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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
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  • @vk is it possible to replace the feet on weifeng tripods? I'm planning on getting a carbon tripod and put rubber feet on it, suction cup style with swivel ball, as seen on the monopods.

  • @oscillian

    Yep it is possible. If you mean removable rubber feet on 7402 and 7401.

  • @Vitaliy do you think there is still chance of a QR system in this deal? I hope to go with a "FC-04H Mod Fluid head + CT7402 legs" and a QR system + an extra plate

  • @evero

    You can get extra QR plates and mount them on top of any other :-)

  • @Vitaliy Thanks for quick response! If I understand correctly, this is Weifeng QR-plates/system? Available in this deal? If so, what is the cost?

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I'm curious about the heavier Weifeng gear (after checking out their website), do you think there is any possibility for upcoming deals concerning the 900 series? If so, what kind of prices are we talking about?

  • @RRRR

    I suggest to use PM and be more specific.

  • I found an interesting review of the fancier FC-04H :

    Maybe for the tilts the head does not have the right spring. But the pans show, that the tripod is not stable enough?

  • @alfred

    I already told you to use PM. Review that you are showing is not review of the head on this deal. And legs that here are cheapest and unstable aluminum stuff, instead of best Weifeng 75mm carbon legs we offer.

  • I'm thinking of picking up the FC-04H from this deal but I'm put off by the lack of in-depth info out there. No reviews, videos or much of anything. If there are any forum members who have purchased the kit in this deal, I'd love hear your thoughts on it especially if you have had past experience with Manfrotto, Sachtler etc. and can compare the FC-04H to similarly priced products.

    Feel free to pm me so as to keep this thread clean. Cheers!

  • Looking forward to order. Keep up the great deals!

  • My FC-04H and carbon fiber tripod arrived yesterday. Out of the box I'm extremely happy with it. Things that surprised me: - The head is smaller than I was expecting - The system is lighter tan my old tripod but with 3x the features - love it! - The counterbalance works great - ignore the video above, that guy doesn't have enough weight on the rig to activate the counterbalance - Zero kickback on pans and tilts

    I have a shoot on the weekend and another mid-week so I'll have a much better idea of how well the system holds up in action. Hopefully I'll have time to shoot a little video review.

    Thanks V.K. for a great deal.

  • Any movement in the head after you lock it down? Would be interested in your estimation of the legs robustness

  • Gethinc... we are still talking tripods, right?? ;)

  • I did a quick and bumbling review of the FC-04H Mod Fluid head + CT7402.

    @Gethinc It does lock down pretty tight, you can force movement when locked but it's not easy. Legs are sturdy. They are light (carbon) so you'll either want to secure it by hand or with sand bags/weights to make sure it doesn't teeter totter when you pan or tilt.

  • Nice job with the review kupchenpo - hardly any bumbling in there! You pretty much covered everything except the included padded bag which is okay but I can see the seams and/or zippers eventually falling apart with a lot of use.

    I like that there's a screw at the front to stop the QR plate from sliding forward - its a good safety feature especially since I once saw an Arri BL go sliding off the front of a non-braked sliding plate and crash to the ground!

    @Gethnic - Locks tight on my system. The legs aren't so sturdy if the spreaders are all the way in so a wider stance is better and on carpet there's a hint of a wobble so a sandbag might be necessary but this could just be because I left the rubber foot covers on. To echo what kupchenpo said in his review, if you're on the fence, don't worry, this is a great product for the price. I've used everything from high-end Sachtlers and O'Connors to low end Velbon and Manfrotto and this is an excellent head that is perfect for DSLRs with a rig built around them. If you're planning to go with just the camera and lens and you have a small camera like a GH2 then you may be better off going with a Sachtler Ace as that will be able to counterbalance better.

  • @kupchenpo @mythmaker thanks! Well thats pretty much decided me. I'm currently using a 30 year old benbo and a 20 year old JVC with a fluid effect head, so this has got to be an improvement.

  • Hey just out of curiosity is the quick release plate compatible with any other system? I've been trying to standardise it thought my kit, and am failing miserably (just bought a new arca swiss plate and new lever style clamp, and t found my existing arca swiss plate is a different width, which means adjusting the clamp each time).

    If Im going this route I'll trash the lot and move to a system thats compatible with this head.

  • Gethnic, in short, no it isn't. I went through a similar problem. In the end I decided to try the Giottos M621 QR plate and it's okay but I'm not satisfied. The side knob for locking it down is annoying because with the camera mounted its tough to get your fingers in there.

    I can see the Manfrotto 577 plate having the same problem. Now I think I'll go with something like the Manfrotto 394 plate with the locking lever. Unless anyone has a better idea???

  • thats the plate I had on my last tripod head (which I've now retired). You know what? I was thinking of going back in that direction as well. I honestly dont understand why stills photographers bang on about the arca swiss system. Its really slow to use, the plates are small, theres more chance of not securing it and dropping your camera...

    YOu can pick up plate + clamp on amazon, for about $40. I just spent about $60 on a sunway clamp alone

    THe only thing I'm going to check is the rubber on the plate doesn't allow for vibration (I've been doing some 5 minute exposures recently and even tiny movement/vibration is a problem).

  • Anyone mind to share some user experience with the E-Image Carbon Monopod with fluid head....?

  • @daryl they are amazing! The head is heavy- but the Carbon Tube is light as! Any more info PM me.

  • what is the difference between 04H and 06H head, I looked on their website, to me they look the same apart that 06H has counterbalance up to 12kg. Do they just insert different spring into the same head, and sell it under a different model number? If they are the same, if i get 04H, will they be able to give me also the spring from 06H head as well?

  • Is the fluid head available alone? If so how do I go about ordering. Thanks

  • If you want to ask question, use PM.