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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • This is unbelievable. V.K. and Driftwood Master of the matrix. Optimized the hell of it. Sandisk Extreme 30MB/s 32 gig card. Everything works!!!!

  • This Patch is the best of the best!

  • @driftwood .. Nick, I have three GF2s .. if you want a specific thing shot let me know .. The prize, I want full manual control :)

  • 24h spanning and smooth audio playback in the camera. Now I can use 24h on jobs where the client may want playback.

  • Nice Driftwood. Great one!

  • @Driftwood: i see the AQ checkboxes are not checked , when the patch is loaded into PTool. What should I do? leave it unchecked or go for it and try value 1 or 2? What do you reckon? Antway his sound to be great! Thanks @Driftwood and of coursr to @Vitaly Kisselev.

  • Thanks @HenryO. @manda Dont touch a thing on AQ and go for it first! You can try AQs later. The 16 Q is the floor of the GH2 anyway. Everything is worked backwards from there. AQ will be unpredictable despite it working you'll have wider range of Q which is what a lot of us have been fighting against lately.

  • With no hack, the GF2 displays as ISO options: 100/200/400/800/1600/3200/6400 With Hack it displays: 100/125/160/200/250/320/400/500/640/800/1000/1250/1600/2000/2500/3200/4000/5000/6400

    interesting is the 100 setting, not availavle on gh2

  • @kavadni Tasty 100! Can't wait to get my cheap GF2 (140 quid it cost me!)

  • GF2 .. just tried shooting out the window .. it's 1am .. it's dark. The GF2 attempts to give me same exposure at f1.7 and at f16 on the 20mm Obviously using gain/iso .. bring on gthe manual control :)

  • @kavadni I havent read the GF2 spec or manual yet, theres no manual control setting?

  • @driftwood .. There are manual settings for photos. When shooting video you can lock shutter speed using 'flicker reduction' but you are at the mercy of auto (ISO/GAIN) .. somewhere vitally mentions enabling the manual photo settings effecting video

  • @driftwood: Thanks, will do, sir! great work, really, you and all the testers, and long life to @Vitaly_Kiselev

  • It doesnt let record more than 12 minutes. I tested a lot of different settings (including that ini you proposed) and It happens always the same. It stops after 12 minutes and it doesnt record anything. Tested with 2 GH2 and 2 transcend 32gb class 10.

  • @driftwood Love thys settings congratulation! A little question. Since 720 is used for slow motion make it sense to set it at GOP1, or there are no advantages?

  • @Kihlian If you keep uptodate with the low GOP threads you can see Ive toiled with GOP1 on 720p for a long time without success (3 -8 secs max Ive had it but it upsets some other settings) GOP3 dies too at some stage. GOP6 seemed the most sensisble option as you can see. I will continue to strive for a setting for GOP1 on 720p...

  • @liverto .. my GH2 also stopped after 12mins when filming my TV with Transcend Class 10 .. 2.97 Gig .. assumed my card not fast enough to span

  • @kavadni Do you think that is because of that SD card? I tested with 152, 88 and 42MB of bitrate.Doesnt it seems to be the patch?

  • I just played with it and will continue to film stuff with it this afternoon. I'll try to get some footage posted tonight.

    QUESTION (this is important): So I can absolutely match footage with previous footage -- can I use the old Quantum 9b with the new ptools/firmware at 24H and be relatively confident of no problems or issues? Or, does that raise alarm bells?

    Thank you.

  • @onionbrain I know youve got an important job tomorrow so youre worried. But this, new patch, shouldn't give you problems as its based on 9b. Make sure you give it a thorough workout tonight but I reckon you'll be alright. Visually, its beautiful. If you don't trust something new, then by all means load up firmware v1 with the old ptools and carry on shooting with that.

  • @liverto .. until I get a faster card to test with, I can not comment

  • Can GF2 users reply by first stating [GF2 User]: then your text, thanks. This will avoid mixups.

  • @Sir Driftwood, does this have support for 2X anamorphic lens? I am picking up one today and will be great if it does.

  • @HillTop yep, dunno if you saw some of the previous Quantum v9 MJPEG settings which were tailored to anamorphic sizes. Just change the sizes to some of those in the MJPEG Frame size patches.

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