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Panasonic G6 topic, GH2 replacement camera
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    EOSHD has put up a review of the G6 for video, and it is very favourable about the G6.

    "When you consider the all-round package, the Panasonic G6 is the best mid-range interchangeable lens camera for video available. Image quality for video is unmatched for the price, although the Nikon D5200 is better in low light the G6 offers way more features and 1080/60p into the bargain. It also offers insane levels of detail at 1080p which the D5200 simply cannot match (sharpening in post or not). It has less moire and aliasing than the Canon 50D in raw or any APS-C Canon DSLR for that matter… Or a Sony NEX! Yet it offers 1080/60p into the bargain."

    Edit: "Go to Voldemort hideout..." LOL, I see what happened there.....

  • Shouldn't we stop the bullying and start calling Andrew Reid by his name again? I can't imagine any of you liking to be bullied in internet forums and at least he does stuff. Even if some people don't like it, that seems better than hanging around internet forums bullying people. I know there has apparently been some history with him in the past, but that doesn't justify bullying at all.

  • @ickejohannes I would think there be a bit of maturity on this forum?

    Anyway G6 nice. Would be nicer if these companies just make a cam like this with video ergonomics rather than dlsr. Its clear many just buy the for video use.

  • @ickejohannes @Mimirsan Don't know if it is something happening here against Andrew - AFAIK, Voldemort was is nickname here in PV. I don't know Andrew, but I like him and EOSHD a lot, together with PV were the cause that I've bought my GH2. :-)

  • I don't think much of Andrew's intellectual grasp or critical acumen. He is obviously an enthusiastic DSLR video hobbyist and has put a great deal of focused energy into creating and building a popular web site, but much of what he says is nonsensical to me. It's more of an unfiltered stream of discovery diary of an overheated geekboy opining about things he barely understands than an experienced pro sharing his wisdom. I find much of his site to be riddled with errors, misinformed pronouncements, and just plain wrong advice. All too painfully, it reminds me of how I used to write product reviews when I was in my early 20s, like Doug in "UP" shouting, "SQUIRREL!" and jumping up and down for a while before the next "SQUIRREL!".

    If somehow got you interested in DSLR video and spurred you to drill down, fine. No shame in that. But to consider the site any kind of authority or source of expert opinion is a mistake, I feel. It's just a kid who buys or is swagged lots of expensive toys and blogs about them from the perspective of an enthusiastic amateur. That's not a sin, but it is also not anything more than a kid playing with toys.

    All that said, I absolutely respect Andrew's right to have an opinion and a web site, to have his say and let readers make of it what they will. He doesn't even begin to deserve to be called juvenile names and treated like a pariah. It's gutless to do so, and I would hope that guys here would knock it off. Every time I see someone do it I think oh, that guy too? Sheesh.

  • Isn't it kind of funny and tongue and cheek? I think it's a stretch to think calling someone 'Voldemort' is bullying them. I mean he was kind of a badass, just also, you know, basically the source of all evil. So...exactly like EOSHD!

  • OK so i test it a little...

  • Don't have a beef in this eoshd thing, but I read his review and mostly agree. Have brought the G6 along for several jobs now, and it's such a joy to use and the images it produces very nice - brings a smile to my face. Having owned both the d5200 and the G6 I would also say the G6 is more usable in low light even though you can't crank the ISO up to 25.600. The NR in the G6 is quite non-intrusive to the image and produces usable material at high ISO's. The d5200 pretty much falls apart in mid-range luminance levels and below once you touch the ISO dial.

  • How's G6 compared to GH2 in terms of EVF performance and hotshoe build quality? No I'm not a troll!!!!


  • @eyenorth Yeah in theory in-body NR should work better than post-processing NR. G6 sounds like the good case.

  • @Stonebat The G6 EVF is better color wise, but the GH2 is sharper and has no edge blurring depending on your viewing angle. Peaking helps a lot for focusing (in good lighting) on the G6, but I can more easily pull focus with the Nokton 25mm on my GH2 and nail even eyelashes on close ups.

