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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
  • Look at photo like tripods and monopods below the video tripods section.

    Most deals moved to

    Video tripods

    Tripods offered have FC-04H head (modified version):


    With stepless adjustable counterbalance, and stepless adjustable pan and tilt drag.

    Counterbalance range is 1-3kg (free extra spring included for 3-6kg).

    Weight: 1.8kg;


    Check additional details and price.

    New NEST tripods

    NEST is top chinese produced premium tripods. Best option if you want to be sure in your gear.

    Carbon transformers with amazing ball head.


    Check additional details and price.

    New Fancier tripods specially made for HDSLR owners

    Light, sturdy, with ability to transform, you can also get optional telescopic center column to big heigh to get unusual angle.

    Compact, but fully metal fluid head. Work good for photo also.

    Both kits come with very good padded bags.


    Check additional details and price.

    E-Image Carbon Monopod with fluid head.

    High quality and sturdy thing, not very light due to head (of course, you can remove head if you want).


    Price: $189
    Shipping: Includes express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Ask for others.
    Packing: Usual. Good padded bag for monopod.

    E-Image Carbon Monopod with QR.

    Light, with big diameter carbon tubes used and adjustable metal clamps.


    Price: $149
    Shipping: Includes express shipping for US/Canada/UK/Australia&NZ/Western Europe. Ask for others.
    Packing: Usual. Good padded bag for monopod.

    Click on if you want to purchase any of this items.

    637 x 1160 - 54K
    692 x 1090 - 51K
    246 x 250 - 13K
    316 x 782 - 24K
    261 x 886 - 23K
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  • Of course, it is not beginners tripod or very cheap thing.
    But it'll is best offer in sub $700 range.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Looks like a sweet deal, and gear looks great too. Coincidentally I was surfing the Weifeng website last night checking out this fluid head - but what do you mean by 'modified version' how does it differ from the standard head?


  • Fully variable drag and counterbalance - yes!
  • FC-04H head (modified version) compatible with rails rig? (with monitor etc?)
  • Cool- question answered @Vitaliy_Kiselev
  • I'm interested, depending on how the final pricing works out of course.
  • I am interested, but also curious to know how this head would compare to the FC-02H.
  • I'm interested, but depending on the final price
  • interested! do we get a proper invoice?
  • Are those images in the beginning of the thread stretched??

    Attached image that looks more normal aspect.
    394 x 600 - 82K
  • @Tommyboy

    They are close, weifeng one being 100x9.5x48.5 .
    But I doubt that they are compatible, you can look at 3d model of weifeng QR in the design topic and compare.


    Just legs are differently positioned.
    Btw, locks on your photo are actual ones.
    But mid spreader comes with CT-7402.
  • @Retina

    No. For head you can look at my topic for 470 tripod, for legs all my review is on top - I just don't know that you can write about legs. Legs also have slight problems with Manfrotto heads (Manfrotto heads use large bottom locker, so tend to become vertical after tightening).

    It is custom tripod mix made specially for us.

    I have such set myself and like it in all aspects.
    But I am in no way professional tripod tester :-)
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Is the camera screw (on the tripod camera plate) possible to tighten by hand? Or does it require coin/screwdriver?

    I understand adding additional components in deals can complicate, but would you concider having the possibility for adding optional QR plates? If I order a tripod system I need to go "all in", meaning having additional camera plates etc. to switch between shoulder rig and tripod on location etc.

    Thanks again for spending time on deals like this. Makes it more fun to deal with equipment :)
  • @evero

    Requires coin.
    I already talked about using D ring screw. But can't promise anything.
    You can get such screws yourself and test how it works with QR.

    About optional QR plates. I'll try to add such option.
    Do you need extra 3 or 5 plates?
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    Ok. I know it sounds silly, but for me D ring screw is kind of must. Please update if possible :) But totally understand if it's not a priority. Regarding QR plates 3 would be fine (but don't spend time on that just for me, as the D screw is stopping it for me for now).
  • @evero

    D-Ring screws are sold at ebay. :-)
    You also must understand that this is big company, so any update is long and painful.
  • is the 7204 a speed lock tripod?, i see only one lock on the picture
  • @talatz

    Speed Lock is some amrketing name, but yes, it uses one lock.
  • @kinoglass

    Yep, if legs are wither photo or Nest.
    With video legs, no, as they require 75mm bowl heads, and such heads are not really good for monopod anyway due to weight.
  • @kinoglass and @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    FYI I ordered the 7506C, and asked if they could sell me an additional quick release system so I can have a lighter monopod when I don't need the fluid head. But she didn't understand me, and "told me" the quick release from the head can be adapted to the monopod (which is not possible).
    I'm trying now to be understood, and to order this additional quick release system and an additional photo tripod that could use both the fluid head and the QR system; I hope she will finally understand ...
    The 7506C is good and steady, but I think english is really difficult to learn for Chinese, so communication is not easy ...
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I'm not complaining, shipment was fast, contact is responsive, just a warning to be very careful with communication.

    about ebay full of them, I really don't know shit about QR/sliding plates/screw sizes, so ordering from the same manufacturer seemed a good idea to have everything fitting.

    And she didn't looked pissed by my several emails, even if I'm taking a bit more of her time (acting like that she should get a bit more of my money)
  • I would like to buy the head allone, too. Maybe it gets possible in the time?
  • What is the maximum height of Weifeng FT-6664? Can't seem to find info.

    edit: conflicting info all over web: 160 cm, 175 cm, 180 cm. Just do a search on google and ebay. Would be awesome to have max height of all the tripods here listed.