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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
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  • You need to look here:

    NEST legs are much pricier (due to modular approach, and much less volumes, I think)

    I have both NEST legs and CT7402, and 7402 are much more solid.
    NEST legs are for traveling tasks, so you could save each gram and still have large diameter tubes and quite sturdy tripod that won't fail.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for continue to negotiate these great deals. This offer is very tempting, but I'm more interested in the nest version of their carbon legs 323CT or 363CT with this same fluid head. Any chance of scoring something like this in a similar price range?
  • @kupchenpo

    It must have light spring installed.
    Normally small rig (like camera base) with GH2 will be perfect.
    One GH2 with small lens is still very light.
    With old manual glass all must be ok.
  • @kazuo

    Having trouble counterbalancing. Did you experience this? Any suggestions? It seems better with heavier loads, but still not perfect. Perhaps the wrong spring was installed?
  • My tripod arrived today, a little more than a week after placing the order. It looks and feels great. I'll do a video review soon.
  • Already have the 701HD, so just looking for some light sticks. That ball head on the Weifeng looks nice though. Might sell me.
  • I tested the Weifeng video head yesterday. Maybe the design could have been better, but in terms of usability and hydraulics, it's really as good as a Sachtler!

    Buy it!

    There is also the brand E-image, which I was told is the Pro class under the Weifeng banner.
    The products include tripods, articulating arms and clamps. I have the arms and clamps, very solid, pro class indeed

  • @alcomposer

    Thanks, very reassuring.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I didn't even want to mention it here- I have emailed e-image, so I am checking this with them.

    Other than that the kit is AMAZING! Highly recommend for a tripod.
  • @kupchenpo

    The tripod is fantastic... the travel bag is very good- and the tripod is very stable.

    As for the head- at first he head is a bit tough- but smooths out after a bit of use. Need to spend more time on it to get it all worked out. @Athiril- this is a 'balanced' head- so it has a spring to equalise the weight.

    I can't actually find the 'spare' spring- have emailed e-image, sure that its either an oversight on my or their part.

    One happy P-V camper!
  • Did anyone order a FC-04H based carbon tripod to the US? How long did it take to get to you after order? Happy? I just ordered one, but so far I haven't seen anyone's comments on the quality other then Vitaliy. Is anyone else happy or unhappy with their new tripod and head?
  • I don't have a review for you.
    All I can say is what legs are sturdy and stable.
    For my purpose I like the head and have no problems.
  • I'd love to see a video review of these tripods/heads. How stable are the sticks, how to easy to center? How well does the head stabilise? One video says more than a thousand words. :-)
  • What is the maximum height of Weifeng FT-6664? Can't seem to find info.

    edit: conflicting info all over web: 160 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm. Just do a search on google and ebay. Would be awesome to have max height of all the tripods here listed.
  • I would like to buy the head allone, too. Maybe it gets possible in the time?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I'm not complaining, shipment was fast, contact is responsive, just a warning to be very careful with communication.

    about ebay full of them, I really don't know shit about QR/sliding plates/screw sizes, so ordering from the same manufacturer seemed a good idea to have everything fitting.

    And she didn't looked pissed by my several emails, even if I'm taking a bit more of her time (acting like that she should get a bit more of my money)
  • @kinoglass and @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    FYI I ordered the 7506C, and asked if they could sell me an additional quick release system so I can have a lighter monopod when I don't need the fluid head. But she didn't understand me, and "told me" the quick release from the head can be adapted to the monopod (which is not possible).
    I'm trying now to be understood, and to order this additional quick release system and an additional photo tripod that could use both the fluid head and the QR system; I hope she will finally understand ...
    The 7506C is good and steady, but I think english is really difficult to learn for Chinese, so communication is not easy ...
  • @kinoglass

    Yep, if legs are wither photo or Nest.
    With video legs, no, as they require 75mm bowl heads, and such heads are not really good for monopod anyway due to weight.
  • @talatz

    Speed Lock is some amrketing name, but yes, it uses one lock.
  • is the 7204 a speed lock tripod?, i see only one lock on the picture
  • @evero

    D-Ring screws are sold at ebay. :-)
    You also must understand that this is big company, so any update is long and painful.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Ok. I know it sounds silly, but for me D ring screw is kind of must. Please update if possible :) But totally understand if it's not a priority. Regarding QR plates 3 would be fine (but don't spend time on that just for me, as the D screw is stopping it for me for now).
  • @evero

    Requires coin.
    I already talked about using D ring screw. But can't promise anything.
    You can get such screws yourself and test how it works with QR.

    About optional QR plates. I'll try to add such option.
    Do you need extra 3 or 5 plates?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Is the camera screw (on the tripod camera plate) possible to tighten by hand? Or does it require coin/screwdriver?

    I understand adding additional components in deals can complicate, but would you concider having the possibility for adding optional QR plates? If I order a tripod system I need to go "all in", meaning having additional camera plates etc. to switch between shoulder rig and tripod on location etc.

    Thanks again for spending time on deals like this. Makes it more fun to deal with equipment :)