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GH2 driftwood hack in shootout with Canon C300
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  • Philip's point is correct.

    All this aside, I'm willing to bet other camera forums (canon, Sony etc..) are ranting about how their camera could of been better if.....

    Hopefully, Philip will have more.
    It's entertainment. It's obvious Philip is having a great time! Thank you for sharing!
  • @Mimirsan I think that test like these are very important. Having seen the 1080p version of the screen grab even highly compressed jpeg the gh2 is only beaten in sharpness by the C300 and about equal to the F3, and beaten is a very very heavy word because it is nearly a tie. For DR I think that with the detail in the shadows and seeing the histogram it at least on a par to the other DSLR.

    But lets say that the outcome was different, that the test showed that a Sony $ 5000 FS100 had better detail and much better DR. Some perhaps would have preferred the 6x times more costly FS100 to the gh2 because they would have concluded that the added cost would have been valuable for the gain in image quality. If the image no4 was the $5000 fs100, it would have been on my purchase list.

    What this shootout tells me for now is that until I have at least $ 15000 to buy a camera, the gh2 is the best camera under that sum. How about that. Criticism is not a bad thing, if now we cannot criticize the gh2, that we shall always sing its gospel (and I do sing it a lot) then we will start to live in the fanboy system.
  • Well put danyyyel

  • @PhilipBloom

    I really appreciate what you and your team are doing, as well as commenting on here. I think some people on here failed to see what was that you guys are doing. Fun little camera tests. And I can see that you guys are having fun doing what you doing. This is what most of us buying camera is about; having fun, doing things that we wanted to do.

    All those images looks great for what it is. I can guaranteed that, if you shoot a moving story with any of those camera, nobody gonna care what camera it came from.

    In fact, I have a short story that I'm planning to shoot using an NEX-5 although I have two GH2's. The size and FOV is more suitable for what I wanted to do. I may use the GH2 though, since I think the NEX-5 crop in video mode giving comparable FOV to GH2.

    Keep doing what you are doing. You can't please everybody, but the only person that matter is you :)
  • @danyyyel I definitely understand you about harsh lighting conditions. In Los Angeles the sun's always shining, so contrast can be a bit annoying outdoors! And, alot of the times when I'm working on low budget stuff I've only got reflectors at my disposal, and small bits of diffusion.

    Try lighting three people at once with a Cali Sunbounce, one 4x4 Floppy, and a 4x4 Opal... then try lighting an entire funeral scene with that; I've done it, it's not fun. But it forces you to learn how to shoot other ways.

    As much as I've shot with higher end formats, I have no trouble with turning to the hacked GH2 for serious work. I am very interested in the C300 and you can bet I'm gonna get my hands on it soon, but the GH2 + Driftwood combo, along with some PL lenses, is a dreamy setup. Right down to post.

    Also, thanks for checking out the blog and referring it. I've just soft launched it, going to do an official launch once the first post of the $10K Feature Film section goes up. IN the meantime, Facebook follow for updates until I've got the subscription widget up. The blog's coming from the perspective of a working set of filmmaker shooting commercials, features, shorts on large and small budgets. It won't always be about gear, and you will see narratives, commercials, and actual lit material showing up.

    Oh, and DO try the ISO thing! I'd love to see more examples from everyone. Encourage the community to share the knowledge, that's how we all learn more.
  • And more vid of the Chip Butties.
  • @DrDave What the hell is a Chip Buttie? LOL Sorry! I'm lost on that one.
  • Well hopefully a new round of this shoot out begin's soon so everyone can have something new to argue about. Hopefully the next round Mr. Bloom will provide us with some animated GIF's to compare motion detail. Seriously I think we could all afford to lighten up! (-:
  • As much as the idea of comparing cameras has its detractors, it is an attempt to address *the most common question* - Which Camera?
    In a technologically-complicated world some manufacturers may actually manage to generate sales to a befuddled public. I prefer clarity.
  • Can a hack extend the contrast/dynamic range? Is there possibly settings/values in the bios that have yet to be discovered?
  • @kavadni, if Vitaliy can access the controls for the film modes (and that sounds like a big "if") then at least a flatter gamma curve that didn't crush any existing detail is about the best we can hope for, I think. Which would still be great, of course.
  • you also have the idynamic funcion, which looks a lot like a shadow boost on raw before compression, advantage being less noise that you would do it on the avchd file after record.
    There is a thread on it with more detail and example.
  • @danyyyel

    I've been afraid of the iContrast setting, could you link to that thread? I would love to see it.

    It sounds like it would help out with interior shots more than anything?
  • Chip Butties are French Fry Sandwiches with toast and butter.
    You can see the Philip Bloom crew here waiting for their French Fry Sandwiches
  • I got the right answers as well. The way i figured it out was by pairing the looks of each pic. The Sonys, Canons, Nikon and Panasonics all matched each other. So this confirms what we should expect as far as 'look' from each company. I'm glad the Panasonic did the best (imo). Very impressed.
  • For those interested in the Nikon D7000, I recently posted downloadable comparison shots of the GH1, GH2 and D5100 (which has the same image sensor and quality as the D7000):
  • @danyyyel
    Not sure how you read my ramblings???
    I see no problem in criticism towards the GH2 I have a problem that when there IS criticism a lot of GH2 owners get the hump on and either say something is shot incorrectly or using the wrong hack setting.
    Speaking of the hack...
    I dont understand the accusations of unfair biase against the GH2.
    Isnt the GH2 hacked (to a high end) in this shootout? yet not one other competing cameras like 7D,d7000,5n etc has a hack so if anything its giving a unfair advantage to the GH2.
    Funny nobody has really mentioned that.

