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Quad and Hexa copters
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    I bought 5.8 gxz 600mv transmitter and reciever. and have 7 inc screen (really difficult to see in sunlight) have to buid some shield box. But I shoot a lot of alone. bought somepoint also some (superduper lowlight fpv cam) it just sucs that need regulator if use that cam.. Now I am putting ixus which have macro behind gh2 to shoot backscreen. (same voltages, no need to extra wires )

    I am totally out of updates of hdmi output and possibilities? to get live feed out from gh2? Going now with that. Mostly been filming tight places alone, but next thing is to get friend to steer camera. there is I think good betterones also.. but now I start to just work with this. I think this working with two person´s need a lot of practise to get better footage than fly alone ;)... so slowly forward :)!

  • I didn´t lost connection to my multiwii quad , when flying Hero3 with WIFI on :)!.. Better to check which kind of radiosystem is on that Phantom Package.. I got fasst systmes, and one lost signal was enough for me to change new futaba transmitter and reciever... and I got in former flysky fasst frysky reciever and transmitter kit, but my Flysky transmitter is already been out on hard conditions 1,5 years. soo now it is on my hobby transmitter and for gimbal stearing.

    I wasn´t happy to see RTF package with "own Phantom transmitter" still hasnt check even whole product.. Anyway? GPS + compass, we don´t know how software handles all data it get and steers motors :)?

    2,4 gigahz transmitters...recievers.. don´t fly behind buildings with videolink :).. FPV and way poiint flying is illegal anyway in Finland, if You don´t have specific permission for some work...

    Ill put some video soon out. ps. Gopro 3 black edition´s battery is JOKE! If you buy that cam buy external batterykit also :).. Battery lasted with wifi 2 flights.. like 15 min´s WIFI on :)! Meaby this would be reason in some cases, thet people has lost Phantom´s ;)

  • Hi, just joined and am interested in aerial work, have purchased a used Mikrokopter octocopter, need to learn how it all works. Have a couple of small copters for training. lost one last night the wind got it blew it out of radio range and flew about 500m by it's self, neighbour found it in his daisies early this morning with the lights still flashing. ( lucky I don't live in Arizona, might have started a cult following )
    Was thinking of putting a GoPro Black on it to setup the video, but after reading about the Lumix dmc-g2, thinking of weight, might try and find a used one to start off with. Mates keep telling me to go for the Canon 5d 3, bit out of my price range and heavy to start out with. I live in QLD AU.

    My MikroKopter.jpg
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  • Thanks on the GoPro advice P12DM. Looking hard at the GH2 or 3 just having trouble finding a video connection that I think will work from the camera to ground station, I know there is one for canon D5 3, but it's like $350 to fully control the camera settings from the ground, I know the GH3 has wifi but has anyone had one working. If some bright person has connected GH2 or GH3 and it's quality video to a ground station, please tell me how it was done.

  • I have been researching this for sometime, have contacted these people, no reply as yet,, and this one for canon,, but can't find one for cheaper cameras. Idea is to have two controls, one person controlling the oct, me, a camera person on the camera, you can buy this for a lot of money already set up, but I would like to put it all together myself so as I can afford and fix it. what I have recently found about the Panasonic GH2, light, good video, I'm after a controller for it.

  • As I don't have a GH2 camera here to play with, I understand the 3 pin remote port will control the camera, but will it deliver quality video to a ground monitor or head set, out of that 3 pin remote port?

    If any one has a GH2 maybe you can advise me, can you shoot and view the video at the same time from the 3 pin port to a TV or monitor, or does the video output come via the usb or hdmi ports. This cameras design is a few years old, and when they developed it I'm sure some of these ideas needs we have now were not relevant then.

    As I won't be taking people portraits up in the air, what would be a good all-around lens for aerial video, for GH2 or 3. Must look into if the GH3 camera can be controlled via IR module and will stream video via one of it's other ports to the 5.8ghz TX.

    I have the info now to setup a quality system now, if someone else was paying, but alas that is not the case..


  • Thanks for the conformation, and the lens advice. Can control the camera, just have to work out how to connect video from camera to my TX on the oct, which transmit to the ground. This GH2 is causing a headache, but maybe it's worth it because of the weight and video quality. I will just keep looking.

  • Hi, have been scrolling through this information feast, and decided to go for the GH3 + LUMIX G 20mm f-1.7 ASPH to start with, it should be here next week, reason is the video out on the gh2 for what I have in mind would not work, hdmi problems on record and transmit. Why GH3 above another brand, because for the price to features, it appeared to be the best value, also weight with lens is a factor on the mikrokopter, Gh3 I think has the best video quality to weight ratio.

