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Driftwood Settings: Series 6 - COMP Apocalypse Now, Cluster v6, GalaXian GX1, Sedna, Canis, etc...
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  • Thanks @matt_gh2. It's an amazing camera. I could never achieve quality like that before. Zero noise even in the shadows on low ISO and the ability to use my legacy lenses easily is great too !

  • hello driftwood

    have news for GX1 ?

  • hello. still no news for GX1 ?

  • GH2 with 12-35mm Lens & 7-14mm lens. Using the Sedna Q20 B Series patch.

  • I came across this 'Sedna' goodness. Nice post work. Eyes wide open.

  • my latest work in my favorite club in berlin

  • I found this amazing piece filmed on AN Ver 7 settings.. truly inspirational. Sorry if it has been posted before

  • So ive been using the Drewnet v6 cluster settings in my hacked gh2 and Im using the 16gb 95mbs sandisk sd card, I randomly get errors saying the writing speed on the card isnt fast enough or somthing, I believe it used to work just fine before with this card, any rec.?

  • @jclmedia Theres not any problem with Drewnet Cluster 6. Please detail in more depth the record mode employed, the ISO, ss, etc... explain more.

  • What is the lightest weight g series camera that can handle these settings with 24p, all I frames? Thanks!

  • Hi people,

    Firstival, many thanks to Driftwood for all the hard work.

    I work with 3D/Motion Graphics over 10 years and had already several camcorders, i'm new here in the forum and new to Videography with DSLR (GH2). I opted to buy an GH2 instead of a GH3. Because of the mature Hacks and lower price fore the camera body. So i could invest in better glasses.

    Im realy not complaining, im just lost. Where can i find the "latest" version of the various patches from driftwood? In the firs pages of this thread there are many versions but the Date of posting is 2012.

    Updates to the patches are posted always on the first page? or Throughout the thread?

    Sorry for bad english, my mother languages are German/Portuguese.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @tdan84 Check this post:
    Here you will find the "latest" settings.
    You will have to consider the kind of work you do and the type of card you have, in order to choose among all the options.

  • Flaaandeeers,

    Thank you Sir.

    I'm starting with a 32gb Sandisk Extreme SDHC 45mb/s Class 10.

    Sorry if, off topic. Also have a 64gb SDXC Sandisk Ultra MicroSD. Can i use it with an adapter on the GH2? or will i loose speed/quality?

    I think a patch with 44mb to 80mbs is enough. Dont think rates high as 176mbs are necessary for me.

  • @tdan84 Drewnet has been very reliable for many users among the bitrates you're mentioning. Also Redshift was just released and seems to be great for spanning and long recording times.
    Just check the other post, you have all the info there.

  • Short doc shot in a low-light cinema. Intravenus II performed great.

  • Nice DSD

  • I'm using the apocylypse now setting for 6 month. Its a damn good setting.

    and here is my newest result

    I use a Mix of "myfilm1", Nostalgic and cinema" in the Setting. All -2.
    grading with After Effects and Premiere

    Tech: Nikkor 500 4.0 & Sennhieser ME67

  • Hey all, here is a short dance film I shot as a project to learn the GH2. Used Senda Q20 plus the Panasonic Leica DG Summilux 25mm f/1.4 and the Mamiya 80mm 2.8 sekor C. Big thanks to Nick Drift wood and Vitaliy Kiselev for providing such great tool

  • Sedna A1AQ1 , Canon 60D, Canon 7D

  • A Mix between my GH2 (SEDNA 2 and Apocalypse), a Cannot 550D and some GoPro's

  • Video mixing GH2 with Canis Majoris Night, Red Scarlet and a Canon HV30 (for just or two shots). Graded by @Bueller.

  • a loooong Film about the nature of the island Texel. Setting was the Apocalypse by Driftwood.

  • Hello, hope this is the right place for my question. I am trying to understand how can I use the Galaxian hack. How do I install it and where do I find the latest version (hard to find between 32 pages). I am also a little bit confused if the Galaxian is different then the hack the the PTOOL creates. It would be great if someone can sort out for me this questions. BTW I have the GX1 camera Thank you.