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PTool 3.60d topic
  • PTool v3.60d released

    * Initial support with most major patches ported.
    * Release not include manual movie modes and PAL<->NTSC patches.

    * Initial support with many ported patches.
    * Some new patches added.
    * Bitrate patches are intended for testers only!

    * Few minor software bug fixes.
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  • 1080/24p seems to record OK with bitrate set at 44Mbit

    Before (normal 24Mbit AVCHD mode) - Stream: Max Speed = 24,510,640 bps
    After (hacked) - Stream: Max Speed = 44,931,740 bps

    However the average bitrate was hovering much lower since it was a low detailed scene.
    As I say, very earlier trial and error. Will test some highly detailed wide shots now with the 14mm pancake and see if it hangs.
  • @mpgxsvcd @Vitaliy_Kiselev I know you can tell from the release date, but the point of versioning software is that each version number is unique, even for minor revisions. Here we have different code with the same version number.
  • @dreamer

    Progress has been made with 720p. We now have 28 mb/sec average 720p @ 60 FPS with B frames.

    Down-loadable sample

  • I invested significant time and effort to look at the AVCHD encoder last days.

    As result, PTool v3.61D will be coming soon.
    It'll include tuning of so called "internal encoder mode" introduced in GH2 (for example, 1080p24 has its own mode code that is calculated inside encoder).
    And many parameters tuning will be added also.

    P.S. I'll be cleaning this topic leaving only really useful posts.
    No hard feelings, ok? Just to make it more readable.
  • "25p can be activated by using the 1080 progressive patch (see attached image). In it's current form it's unstable (as stated) I haven't tried it yet."

    Yes I know, but he asked for switching the 24p Mode to 25p which is much better than the 50i Mode.
  • Last Location:
    Arrived - Portland, OR, United States, Wednesday, 07/06/2011

    Scheduled Delivery:
    Thursday, 07/07/2011, By End of Day
  • I know this isn't what everyone was hoping for. However, I have successfully got the GH2 to record 1080p @ 24 FPS at 17 mb/sec as an average instead of the original 22 mb/sec. The point of this was to determine what the camera did when we lowered the max bit rate. It appears to not only lower the max bit rate but it also lowers the average bit rate.

    Whenever we try to raise the max bit rate it keeps the average bit rate the same. This causes the codec to over encode, under encode, over encode.... and so on. I expected the codec to do the opposite when I lowered the max bit rate under the default value. It did not do this. Instead it simply lowered the average bit rate along with the max bit rate.

    In the tests I did the max bit rate was about 18 mb/sec and the average was about 17 mb/sec. When I use the default firmware the average bit rate is 22 mb/sec and the max is 24 mb/sec. Sorry I can't post screen shots and stream parser data at the moment.

    There simply must be another setting that controls max average bit rate. It may be in the Encoder Setting variables. I haven't tested those yet. However, it could be an entirely different variable as well. Is there anyway to search the firmware for every setting that has a value of 22,000,000 or 18,000,000?

  • So I tried some 720p Mpeg settings, and it was quite interesting: with the above Mpeg settings, I got 115 Mbit for a high detailed scene and 100 Mbit for a low detail scene... And funny enough, I recorded this with a class 4 sandisc card, with no problems (20 seconds test shot)!
    Then I shot with high mpeg settings (quality 400, 300, 250, 188; table 4, 4, 4, 4), with another class10 card, and the data rate went up to 126 Mbit. 1 minute continuous shooting with this setting was no problem either. Only the max. clip length is always 2:39 min., is there any way we can remove this limit?

    I attached 2 screenshots, not really surprising the mpeg looks way better... Hmm seems like the image uploading function doesn't work, anyone interested please send me a pm.
  • Just curious is there will be an option to fix crippled HDMI output signal for external recording via Atomos Ninja or other HDMI recording devices. Thanks!
  • Somebody posted a video on vimeo with the stalin hack test

  • Tried testing those but bitrate never goes above 24Mbit. He must have something we don't! :)
  • @danyyyel

    Macro shots tell us nothing. The codec never breaks up for macro shots. It also doesn't help that he doesn't allow downloads. Plus he re-encoded it before he uploaded it. All benefit is lost once it is re-encoded. I checked his settings and those will not increase bit rate. I call Shenanigans on this one.
  • "Then I shot with high mpeg settings (quality 400, 300, 250, 188; table 4, 4, 4, 4), with another class10 card, and the data rate went up to 126 Mbit. 1 minute continuous shooting with this setting was no problem either."

    @cinegraphy can you post some footage of that 126Mbit recording pls.
  • @KrisCanonizado: I'll shoot some more footage today, the stuff I shot yesterday aesthetically wasn't very special, to say the least - and then again, in the 1 minute sequence bitrate was "only" 123 Mbit I think. Today I'm at a location with small waterfalls, I thought that'd be interesting for cranking up the bitrate, since there's a lot of fast movement (also for testing 50p AVCHD) :-)
  • very suspicios. vimeo guy ADAM MADA disabled comments for his video, i PMed him about his settings.
  • Btw, just to let you know.

    Chris will be participating in GH2 project.
  • Chris Brandin, author of StreamParser, and, from my opinion, guy who helped most during GH1 hack progress.
  • PTool 3.61D is coming soon.

    With big breakthrought.
  • 1. You'll need this base firmware:

    2. StreamParser by Chris Brandin as help tool to analyse AVCHD streams -

    Other good idea is also use trial version of Elecard StremEye -

    3. Remember that most bitrate and fps patches are for testers.
    Most of them work quite strange, so do not expect current GH1 patches behaviour.
    With time we'll be able to understand GH2 AVCHD encoder better.

    4. How to update firmware:
    a. Load GH2 1.0E firmware, see 1. how to get it.
    b. Check all necessary patches, Version increment must be always checked.
    c. Save firmware. Just change last digit to any number you want.
    d. Copy firmware to root of SD card. Fully charge you battery. Do not even attempt to use AC coupler!
    e. Power off your camera if it was on.
    f. Power on camera. After this press (not hold) green play button.
    g. You'll see hourglass and prompt to update.
    h. Press down arrow and after this Menu/set.
    i. Wait until upgrade will be completed.

    5. How to privide reports in this topic?
    a. Use systematic approach (one-two changes at a time with careful thinking).
    b. Shift-Click on round button in PTool to save your particular settings.
    c. Paste here settings with detailed observation + MediaInfo screenshot + StreamAnalizer screenshot.

    5-999. Reserved.
  • Thanks a lot Vitaly, trying it out now!
  • Congratulations Vitaliy!!!
  • Fantastic news. Bravo!!
  • @gbevin

    Remember point 3 of my second post in this topic, please.
    Also remember that last patch about ExTele in testers section is cruicial (means that it can brick your body).
  • Wonderful news!!!!!Bravo
  • Congrats man! Looking forward to using it!
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