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PTool 3.60d topic
  • PTool v3.60d released

    * Initial support with most major patches ported.
    * Release not include manual movie modes and PAL<->NTSC patches.

    * Initial support with many ported patches.
    * Some new patches added.
    * Bitrate patches are intended for testers only!

    * Few minor software bug fixes.
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  • Is there a setting in Ptools 3.6d that controls MPEG compression for WVGA 848X480 mode? When I tweak 480p settings in PTools it doesn't seem to affect WVGA mode. I know I can resize VGA mode to shoot an 848x480 frame but when I play back footage set that way the pixel aspect is off and it is not true SD 16:9 footage which is what I am after. Also, in VGA mode the audio is laid down at 16k, unusable. IF there is no current way now to adjust WVGA can it be added to new ptools? WVGA is a very handy way to shoot SD 16:9 30P video on the fly for some jobs when you need it but the default compression settings suck.
  • Yeah, they support AVC; they just don't recognize the Panasonic file extensions. If you select "All" file types when you open a file you can select the Panasonic files.

    As for running StreamParser on a MAC; I don't know how to do that, or if it's possible. StreamParser uses several MS library components, so I wouldn't be surprised if it can't be done.

  • by the way, there are two ways to show the sequence of frames when there are B frames. You can show frames in the processing order (like StreamEye does) or in display order (like StreamParser does). Thus you will see frames being pointed to in a different order between the two programs. It's not a bug, just different ways of identifying frame ordering. Note that the difference only shows up when playing a file, the bars do show up in the same order.

  • Is there a way to run StreamParser on a Mac? I'm using CrossOver, but the StreamParser installer encounters an error when "Installing Microsoft .net client framework 4...". ( Crossover has been working OK for PTool 3.60 though. )

    As an alternative, I tried StreamEye Slim (and StreamEye, but they don't seem to support AVC - only MPEG-2.

  • @cbrandin

    I updated StreamParser on old URL.

    Thanks for StreamEye Slim info.
  • Vitaliy, I noticed that at the beginning of the thread you have the old StreamParser download. You might want to use this new one (it's the same one I posted in the other thread).

    Elecard has a "StreamEye Slim" for $49.95.StreamParser analyzes Transport Streams, StreamEye analyzes video streams, so they are a good compliment. For $49.95, StreamEye is a pretty good deal now.

  • hope ipowell can give us the patches soon
  • Progress on 108024P N GOP TESTING (moved from Stalin Hack Topic at Vitaliy's request): Using KrisCanonizado's 70mbit settings except substituting 48000000 everywhere he put 70000000 (70 or 48 gave me same results until 3.61 is released). I then played with 1080 24P Native GOP settings. I am looking strictly to do a film look with this cam, nothing else, so a more filmic - non-dreamy look is what I'm after and a high GOP destroys that IMHO. So using above settings I tried a GOP of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Initial testing reveals a GOP of 3 gives best results for my purposes. It does lay down an I frame followed by 2 B frames only (no P frames) but it is playable in cam, computer and easily imports into Avid. At GOP of 4 it lays down an I frame, 2 b frames and a P frame (in this order) and weirdly, it plays back in cam but does not play back on the computer without noisy blocks. GOP 5 lays down an I frame, 2 b frames, a p frame and another b frame, will play back in cam but will NOT play back on computer without the blockies. A GOP of 6 lays down an I frame, 2 b frames, a P frame and 2 more B frames, will play back in Cam and computer but is more dreamy that the 3 GOP which I like the best. A GOP of 2 lays down an I frame and B frame, will not play back in cam or computer. A GOP of 1 lays down all I frames, will not play back in cam or computer. So far, because the average bit rate stays below 22mbit no matter what settings I use, a GOP of 3 will not crash my class 10 card but perhaps a 3 GOP setting will when Vitaly releases the 3.61 patch that will let us double the bitrate. I shot way too much footage to post but it's redundant anyway until 3.61 is released.

    To recap: GOP 3, 6, (9 probably but not tested) and 12 give stable results so far in 1080P N mode. GOP 3 is the best for action and everything else in my opinion as the frames blur into each other much less like true filmstock. Curious if others get the same results.

    Edit: redid attachment with different 3 gop footage and Chris's current streamparser screen grab.
    1265 x 667 - 141K
    1273 x 667 - 167K
  • @JesusRG, @daihard
    Ah, OK. I was referring to making videos when you are in photo mode. As I think was @daihard too (referring to M).
    I agree, GH2 is a bit confusing with all it's modes.
  • @PSmiles, at first that same thing happend to me, just select Creative Movie -> Manual Movie (is in the left of 24p Cinema), and then you can select 1080i, 720p, 720p mjpeg, all manual with no "auto ISO" ;)
    The gh2 menu needs some practice, is a little cryptic :P
  • @daihard
    But pressing the video button, starts filming always with auto iso on. As in other photo-modes.

    The only full manual control is in the 24p creative video mode.
  • @PSmiles
    You have full manual control all ready... or im missing something?
    Just switch your shooting mode to "M".
  • Great Hack!

    Wishes from me:
    - full manual exposure for the avchd and mjpeg modes (i don't like the "auto iso")
    - as living in a pal-country: 25p rules ;)

    I am looking forward to the upgrade of ptool
  • i think we could ask vitaliy about this, but i think, that there is no special, unproducable chip inside. i think manufacturers reproduce everything in this battery, i even have a third barty one that says "newest generation chip" but it still doesnt work. so im sure its some authentication method which can be disabled. but this is completely offtopic, lets move to gh2 batteries discussion.
  • @moby59 : It is not a firmware problem: If it's like me, the generic battery you use hasn't got the chip to communicate with the GH2 (and tell him it is time to switch off the body cause the voltage is low). The brutal shutdown which occurs with your battery means it is empty :)
  • Vitaly, do you plan to add the "remove compatible battery test" function ? I own an unbranded battery for the GH2 and from times to times the camera says that it doesn't like it and automatically shuts down.
  • is a G3 version be in the works?
  • Yeah, that's what I'm talking about. I know there is audio during regular playback. I don't know why Panasonic removed the audio from the video during live streaming via HDMI. I can't think of a good reason other than to screw it up on purpose so they don't cannibalize their more expensive products. Vitaly, is it possible to enable audio output via HDMI during live streaming?
  • I believe there is audio during playback. Not sure about recording.
  • Question for you guys. Does the HDMI output now include audio? Or just video? I would really love to have the HDMI port to have both audio and video. It would change a lot for me. thank you.
  • Thank you Andrew.
    And 24p is decent; now it will be incredible! (for me, it is most important aim apart from 10bit)
  • @madact

    I have a Japanese GH2 and the lanuage switch patch does work.
  • Sorry Vitaly, my bad.

    Can you comment on the language switch?
  • This is not topic to discuss SD cards, with have other topics about that.
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