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Quad and Hexa copters
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  • @yeehaanow thanks for reply! I also not expectin a high-pro result with low cost helicopter, but at least i m thinking that from ten shots i can use the one!!!

  • Thanks @yeehaanow DJI NAZA F450 looks like a good starter kit! Have been researching helis for a while now and any professional advice is greatly appreciated. Will take a lot to convince me to launch my Gh2 into the aether.

  • @yeehaanow I understand what your saying, but have you see what computers with gyro's are doing these days? Case in point those AR Parrot Drones, indeed anyone can fly those, it is stelf stabilized, and you literally just tell it to go here or there using either the controls on an iphone or android, or even just tilting.

    Tons of research and product have using these types of stabalization techniques, the first major product using something simliar would be the segway. With two wheels it can stabalize its self all by its self. Sure it sounded like science fiction when it was announced, but it's real.

    All these helicopters need is good sensors, good components and a lot of good programming and processing.

    Unfortunately for people who (like yourself) invested a whole lot of time honing your skills, these types of products are really distributive. I'm not saying this particular product is the end all. but it's a sign of the future.

    The key, as I pointed out for those doing video, is how smooth the transitions and controls will make the video look. This is something that someone like yourself has put a lot of time into. Computer algorythms will get better and better though, I suggest embrassing it instead of fighting it.

  • @joesiv - you say "All these helicopters need is good sensors, good components and a lot of good programming and processing." Yes, you are right but also very good pilot is needed for good flight and good video.

    In the bunch of the new flight controllers and multicopters appearing every day most of them are just a someone's good wish to make a business with this new technology. Most of those are unfinished and not enough tested products with weak support.

    Why are everyone so excited about Eye3 when there's no a single one video of this copter in flight and there's no a single one video captured from the copter? It looks just like a sweet marketing with soft female voice talking about advanced technology, web page filled with some fancy auto pilot screens and some bullshit about safety, redundancy etc. Eye3 still doesn't have their website and nothing to show!? Until now most reliable flight controller and electronics are from german Mikrokopter and now DJI seems to make a good product. I have enough experience with multicopters to know what is good for video shooting. Here's my demo with oktokopters and GH2


  • I am embracing it. I actually own and use most of the gear we are talking about. I'm not trying to defend the 'old' ways because i am reluctant to embrace new technology. I'm stating the facts as I see them, after several years experience in the field. If you don't agree, please go right ahead and buy whatever it is you think will work for you.

  • Boys & girls, we don't compare if one "school" is good and the other is bad. We want to get information from the precious experience of other users. Also, because we are not in (for example) RED or ARRI users forum but in a GH@ Panasonic cycle, so very important is to do out job or hobby with the minimum cost withouth BIG compromise in quality. AR DRONE has sweet move BUT it lacks in video. My priorities A) The cost. 1000 Euros is what can effort for heli-system B) Quality (Compromise, so Weight/Quality/Crash Damage), so i think Gopro suite my needs C) Easy of operation. I have a lot training to do so depends on me. Otherwise, expensive robotic stabilizer systems or hire a person each time

    DJI NAZA F450 till now seems OK, so waiting other suggestions!!!

  • Here is some great flying

    eat your hearts out

  • I don´t believe in that Eye3 at all. WE have three octocopters and the software alone costs way more than that thing as well as the giro remote head.

    We have been working with those things for a year now and nobody of us can fly them properly. We hire pilots with 10+ years experience in rc heli flying and at least 2 years of octocopter flying.

    Here is a little showreel:

  • I have to add that our main problem was stabilization so far, especially since we live in a windy region. We had shots at the North Sea and believe me - stabilization must work perfectly! If not, your footage is shit and the client mad.

  • @ gizmo I agree, it will still take skill to make good video, and indeed eye3 or other systems probably aren't there yet for high quality video work. I was only disagreeing with @yeehaanow when he said "I can guarantee if you have no or little experience flying RC heli's you WILL take this thing out and crash and do major damage to your gear"

    That is all.

    In anycase, this is a very exciting sector, and I truely appreciate the experience, and results that some of you do! Video is very unforgiving, and a good sequence is seriously breathtaking!

  • @Tobsen

    As for stabilization and simple flying, soon software will be much better than any expirienced pilot.

