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Driftwood ClusterX series 2:│moon│ЅріzZ│nebula│drewnet│Slipstream │Redshift
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  • Another test with the "Moon" settings . . .

  • my newest work in my favorite club in Berlin

  • Another test with Moon T5. I've read the GH2 can have pretty bad banding issues. Wish I could "smooth" the grey noisy areas out more. Any suggestions are welcome.

    • Shot with Cinema color • Everything at -2 • Slight grading in Premiere Pro to boost tonal range • Rendered out with High settings, Maximum bit depth, VBR 2 pass @ 20Mb/s (30Mb/s Max)

    Other than that it's straight out of the camera.

  • A few screen grabs from my latest shoot for GardenTV during a Malibu Organic Gardening and Dinner Event. Moon T5 , Smooth -2,-2,0,-2. Exposed for the highlights. Shot with Tokina 12-24 for day shots and SLR's 12mm and 25mm for night stuff. No CC, and auto WB since it was all run and gun.

    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 5.51.02 PM.png
    864 x 495 - 509K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 5.51.28 PM.png
    864 x 486 - 571K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 6.50.36 PM.png
    864 x 484 - 675K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 6.51.21 PM.png
    864 x 484 - 643K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.38.15 PM.png
    919 x 511 - 704K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.37.31 PM.png
    921 x 513 - 720K
    Screen shot 2013-05-06 at 7.34.34 PM.png
    923 x 529 - 855K
  • @maddog15 is this color band problem is all about different color pattern in uniform color space?? I had such problem with moon t5.

  • @maddog15 just kiss in a touch of film grain and voila, no more noticeable banding.

  • In HBR Mode, (PAL) Moon T5 sometimes stops recording without warning, let´say after 11 Minutes max . I am using 64gB Class 10 Sandisk Extreme Pro. But besides this Moon T5 still spans in HBR.

  • @vicharris snapshots look great; so natural

  • @maddog15 It depends a bit on when the issue is popping up.

    If it only pops up in the dark grays, the usual answers would be to expose brighter and maybe see if you can get an ND filter (static, not vari) that helps reduce the glare off the clouds slightly to make that extra exposure possible. If the shot has a static horizon, then you could consider using graduated ND filter which I tend to avoid.

    But if you are shooting timelapse you can always massively increase your dynamic range by grabbing something like a cheap StudioHut intervalometer and shooting JPEG or even RAW (possibly even bracket). I shot thousands of shots like that with good results - mostly bracketed JPEG, but occasionally RAW.

  • @maddog15 Using higher iso(800 etc) with hack settings that have nice grain can help the same way too.

  • @Frame two times stopped at 12:30m in HBR mode on a 32gb 45mbs sandisk. does not go beyond that I guess. to me it is long enough.

  • Moon trial 5 - 24L

  • @thepalalias @luxis @BurnetRhoades Thanks much for your feedback and input. A little noise (through ISO or post) should do the trick. Or as thepalalias suggested timed photographic exposures.

    BTW: I'll be posting a TV spot I just produced using Moon T5 within the next couple of days. Client was extremely happy.

    Big thanks again to Vitaliy Kiselev and Nick Driftwood (and others) for everything it's taken for these patches to mature into such a professional, stable and usable level. "Incredible work" would be the understatement of the year.

    Made another donation to personal view today. :^)

  • Latest News: 'moon' T6 Coming Soon. :-)

  • @driftwood Moon T6?! Fantastic Nick!. I'm like a kid on Christmas eve. Can you share any specs on what you're designing T6 to accomplish/accommodate?

    Thank you.

  • The best is about to get better :)

  • @driftwood

    'moon' T6 Coming Soon. :-)

    Incredible!!! The best thing i've heard this month^^

  • @driftwood that's a good news. Moon T6 is it Moon at its final stage or just another trial? Please take my request into consideration. the average bitrate needs a lift up here.i have shots which is wide and detailed but still has only 112Mbit. it seems the Auto bitrate isn't actually working well. i dont know whats really ticking in. But Moon series performance is poor compared to Intravenus and Boom. Please make this new breed write files not less than 120Mbit with good details if possible. Thk u.

  • Final day preparing for the "Queen of Ukraine 2013" Shot on "Moon" trial5 - 24L. Watch on HD 720p or 1080p.

  • It would be great if the image contrast of Moon T6 can be lowered besides the high details.

  • @pop24 WOW that vid looks awesome! Did you shoot this with Moon T5? What were your settings?

  • 12/15 GOP 'DREWnet' settings 720p @ 50fps and 1080p @ 24H

  • I'm looking for my next patch. Mostly interview/b-roll newsy-docu stuff. I'd like to find the optimal point between file size and quality and card stability. Is DREWnet the way to go these days? I've been All-I for the longest time, so a step back into the wild world of long GOP sounds intriguing.

  • @5thwall Yeah man, that's a good one for talking head stuff. That's what I'm using these days for it. For cinematic stuff i might go back to IV2 though.

  • @vicharris have you noticed any downside to DREWnet? Anything in grading or... well, anything? ;)

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