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Official GH2 "Stalin" hack development topic
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  • HDMI is not limited to 8bit.
  • The latest version can even do 4k
  • AVCHD is 8 bits codec.
  • disneytoy:
    HDMI above version 1.2 supports more than 8-bit per colour:
  • @disneytoy Hdmi supports 10, 12, 16 bit per channel beginning with the spec 1.3. The 8 bit per channel is an absolut minimum allowed.
  • I know all the things about HDMI, but the GH2 and also the AF100 HDMI output is only 8 bit 4:2:0.

    Please read the hdmi-thread here.
  • @Donnie88 If there was an update, it would already be here. Half the posts on this site are just questions asking about 25p. Be patient.

    For now, apart from for B footage, what is it about 25p that conforming 24p can't do for you?
  • I 2nd that... people need to realize that its been asked for, programers are working on it... It will happen IF ITS POSSIBLE. Just please stop spamming that request.
    Whats so bad for B-footage to be conformed to 25p? I live in PAL land but, prefer steps in bitrate and 10bit to be highest on the priority list.
  • @Ptchaw and daihard - If you would like to use the GH2 for broadcast work in PAL countries, you require 25p - 24p is NOT an option. That's why people are 'spamming'.
  • "B cam work"
    But yes, broadcast and GH2 as main cam will need "proper" 25p... as well as higher bitrates and probably 10bit...
    And now i feel like im spamming ;)
  • >New PTool will be released only after we'll move forum and domain to VPS.<<br />

    You´ve already moved to VPS, right? Is there a chance to get the new Ptool today or tomorrow now? Sorry for being a bit impatient, but you promised so much good things so that it is hard to wait...
  • At this point I am going to look for a GH2 body! does anybody know a good source? I gave mine back last winter because of 24p since I am in PAL
  • People wanting 25P just speed up your 24P footage by 4%. Easy :-)
  • @fancydancer Yes, but we'd have to get our actors / musicians to do everything 4% slower!
  • @nic2011 I think the guy's been up half the night migrating this site to a new server, so I'm sure right now he's getting some well-earned rest.
  • @Mark_the_Harp You won't notice. This is done on a daily basis. Pretty much every american film you see on pal TV is sped-up and vice versa. Did you ever notice? Probably not...
  • can't wait 'till he wakes. i hopw today or tomorrow we'll be getting the new ptool.
  • He´s awake:-) He switched the website out of maintenance mode some minutes ago;-)

  • @cordvision, I notice. The big problem is the audio, voices and music are pitched higher. When I first saw a US Frasier episode at the proper rate after years of watching conformed-to-PAL, I couldn't get over how deep their voices actually were, and how slow the pacing of speech was. It distorts reality in an unpleasant way.
  • @_gl Usually a slight pitch adjustment (pitch correction) of the audio is done to compensate... After doing so, there shouldn't be noticeable difference....
  • Speed up? How about telecine?
  • @cordvision - if you're working in PAL broadcast, then you're pretty much tied in to delivering on tape at 25fps. Which means shooting and post producing at 25fps. No one - but no one - posts at 24 then speeds up to 25fps if they can avoid it.
  • *sigh* Im sure it would be different if some said "you can conform 25p to 24p" if there was no decent 24p on gh2 (see GH1 lol) its not a ideal solution.
    Its something Im doing at the moment (matching to GH1 25p & HX9 50p footage with GH2 24p footage) and can be a headache.
    Im pretty sure this'll all work out in the end.
    Good things come to those who wait!
    Let the man do his point is rushing!
  • One question: it's possible to fix the data rate?
    Maybe it's science fiction, but with a fixed data rate at 40 Mbps the image could be better..
  • @mrbill It is done with NTSC footage shown here. Even if it wasn't, so what? Who cares if no one else does it, it works, you'd never tell the difference and you end up with 25p.

    @Mimirsan I've done it on PAL cameras with no 24p. No big deal.

    @_gl You're talking 30p to 25p, which is a much bigger difference than 24p to 25p. In Premiere Pro, at least, preserving audio pitch is done by ticking a checkbox.