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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • [GF2 User] I test the patch using minolta md rokkor 50mm f1.4 and lock the shutter at 1/50. The result is fantastic. Now my GF2 become my B Cam. Thanks Vitaliy & @driftwood.

  • Just noticed that DropBox was still trying to upload one of my files, so I put it on my server…

    This is a test with a little more movement in it:

  • I have previously been using FlowMotion v1.1. Using this seems to produce noticeably better image quality and motion quality in my short experience. No offense intended, just trying to give my honest opinion. Anyone disagree?

  • thanks for the patch... really nice! But i have a problem playing back the footage in my MBP 15" . It stutters a lot... and is a really new MBP 2011 !

  • @mozes 'filming at 25 shutter speed - freeze'. Its something I'll have to look into, but hmmm... I have an idea... give me a night's break and I'll look into it tomoz.

  • @toxotis70 your MBP isnt powerful enough to playback the hi bitrate... same on my Viera TV SD slot... its all fine on the computer and NLE though.

  • @toxotis70 Which player are you using? VLC is indeed too slow handling these files. Just download MPlayerX (it's even in the AppStore). It can smoothly play back these files off SD-card and external HD.

  • @Driftwood: That shutter freeze is what I have been seeing when I use Clip Wrap to wrap the file as 25p. Files play back fine when imported as Psf. Weird but I am sure you're used to that :)

  • I would love someone to upload a top quality HBR mode video... any takers?

  • @driftwood

    how powerful is your computer?

    mines struggles... need to know what spec to invest in for better editing

  • @sid 8-core Hackintosh with multi-boot win7 drive using 'Chameleon' - much better and faster than latest Macs. Testing Apple's new OS, OS X 'Mountain Lion' on my hack later tonight...

    Google hackintosh or insanelymac.

    Most computers of the last few years should be able to playback these mts files though ... just get the right codec... there's quite a few out there.

  • "I would love someone to upload a top quality HBR mode video... any takers?"

    I would love to do so ... but in HBR mode (25p) shooting the codec stress chart I-frames go down to around 360Kb. Lots of mosquito noise... and the codec is "pumping" (like noise on/off)

  • The examples I posted earlier are 25p HBR stuff.

  • @driftwood

    wow sounds expensive pro stuff!

    i was thinking just a mac with a i7 and 8gb ram would do me

    i only do small stuff at the moment

  • @towi I was waiting for this one... Name me one patch that doesnt do that? Indeed, most fail after a few seconds. Also, as I mentioned this morning, I have two other variations of Quantum X (v2 Rocket)... more info tomoz.

  • @sid much cheaper than buying a slower mac. seriously.

  • Not to seem ungrateful I had two lock ups (out of 12) with HBR 95MB/s card.NTSC

  • "I was waiting for this one... Name me one patch that doesnt do that? Indeed, most fail after a few seconds."

    I don't want to bother you ;-) ... I am testing all your patches... everytime you release a new one. They are absolutely phantastic for 24H but the all fail in FSH (and HBR). Still waiting for an Inra patch from you that can do reliable, clean FSH/HBR.

    Patches that do not fail in FSH (and therefore most likely also work in HBR mode)

    cbrandin 44M

    cbrandin 66M

    zero adverse effect patches

    Patches that definitely work troublefree in HBR at great quality:



  • @towi Show me. Stick up stray's death chart on your screen and film it on any of those 'settings' and upload it. I think Chris's are the only ones which are fine - but thats not on v1.1 yet. Don't forget he's working on new settings and so is Lee so you guys can only benefit. :-)

  • GH2 user here. 24H just failed to span on a Transcend 16GB Class 10 card. (Wouldn’t play back in camera either.) Canon 50mm ƒ1.4. Trying 24L now.

    24L spans without problems.

  • @Mr_Moore Defo change the card.

  • Just a note I've seen the shutter freeze on my x 14-45 when zooming in 720p. It's different than anything seen before. The display just freezes with no error and have to drop battery to get out of. Saw it twice in 50 tests.

    I have tested the frame drop on a 30mb/sec card and saw it again.
    I formatted all cards prior to use. The frame drop is not just one time but occurs randomly across the clip. In the pic you can see it happens twice, happened 4 times total over 20 sec clip. It never happens right at the exact end.

    There were two clips out of ten that I saw no frame drop but they still write errored. So frame drop may be red herring.

    I also could get a longer clip before fail time at lower isos.

    with the 95mb/64gb card: Using 14-45 x lens With manual focus and no zoom. Just holding camera i went 45 seconds with no error. As soon as I changed focus(manual)- write error.

    at 720/50 like a rock. no fails with 95mb card no fails with 30mb card. No frame drop seen.

    1296 x 657 - 129K
  • @driftwood

    thanks for the info

    just watched the video of guy building one.... looks a beast!

    i did not know anything about hackintosh before this...

  • Brilliant reporting @chauncy, I'll get down to this tomorrow, thanks mate. I havent got an X lens yet to demo on so Im relying on you.

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