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Special deals: Carbon video tripods and monopods
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  • I'd love to see a video review of these tripods/heads. How stable are the sticks, how to easy to center? How well does the head stabilise? One video says more than a thousand words. :-)
  • I don't have a review for you.
    All I can say is what legs are sturdy and stable.
    For my purpose I like the head and have no problems.
  • Did anyone order a FC-04H based carbon tripod to the US? How long did it take to get to you after order? Happy? I just ordered one, but so far I haven't seen anyone's comments on the quality other then Vitaliy. Is anyone else happy or unhappy with their new tripod and head?
  • @kupchenpo

    The tripod is fantastic... the travel bag is very good- and the tripod is very stable.

    As for the head- at first he head is a bit tough- but smooths out after a bit of use. Need to spend more time on it to get it all worked out. @Athiril- this is a 'balanced' head- so it has a spring to equalise the weight.

    I can't actually find the 'spare' spring- have emailed e-image, sure that its either an oversight on my or their part.

    One happy P-V camper!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    I didn't even want to mention it here- I have emailed e-image, so I am checking this with them.

    Other than that the kit is AMAZING! Highly recommend for a tripod.
  • @alcomposer

    Thanks, very reassuring.
  • I tested the Weifeng video head yesterday. Maybe the design could have been better, but in terms of usability and hydraulics, it's really as good as a Sachtler!

    Buy it!

    There is also the brand E-image, which I was told is the Pro class under the Weifeng banner.
    The products include tripods, articulating arms and clamps. I have the arms and clamps, very solid, pro class indeed

  • Already have the 701HD, so just looking for some light sticks. That ball head on the Weifeng looks nice though. Might sell me.
  • My tripod arrived today, a little more than a week after placing the order. It looks and feels great. I'll do a video review soon.
  • @kazuo

    Having trouble counterbalancing. Did you experience this? Any suggestions? It seems better with heavier loads, but still not perfect. Perhaps the wrong spring was installed?
  • @kupchenpo

    It must have light spring installed.
    Normally small rig (like camera base) with GH2 will be perfect.
    One GH2 with small lens is still very light.
    With old manual glass all must be ok.
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Thanks for continue to negotiate these great deals. This offer is very tempting, but I'm more interested in the nest version of their carbon legs 323CT or 363CT with this same fluid head. Any chance of scoring something like this in a similar price range?
  • You need to look here:

    NEST legs are much pricier (due to modular approach, and much less volumes, I think)

    I have both NEST legs and CT7402, and 7402 are much more solid.
    NEST legs are for traveling tasks, so you could save each gram and still have large diameter tubes and quite sturdy tripod that won't fail.
  • Just picked up my E-image 7050H, supposedly the pro version of Weifeng 717, whatever that means.

    Very smooth, good counterweight, makes my 10 yr old Manfrotto feel like a dinosaur.

    I was actually keen on the EI 7060H, which can take a greater payload of up to 8kg, but the price difference is like $150. Also, the shop that I went to doesn't package the 7060 with a bag.

  • Has anyone bought the FT-6663?

    Wondering how it compares quality wise to the Manfrotto 190cxPro3/055cxPRo3?

    Does it come with the ball head pictured?

    How does the 717AH fluid head compare to the Manfrotto 701?
  • >Does it come with the ball head pictured?


    I think 717AH is better than Manfrotto 701.

    But can't say anything about legs.
    All such legs are more oriented to photo applications.
    You can look at Nest for video oriented legs. But they are much more pricier.
  • I've been researching these tripod kits - the one in the deal looks great but I've also been looking at the EI-7060A2 and the 7063AA which is pricier but has the stepped pan/tilt adjustment and counter balance and I'm looking to future proofing. Mr problem with these kits that I can't get an answer to is regarding the Quick Release plate options. I'm wanting to get a couple of extra QR plates and sliding mounts for other accessories such as the Glidecam but these E-Image heads (other than the 717) don't seem to have a flat bottom with the 1/4" and 3/8" screw holes... Any suggestions? Would my best option be to use the Manfrotto 577 QR plate and just mount that to the E-Image head QR plate? I'd rather not raise my camera too much and make counter balancing too hard.

  • @mythmaker

    It is very hard to find logic in your post.

    First. FC-04H head has drag adjustment for pan and tilt and it is stepless (and this is best option). Sae with legs in your listed kits, they are no competition.

    Second, If you want many QR plates, just ask, it is possible.

    Third. Why you need mount heads designed for bowls on flat base?

  • Why is stepless better? Its been a few years, but I used to use a lot of high-end film production gear (I worked as a camera assistant on big Hollywood type shows years ago) and all the high-end Sachtler's, Cartoni's etc. had stepped adjustment. I don't remember if the O'Connor heads did or not.

    Yes, my post was confusing but it's hard to explain! LOL Don't worry, I'm not such a clueless newbie as to try mounting 75mm bowl heads to flat bases :) What I'm asking about is if E-Image heads have a similar quick release option as the Manfrotto 577 like this:

    I want a QR plate attached to the bottom of my camera (or my soon to be ordered Lanparte rig!) and several of the lower plates that the QR plate slides into that I can attach to other accessories such as Glidecam, slider and jib etc. so that I don't have to waste time unscrewing my camera from one accessory to the other. Make sense?

    I can't tell from the pictures if the E-Image heads have this option since the sliding mount for the quick release plate appears to be curved and doesn't have screw threads for 3/8" and 1/4"

  • The CT-7401 and CT-7402 legs look very good. But which one to get?

    Can anybody with more experience give an advice, what are the (dis-)advantages of a spreader at half hight vs. at the base of the legs (especially people using CT-7401 or CT-7402).

  • I just got the 717AH and I'm quite impressed to be honest.

  • @Psyco

    I've used both in the past. When I was working with big Arri 35mm BL4's, Panaflexes etc. we usually had a set of heavy-duty Ronford Baker legs (with the flat, notched Mitchell mount). These legs always had ground-level spreaders and honestly they were a pain in the ass. They made it hard to close the sticks when loading into the truck so we usually had to remove the spreaders. Removing something like this increased the risk of it getting left behind in the rush and meant we were always having to clean them.

    There's a lot of debate as to which is better - a lot of people swear that ground-level spreaders are make for a more stable set-up but I'm not convinced, especially in regards to using a DSLR rig which is a helluva lot lighter than a Panaflex with a 1000' magazine on the back and a 3:1 zoom on the front!

    If you're in studio based environments 100% of the time, MAYBE a ground-level spreader is better, if not, for me it's mid-level all the way.

  • BTW re: my earlier (and very confusing post about QR plate set-ups) I've figured out what solution will work best for my needs and have a couple of Giottos MH621's on the way.

  • Thanks @mythmaker I had the same idea (that ground spreader is more ore less only for studio work). So the mid-spreader version is the more allround solution.

    Anyone that disagrees with this?

  • I had a chance to use these tripods and a couple of the video heads at CES, courtesy of Lily. These are nice tripods and have a smooth feel to them in head movement. The fluid head is smaller and lighter than my huge 501 head or my studio tripod that I use for events, but seemed ideal for any DSLR and would likely be fine up to my XH A1.

    The 717AH head on the carbon fiber legs would be a good package for hiking and any activity where you need to be moving around. You can see an enthusiastic review of the 717AH head on youtube at

    He wishes he gotten it instead of the 701 head and ended up getting two of the 717AH heads.