  • EYE3 funding was cancelled...

    All the videos that were posted in this thread were made on gear that costs well over $10k. Don't you think if we could have made it with something that costs 1/4 of that, we would have?? And believe me, I tried, and wasted a lot of $$.

    This is about what you can expect from a $1000 multi setup and gopro-

  • Sorry, joesiv and vitaliy, you're living in a dream world. Go buy an RC simulator like Realflight, Phoenix flight sim, then fly the heli for the first time where crashes cost you just tapping the space bar. Most people I let fly the sim last about 7 seconds before crashing. The record holder is my grandfather who lasted about 30 seconds because he was hesitant about controlling it and therefor just let it float. Train for a month, at least 2-3 hours a day on the simulator, THEN you could go out and fly and maybe not crash.. for a while. But it is a questions of WHEN, not IF, and no amount of software or hardware will save you if you did something wrong in the setup and forgot to tighten a propeller nut. In this hobby, EVERYBODY crashes. Even the best. Anybody with experience will tell you this is true. There are no shortcuts.

  • @yeehaanow has a point!!! If you want simple movements up, a little bit left, alittle bit forward, back and down to earth again, it is simple. But if you want larger movements with a little speed, then its going the thing dangerous, because you have to bring t back in the next "shooting" position. it easy to fly, it is difficult to control it!!! yeaanow, i have to say the pilot in the last video, is worst than me!!

  • @yeehaanow

    Your horror stories are getting old.

    I have some expirience flying on simulator (actual remote and computer software) and also actual RC heli. And I know how not easy it is. Can be really hard.

    I also know via my talks with actual guys who doing this constantly that all smart ones see the software progress and constantly invest in new stuff and they agreed with me that this area will see huge changes.

    I hope it is not you who standed behind reports to kickstarter to cancel funding.

  • You can check at as Kickstarter provided no reason for cancelling project.

    Most probably this is guys who make it as business who throw constant reports.

  • No, I did not have anything to do with the project being cancelled. lol. I would've liked to leave a comment about how they are not being exactly honest, but I would've had to be a backer to do that. :( I won't tell anymore horror stories, and I look forward to your awesome aerial videos.

  • @vitaliy_Kiselev Yeah true, there is constantly coming out better software for stabilization and flying assistance, but in my opinion and from the experience we had so far, a team made of an experienced pilot and a good cam operator that understand each other is hard to beat. We train a lot and update the copters as soon as better software comes out, but once it comes to flying everything in front of pilot saved the copter and the job a couple of times! And even with the best software and an awesome pilot we still bring a spare copter in case of a crash or malfunction :) I keep you guys updated about future projects and the results we get from new software and hardware!

  • Definitely looks like the software is progressing. Pretty impressive!

  • If only Ed Wood could have had this for Plan 9.

  • @filthy UFO is reality :-)

  • Absolutely amazing awesome things! Gotta get one :P

  • Stabilizing hardware becomes available for mass market. Watch all the flybarless, ready to fly helis and also rc airplanes will get this soon like the new version of horizonhobby Ultra Micro Beats 120,- Euro / 70g BUT: These things - like all the electronics in multicopters - just make it possible to get those things kind of stable. When it comes to precise flying for video shooting it's still all about the pilots skills. Unlike special indoor setups, like the ETH Zürich one, nothing but pilots skills will avoid crashing your ap rig into a wall, tree, car, human or what ever you're trying to shoot.

    Flight Assembled Architecture by ETH Zürich:

    Quadros playing tennis:

  • A big multirotor with 15 inch props is absolutely lethal device. A runaway multirotor can cause serious injury. In a case of electronic malfunction wether in the controlling system or the escs can turn a multirotor system into a lethal concoction. Big props will cut and slice with fierce power.

    They are not toys and liabilities can be substantial.

  • Seeing what the AR drone 1.0 can do and reading up on how the 2.0 have improved some things makes me impressed that we can get something like that for $300. I would really like to see Parrot try to release perhaps a 2 grand pro version if possible that can handle the weight of a GH2 and lens. AR Drone 1.0 was already capable of handling a Go Pro so it might not be too far fetched for them to make a version for around 2 grand that can handle the extra weight. 2.0 does have a bonus feature in which it streams in 720 30p and can also be recorded but that wont be good for everything.