25p!!!!!! Many thanks to Driftwood and VK for making this possible.

  • @hunter So you got 12 minutes on 4gb? Is this because of the variable rate? Quantum 100 would go for about 6 minutes before needing to span.

    One more q, guys. So if "Adaptive Hi Bitrate INTRA on 1080p24 - upto 154M." is on H mode, what is on L mode?

    Thanks again for your tireless work Driftwood and Vitaliy

  • @cafeteriacarlos Yes, that's correct. Testing the 24L now, on minute 13. Update: Spanned perfectly fine on 24L. Not sure why the 32gb/95M Sandisk that I have wouldn't span on 24H though.

  • @CAFETERIACARLOS, looking at the ini file, I believe it is up to 44M. Can't wait to try this out when I get off work today. Have a big shoot on Saturday, hopefully I can post up some shots. So everyone is reporting good results with Transcend class 10? Thats great.

  • Recording in HBR mode and then wrapping the file using clip wrap to make 25p I am getting very unstable playback. Even if I convert to prores.

  • can report that 24p h spanned successfully on 95mb/64 sandisk

  • hahaha , oh man the quality is ridiculously good. Doing a happy dance over here in belgium ;p

  • Can everyone put what cards they are using in with their "thanks" posts so that we all can follow which cards work and which don't?

  • For HBR/25p users I've had Q9b modded running at 112mbps before I started getting problems and crashing cam, settings seem really finnicky.

    Will try this out and see what I get, would like to see if this matches Q9b for image quality/detail. Screen grabs looking good though.

  • @chauncy Thanks for the usual 'chauncy' straight to the point - no bullshit test. Can you reformat your sd card and perform the same test. I dont get anything like that dropout problem on 720p with 95mb/sec 64gb on lenses; 7-14mm Panny, 14-140mm panny, or the panny pancake... Just want to nail that down before I begin the next marathon hours of testing. Also test 720p50. Thanks mate.

  • @Athiril its better than q9b. i tested quantum x v1. it is not very noticeable but, in some shots u will feel its better than q9b. i have compared them with up to 3 different shots in different light condition. its more dimensional than q9b. i am sure quantum x v2 will exceed, all this, i am uploading something...i will post it here then u decide.

  • @driftwood Can't wait to try it out today at lunch - but I didn't wait to donate to the site. ;) I was a little overdue (donated early on) on donating vs the benefits I've received, so I felt it was a good time to say thank you again to all who has made this hack work.

  • @Hallvalla Top man Hallvalla.

  • oops well seems that the card I was using was the 20 MB/s Sandisk not the Transcend class 10. Good to hear that that card also works though. Team Rocket out.

  • @Driftwood, Wow man, i didn't no what i was seeing.
    24p, 25p and 720-50fps, looks almost the same, really impressed.
    In a very nice bitrate,
    Even in tele2 mode its mind blowing, only 720 will show then some more noise/grain.

    When i try to film in manual focus with a shutter lower then 25, the cam freeze in 1 sec, this happens in all film modes (720, 1080 .....
    It dosent matter if iso is 160 or higher....
    i did try it ad a static scene, without moving object, just in the changing lights off my tv..

    This weekend i go try this patch settings on the moto cross /cart track
    This time with nostalgic -2, -2, -2, -2,

    Any good tips for shooting that day with ©x-v2-rocket™

  • Shot some 2x anamorphic in 1080p/24H just now and the footage (just playing back in VLC) looks stunning! It's boring backyard footage, but the quality is immediately the best I've seen from my GH2 so far.

    Shot on a 32GB SanDisk Class 10, no issues although I didn't shoot anything long enough to require spanning. Since I've also got a 32GB Transcend Class 10 (which did not always work with previous INTRA settings) I will give that a go now as well.

    So excited! Thanks @driftwood and VK and everyone else who has labored so hard to get us to this point. It will take some convincing to get me to budge from these settings, I think! :)

    By the way I've had problems in the past with super fast shutters causing write errors, I didn't have my ND with me just now and consequently some shots were done as high as 1/1300 and still no issues.

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