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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • where can i download cluster v6. can someone link the page? Thanks so much

  • All patches mentioned in the thread title are always available on the first page of said thread.

  • I recently moved on to using the Moon T7 for my GH2 but wanted to post a video with the Apocalypse Now patch that I had previously used. The 2nd camera is the BlackmagicPocket - tried to match them but hard to get perfect -

  • For quite a while, I used Quantum X v4B Orion and Cluster v1, both of which used the "Orion" matrix. I later switched to Sedna A Q20 and Cluster v6 DREWnet, which used the "Sedna" matrix.

    I came to especially love the reliability of Cluster v6 DREWnet, and the quality I got for reasonable file sizes.

    Now, I'm shooting with my GH2 and trying to match it to other cameras, and I'm finding the Orion matrix a closer match. The midtones and highlights seem to be stretched up a bit higher along the scale.

    I worry that I'm giving up some good innovations by using Cluster v1 rather than v6, however. So what I'd like to know is, what settings in ptool are specifically the matrix? The tooltips don't make it clear to me. I'd like to make a setting with just the Orion matrix, that I can load over top of Cluster v6's Sedna matrix... is that even a good idea, or could there be unintended consequences?

  • What is the last best quality Driftwood hack for GX1? For AVCHD 1080 NTSC camera (Japan).

  • What is the last best quality Driftwood hack for GX1?

  • I have a question which might be dumb. When should we use Canis Majoris? There are so many versions like AM, DAY, NIGHT. Shall we use NIGHT only for lowlight for an example?

  • There's a few threads on here about the Canis hack sertings. Search for them and hopefully they'll give you info needed. There's also a Canis Majores Skin Tones Soft which I like, but some have had problems with noise in underexposed areas with this hack setting.

  • What kind of people are on this service. It's so inconvenient to do everything and nobody cares. Links to all dead ptools do not open. The old version cannot be downloaded anywhere, there is not a single ready-made firmware. But you need to think about it, not everyone knows how to flash. Thank you all.

  • I’ve patched my GH2 not to long ago. Found all working links for moont7 driftwood.

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