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Quad and Hexa copters
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  • I've been looking pretty seriously at an ArduCopter ( which they claim can fly a pre-programmed flight path with gps and sonar. I'm thinking either a go pro 2 or an Nex, not sure about mounting the GH2.

  • Sorry, but that is still a dream... At least to get smooth video out of if. It's like putting a steadycam on a walking robot. Yeah, it can move to predetermined places, but to artfully move the shot you still need a skilled human.

  • The Mikrokopter can follow a set of GPS waypoints, hold for a predetermined period of time with the camera pointed at a GPS coordinate, then move on automatically, return to the home position and land automatically -- all while lifting a GH2 or even 5D. Shoot at 720p60 with IS turned on, make sure all the blades are shaved for perfect balance, and it's actually a fairly decent replacement for a full stabilized heli rig, at a tenth of the cost. If anyone wants to see one in action, drop me a line next time you're in New York.

  • I wonder how the Olympus 5 axis image stabilization would work out with Quad copter vibration?

  • @disneytoy

    As we figured out it does not work in video at all.

  • Haha .. that machine gun video is funny and scary at the same time. Somehow ... i don't trust that dude :-)

  • @Rambo if you don't know the background, that's part of the new Call of Duty viral marketing for Black Ops 2 or the new game. The last Black Ops came with this:

    So it's possible that the new Black Ops 2 or whatever the next Prestige Edition is might have a copter. Exactly what it looks like, and how big remains to be seen. Last Prestige Edition cost $ if the new one is that size and costs that much, that would be a bargain.

  • FWIW, when I was looking at buying a big octo from, the piece of advice that they gave me was to learn to fly first, on a cheapo single-rotor, the idea being if you can fly a single-rotor copter, you can fly a multicopter much more easily. Start without training wheels so you learn and don't wreck your 25,000 craft. There were a few copters at NAB; one super-cheapie from china and the Droidworx airframes, which are the top of the line that I know about. Video to follow.

  • Here's a very cool video showing an Oktokopter with a Sony CX730. What's different about this is the remote-control zoom, which gives some very effective results.

  • This look really impressive with Sony's new image stabilization.

  • Incredible! I don't know about making a whole movie on one of these but used in tandem with 2 or 3 conventionally operated cameras on the ground... This is just such a cool tool. I'm looking forward to seeing some wild stuff shot with mini-copters over the next few years.

  • Here is a demo of our Cinestar 8 with a hacked GH2:

  • maybe this would be something for monitoring without too much hassle ?

  • @mankus71 That's very impressive. How much experience do you have flying RC copters?

  • This Spherical Ball flying like a bullet. But I don't think it fly high though.

  • Seriously, I think with one of these new body designs, pretty much anyone will be able to fly one, never mind spook some cattle:

  • bah, this is a very bad taste idea.

  • Here is a example of the fatest, meanest kopter flying big cameras.

  • @mankus71 - great work man!

    @klem007 - Transmit distance is only 10~15m

  • I'm extremely interested in these, but have so far failed to find a good guide on how to build these for a semi-cheap price (around 200€, maybe 250€ and possibly with the MultiWii). I would probably go with a GoPro seeing as the ProTune is coming out soon, although I will wait for some test footage. These are indeed quite complex to construct.

  • Survivor Costa Rica 2012. Used 2 octocopters and one quad, GH2 and Nex5.