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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • This is a v1.1 firmware setting @JPB1138 - a sort of amalgamation - tuned - the best of the best so far integrated.

  • Nick, your 2nd post here (the description) is pretty damn kick-ass thing :-) Way to go!

  • @driftwood So just for my own piece of mind... Are these all I frame quantum patches better than say a GOP3zilla at the highest 24H level for motion and resolution? Ive never tried anything except for quantum and sea quake. I like night time stuff and not getting that ugly motion mush with stock settings.

    I always have trouble deciphering between patches when one says it's for motion and one is 'absolute best quality'

    Thanks for everything. Getting great images Already but always wondering about what it is I'm actually getting compared to others!

  • What happens when @cls105 asks @driftwood to suck his dick...

  • lol @cls105 my gal wouldnt be happy if u did that ;-) its already up (the settings that is!) LOOK UP!

  • common... ill suck yo dick for a taste of that patch man -crack head

  • Well tested every setting including ex tele on bushes and fine grain. Works flawlessly even on my Transcend class 10 guess it's time for celebrations!!!

  • He is the extremely grateful guy. You and VK have given me a way to make money with images I never could have afforded if I had to buy a "real" camera. A lot of sniping here but don't doubt for a minute that the work you have done and continue to do provides for my family. I am off to do a 30sec spot for the local PBS channel with this patch.

  • Hi @rigs -2-2-2-2 all the way on Smooth or Nostalgic

  • Thanks Nick @driftwood your the bestest ever! Your efforts are greatly appreciated. What film mode are you testingwith - Smooth - and what is it dialed in as -2 etc.

  • Ooooh... don't push it... @cyfernoa... ;-)

  • guess I'll see if my even lower class 10 transcend can handle it at least on 24p. Driftwood sounds like he's been hitting the bottle. I don't blame you but rest easy brother. Don't let the haters bring you down. You can only be perfect so often.

  • Is @royfel the bad guy or the good guy....?

  • Amazing how well hitting the refresh button works. I hardly qualify as a tester but so far 30fps NTSC HBR failed with battery pull reset needed after 6 seconds. Tried it again and it worked, looks a little noisey compared to.... 24= best picture I've ever seeen out of my camera. MPEG looked terrific also. Video rates MPEG=97.2, HBR=92.9 24=139 (using 95MB/s card)

  • Lets say VK make it possible you make it vissible Thanks.

  • Is this gonna fly with my lowly 30 Mbps Class 10 Sandisk Extremes?

  • There it is. Gonna test it right now!

  • wow, this could be the patch of all patches, the only one that you will use 90%+ of the time. Good thing I brought my camera to work today. Gonna be testing soon!

  • Yes please, Master Driftwood. Please upload!

  • Just can not wait to get my hands on..........Hmm another pic yet.......anothr pic file.......and here it file!!! no........

  • I am missing a complete white item at your attachments;-)

  • Great news, Nick. When it will be available this patch?

  • Very good images. Nick are you still testing or... building suspense? :D

  • do you think one day we'll be able to shoot 25p mjpg?

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