    Really a fair comparison should be comparing the cameras with original firmware.
    So theres plenty of uneveness in shootouts. This is the problem with them. And why they should not be taken seriously.

    Theres ALREADY a (frankly annoying) fanboy base for the GH2 that shoot down everything else thats available do comparison videos/articles solely on the basis to harp on about how great the GH2 is and throw their toys out of the pram when someone says otherwise.

    You say
    "What this shootout tells me for now is that until I have at least $ 15000 to buy a camera, the gh2 is the best camera under that sum. How about that."

    Didnt you know this before the shootout??? All it took was Mr Bloom to tell you this and only now youre convinced?

    Why would a pissing contest tell you what you have is good enough in your price range? Its all subjective. Some people slap down cash solely on functions and form.
    Its the old age saying "Its not the size its what you do with it"

    Just because one guy does a shootout does not mean its gospel.
    If you are truly happy with the results from the camera you can afford/own why would you bothered about others that are out of your pricerange.
    Why do you have to be convinced that your low priced camera has better image than a more expensive camera? Insecurity?

    You speak the truth! +100
    Look forward to seeing your film!
  • @Elenion
    Thanks for the samples on page 4. Cineform SiLog sure did convert a rather harsh image to something more balanced and smoothed out, ready for the next stage of post. I am relatively new to GH2. I have Cineform Prospect HD/2K, and now talking with Jake at Cineform, I should do the cross/upgrade to Neo, so that I can import AVCHD and be compiant with Win7 system, my recently rebuilt edit box. @Vitaliy_Kiselev has been suggesting in a few threads that there are already some P-V topics on GH2 DR.
    I searched and found this gem:

    @Elenion, et al, if anyone has more to add to the above thread, I should be pleased if we could expand further on the many ways we can setup and record GH2 footage maximising DR, in a way to manipulate the gamma curve. Cineform, applying SiLog via FirstLight looks great, however, I am also looking at changing the curve, to some degree, at the record stage on the GH2, beyond the, say, -2 -2 -2 -2 and existing curve options. @kholi talks about ND and ISO settings which I would like to know more about, the sweet spot. Perhaps a Low Con filter may be useful in certain situations, etc. I hope to explore further and have the knowledge base herein expand on the "Dynamic Range / Latitude / Patches" thread. Thank you.
  • Actually, I would prefer native hbr/cinema bit rate at cinema setting fw 1.1. Am not sure the others have such a flat neutral setting. Also why is the GH2 so wide-angle c/w others? isnt this the opposite of what we usually get with!
  • @Mimirsan, if I did not understand what you meant, my bad, I am sorry. But my point on the comparison stand for me. Lets take resolution for example. Until this shootout there was all type of post about the gh2 resolving power. Some where comparing it to RED (at 2k), others to Af-100 (see thread on the Af100) and there was even one guy (I personally think a troll) saying that it did not resolve more than 600 line about the same or less than a Canon 7d. Now with this test (if you download the 1080p version of the images embedded in his page) that the gh2 is a tie with the 1000 line C300. The guy/troll was saying that the gh2 would not be able to be projected on a big screen. If the C300 was projected on Paramount screen in LA then the gh2 is as good at least in terms of resolution.

    This is where such a test is important. Now we can leave this subject, we know!!! What the gh2 is capable of in therm of resolution/detail. It is not just some collective belief or self persuasion but quantifiable result that can be seen and judge. Unfortunately I cannot have access to all these camera and cannot know how they compare. Yes compare as the example above, if the FS100 or Af100 was No 4 (C300) I would have looked closely at them as a purchase. Why because I am no blind Fanboy (even if I am big fan of the hack and Vitaliy work and dedication of the community with Dritfwood in particular), if you could get such an image (DR seems very good but lot of banding in the background, could be jpeg compression) compared to the gh2, perhaps the $ 5000 investment would be wort it. But the test showed that it is not the case.

    I am not the biggest fan of P Bloom, because in some ways, he is one of the proponent of the video gear centric world. I prefer a thousand times someone like Vesubio who shot Musgo on a shoe string. But the gh2 is surely the least tested camera (in video). Everybody who has said they would do so, got very busy, got ill and just disappeared. Now as with everything I buy, I try to get some reviews to know if it is good and compare it to its competition and the gh2 is the same. I already did it by faith and seeing example, but even with all the flaws in the PB shootout, I can see now how it compares to its competitors. Now I know (we will have to see more of the shootout) that I can't get better result until I have $ 15000 in my pocket. But lets see another senario, should the Fs100/Af100 been much better like the No 4 image (DR mostly) the outcome of this shootout would have perhaps made me think seriously about buying a $ 5000 camera.

  • @PhilipBloom
    Thank you for your time and great tests.
    We should be very happy with GH2 compared to Investment=Quality ...
  • I think of it like this: does Panasonic want that you read that the $600 GH2 is as good as the $6000 AF-100? I don't think so and I think that is one of the reasons there isn't so much talk about it on professional sites.
  • The GH2 in this test, adjusted poorly, and could therefore only deliver this result
    Bloom may not work optimally adjust the GH2Stalin
    the test is therefore not real meaningful
    (sry my bad englisch)
  • @danyyyel who is Vesubio?