    So now I will go onto finding the right gear to transmit HD to monitor and control station, from the GH3. There is some quality equipment out there, but it has limited range for HD video. So if anyone knows of a RX/TX that will transmit HD video that matches this camera, say about 1000m (3/4 mile) let me know. I will sell my Harley if needed, to set this up right..

    Thanks for your help guys..

  • I´ll be wiser soon about how our links work. When i´ll check clips. And show our solutions to video link :)

  • edited post!

    About video link I got and where: We got just some those normal 5.8 ghz analog video link system and this cam taped to top of flash mount of GH2 worked perfectly also theese I got with 7 inc screen:

    Linksystem: And this was camera I have:

    Only shitty thing is that cam works different voltages, so it was soldering and one sbec is needed to get 5 volts to cam and 12 volts to transmitter :(

    But this cam has really good low light performance. We did pre shoots in really dark also, and I was steering gimbal. I could see perfectly in lowest light You probaply ever need to film :) Cheap, easy and lite setup, I can recommend. my friend had same cam, but different link system where was right voltage out put straight to camera

    In real shoots we just adjust this small camera to shoot exact same direction than GH2 and make some frame the monitor if needed to hit the shoots better.

    I didn´t see now to HDMI converter important or try to get video out from GH2, because it is anyway 2 peoples co-work. In free- and landscape shoots you don´t need so accurate link and in movie and some acting or similar shoots it´s also "moving parts, fly and shoot how it planned on script etc, so there is enough other challenges also. But that´s the small cam for multi :)! I tihnk You can cahnge lenses for that also if needed wider angle for FPV flying.

    Anyway that was quite good shop to get wireless video link equipment´s, when I ordered those last August.

    Here pic, how we did set that link cam on pre-shoots

  • @karpo3

    It is topic about specific gear, keep it free from hack and all similar things.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev - Sorry for my spam for this topic..

    Have You seen this? is the official website, you can get more info. I am planning to buy one. So pissed off DJI problems. I basicly hate endless DIY, but open source looks much better anyway. I prefer to use fun flying and for helmet cams Multiwii parts. This is what I builded from old parts yesterday! heh. soon I go to take gps log´s how fast this really is. Hope it doesn´t blow up in the air :). Wish me luck! This I was able only to give 75 % throttle.

  • Hi all, I have finally started to fly the MikroKopter octo2, GH3, my first YouTube video

    Having problems getting AV out of the GH3 while recording to sd ? ? so some help is needed. The camera takes a good video on a calm day, mikrokopter is a bit small to carry the weight works hard in the wind. Have purchased camera control from VP Systems, not hooked it up, still work out other little problems, anyone connected GH3 to a VTX if so what are the camera settings.

  • I´ve been working with my multicopters for the last year with a Sony Camera that really helps as it comes with a fantastic active stabilization system, reducing vibrations to a minimum.

    I have nearly finished my new gimbal design, and this was a perfect ocasion to do some tests with my GH2, used Sanity 5.1, please forgive bad video quality, the goal here was to test the stabilization.

  • GoPro Raw 2.7k DJI H3 2D Brushless Gimbal Footage

    This is game changing stuff for aerial footage, and this is just the Beta gymbal.

  • Hi! Been busy. Nice to see here activivity also :). Sick that world record flight :)!

    Finally new computer for editing! But lately I´ve been testing MeagapirateNG 2.9 beta software. Looks soo promising. I´ve done a lot of filming with DJI and after this sample, my DJI brains got mad. Now I dont use GPS in big Hexa anymore, because of 3 total failures because of compass and GPS module? Open source looks so fun; It is jobby but at least I know how the software is build!

    I published one raw clip, but working new reels:

    Here two raw videos of my MegapirateNG tests. Anyone else experience about this. Sorry finnih and rally english mix. but, more to come. real edit´s, but I really recommend to exam this, amazing trust in windy conditions :)! Fist video there was soo turblulentic wind 10 m/s - 20 knots +- in gusts.

    Then more modes coming soon, Here is just My first waypoint test ( I hate whole waypoint Idea, but of course needed to test it :

    Good source for start with this is:

    SORRY thisRAW stuff, but linked these video´s bacaus if You got experience andtime to Google bit more. THIS IS CHEAP and I have SOO positive experiences about MEGAPIRATENG

    IF has experience big filming hexa´s with megapirateNG, PM me.

    I´LL MAKE ASAP. better videos about my test´s. Have to just go step by step to my big hexa with this..

  • This is using not small copters, but anyway