  • Darn... why did I sell gh2 :(

  • @Stonebat It depends on how critical your focusing is. I'm talking about very shallow 0.95 DOF when the blue peaking graphics actually are in the way of seeing where focus lands. In a close up its the difference between nailing the eye leashes or the eye's iris. The GH2 EVF makes a subtle kind of aliasing effect on stuff in focus. But for wide and mid shots it poses no trouble and actually helps compared to the GH2.

  • And concerning our perpetual pet peeve: adding an eye cup is a bitch :(

  • I have HyperPrime 25mm 0.95. Yes it shows CA at 0.95. Yes I miss GH2's aliasing prone EVF.

    I hate Panasonic.

  • @oscillian Are you the canadian? My memory is fading. If yes, do u need to make a different eye cup design? I was hoping GH2's work on G6.

  • Hello, I'm a pianist and I use one fz200 and one LX7 to shoot piano videos. Do you think the G6 would be more better about this video? I think in buy the G6. Please, watch in 1080p.

  • @Stonebat Hehe! No, I'm the Swede with a longing for a true Panasonic eye cup :-)

  • Just few days my GH2 has a new friend (would say - girlfriend :) ) - G6 with new 14-140mm. Nice kit. What I like most about G6 that with non original batteries (I have two Patona brand) it shows battery icon and it works what was impossible with GH2! It alone worth to buy G6. This cheap thing is cheap to use too. And yes, EVF on G6H2 is more better to focus than with G6. But LCD is really good, just need a good LCD viewfinder for it. And for delicate G6 body - cage. Maybe somebody has found it for G6 which will fit this little buddy?

  • Yeah, the g6's 1080 60p isn't very good on wide shots... Pretty disappointing. Anything close it's fine but filming wide detailed shots it falls apart.

  • @ azza_act,

    Do you have any samples of this? I've had great results with 1080-60p, mp4 encoding on my G6.

    I have found the G6 to be exceptional with wide detailed shots. I'll have to admit that most of my truly wide shots have been with the new 14-42 II kit lens. It gives super clean images at 14mm in landscapes. I also have some sample shots from a 12-35mm at the camera store. That lens is completely amazing from every thing I captured with it. Other samples are with a vintage Zuiko OM 24mm f/2.0 or almost a 50mm equivalent. While not wide by any means, it gives incredible landscape video. Same with my OM 50mm f/1.4 when shooting mountains and moving cloud formations.

    My only issue has been been with low light landscape shots. You can really see the fixed pattern noise at any ISO when the light is too dim. I can be very appearant when exposing for ultra bright clouds in the shadows and dark pines.

    Cheers, Pete

  • @C3hammer Hi Pete, I was going to post some up but I'm was only using AVCHD not MP4. I thought MP4 has lower IQ?? I'll have to give it a try! When shooting 25p in AVCHD I've been fairly impressed... It's super sharp, including wide shots. Love to see your work too using the g6 :)

  • MP4 and avchd use the same h.264 video and acc audio encoding, just a different transfer stream. Also mp4 doesn't have all the avchd bd junk associated with it. Most importantly, the G6 doesn't shoot with ETC at 1080-60p in avchd. Only in mp4. Every clip I've ever shot with the G6 has been in mp4.

    I bought the G6 specifically for filming wildlife. I use the ETC and 1080-60p with either a 600mm Nikkor AIS or the 100-300 Lumix almost exclusively.

    I posted a video with mostly long range, 3000mm equivalent shots of some north american elk earlier in this thread. There is one wide shot of some green aspen trees and a little red dirt road later in that video that shows the ultra fine detail achievable with 1080-60p in wide landscape tyoe shots.

    Cheers, Pete

  • c3hammer-"Most importantly, the G6 doesn't shoot with ETC at 1080-60p in avchd. Only in mp4". Thats not true! No problem shooting ETC in avchd 50p...

  • What's the feeling regarding 60p for slow Mo on the g6 1080p vs gh2 only 720p .has anyone compared the 2 for 60p ..I just got the bmcc mft and woundering if its worth the change to g6 from gh2 just for better slow motion results ...thanks