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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • common... ill suck yo dick for a taste of that patch man -crack head

  • lol @cls105 my gal wouldnt be happy if u did that ;-) its already up (the settings that is!) LOOK UP!

  • What happens when @cls105 asks @driftwood to suck his dick...

  • @driftwood So just for my own piece of mind... Are these all I frame quantum patches better than say a GOP3zilla at the highest 24H level for motion and resolution? Ive never tried anything except for quantum and sea quake. I like night time stuff and not getting that ugly motion mush with stock settings.

    I always have trouble deciphering between patches when one says it's for motion and one is 'absolute best quality'

    Thanks for everything. Getting great images Already but always wondering about what it is I'm actually getting compared to others!

  • Nick, your 2nd post here (the description) is pretty damn kick-ass thing :-) Way to go!

  • This is a v1.1 firmware setting @JPB1138 - a sort of amalgamation - tuned - the best of the best so far integrated.

  • Stupid question. Span on SanDisk Extreme (~30MB/sec) supported?

  • Wellllll???


    842 x 478 - 87K
  • I just loaded this on a GF2 .. I made no changes. I pointed at the 4 death charts in a slide show. 14mm f2.5. I recorded for 51 seconds in HBR with no issues on Transcend class 10.

    I don't use streaamparser etc .. windows reports 88Mb

  • nm, just saw it

  • @kavadni Wow, thats great news... looking good... keep me informed :-) LOL @rockroadpix Did you actually go looking for that picture!?!

  • I always keep that one in the misc folder for such occasions! :D

  • @JPB1138 There is lot of settings out there, and it is up to you what do you like. Hardly no settings works in every situation so you have to test em, and decide whats best for you, or do yo want change settings according shoot that you will take. Thats something that no one else can do for you.

  • This is the best for me so far. Spanning, in-camera playback, etc. Details is very good and artifacts are minimal.

  • 24H spans on 95mb/s 64GB Sandisk. Also play back in camera with zero issues. I shut 15min on the card with a lumix 25mm f1.4 on AFC. Don't have StreamParser, cuz I am using a mac.

  • @kavadni Was it on a GF2 or actually on a GH2? Was it HBR? @driftwood HBR only on GH2 or also on GF2? I Don't have a GF2 yet, only my GH2. I have tested Flow Motion 100 settings in HBR, only comes out with around 30 mbits Will test Quantum X v2 for high quality fotage in HBR

  • @otcx so this is a good overall MOST situations will be effective? Will it keep detail/motion in lowlight on par with the best of em? I'm sure I will test it! Anything would be better than my old AF100 24mbps in dark settings. Trails and mush we're common! So grateful for this forum. Gonna upload rocket in a few hours. Maybe shoot some nighttime stuff tonight after work!

  • @tomaso I should have been more clear (re HBR).. it is a GF2 .. I have 3 .. 1080/50i on the GF2. Confusion as I am testing HBR on my GH2.

    That is it was FSH in PAL

  • Some samples in 25p:

    Very little movement: Medium movement: A bit more movement:

    Recorded them with my Transcend 32GB Class 10 card without problems. The last video is still uploading, don't wonder.

  • Quick test i did sorry about no 1080p internet slow

  • It even spans on a Transcend class 10 card. Why do people bother paying for the expensive San Disk cards? Before I had card write errors but ever since the new ptool I haven't had a problem. It's this because of further optimization available in the new version?

  • Here is a shot from a GF2 in FSH .. the file is downloadable .. it may be of use to somebody interested in GF2 with more streamparser skills than me.

  • @cyfernoa

    use FSH 60i and you´ll get a writing error:-)

  • @Pechante wins the prize of being first up with footage, closely followed by @Tifose for YouTube first appearanc. Great to see it working on the GF2 @kavadni who wins the prize for first GF2 footage (and on Vimeo!) :-)

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