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Quad and Hexa copters
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  • @gizmo

    Looks really cool.

  • Last job we did for TOYOTA

  • @lanzar what camera was this shot on?

  • @theojo it was shot by RED epic

  • @Lanzar I think this is the most badass flying camera... it can stay aloft for 16 hours.

    Of course, it also has 4 Hellfire missiles... :-)

  • Amazing and a bit scary!

  • Its easy to forget how far technology has come.

  • Aerials shot with @driftwood cluster v.6 at 720p, using a single rotor heli.

  • Hello I am looking to find the best camera gimble for my GH1. I need a gimble that can tolerate 650 grams and I am really at a loss about what is essential in a gimble/cam set-up. For instance some people are using head tracking and some are only using tilt. What is best for Videography.

  • I've been flying MK Okto XL now a whole month :). Flying actually isn't that hard or maybe it's just my video game trained 3D brain. The problem is stabilization. Here in Ventspils (Latvia) there are no days without wind. So any moment You go above 20m footage quality is lost faster than the cheese dropped on the floor (dog). I did A LOT of reading and testing and it all comes to few improvements, but nothing like those guys with 45k+ set-ups.
    So few of my experiences:
    1. Rolling shutter is Your enemy - never ever do video with 24p mode. NTSC 60fps is best. Or any higher if possible.
    2. Any OIS is good.
    3. If you go into aero video AE 5.5 warp stabiliser will be your next best friend.
    4. Check everything twice (or more) before any flight. If you have to do something very fast don't do it with copter.
    5. When ever not flying learn more about Your gear. There is no such thing as unimportant small details in fast flying electronics.
    6. Good and tested system is 100x better than anything newer, "better", "cheaper", prettier. I flew MK into the way of communication tower and into wind while releasing Throttle too fast. I got heart-attack, but my MK was ok after few acrobatic tricks thanks to few Germans who have spent last 8 years perfecting that system.

  • @Yeehaanow could you share a pic or three of your setup? Don't suppose you did a photo log of your build progress/customization?

  • I think the distributors and designers of these copters would do themselves a great service to design some models for flightgear. Flightgear is an opensource flight simulator which has a huge selection of user created aircraft. I am personally a big fan, and consider myself a decent pilot. However typical helicopters are indeed very difficult to fly, or at least take off without crashing with. I personally would love to try out a multirotor copter in the saftey of a simulator, and using a freeware simulator like flightgear would put your copters in as many virtual hands as possible. On a side note those interested in getting in cheap, flightgear is a good way to see what aircraft fly smooth and have potential for video as RC creations. Some of the large single wing aircraft are exceptionally stable and very easy to take off with relatively very little power. IE, you could probably get a GH2 airborne without spending an arm and a leg for an engine.. maybe just 4 small engines. ... I simply have nowwhere I can do it around here, but it would be cool to see someone have a go. Not exactly a supermaneuverable bird, but I imagine great for super stable landscapes. With huge single wing craft jerky motions are not really possible. even when you lose control (hard to do) it is still in a smooth motion. In particular the Northrop XB 35 would be my choice for a build. I am actually flying one as I am typing this, it is so stable I can write an email and just check on it once in awhile to make sure it is holding course. right now it is steadily banking to the right with a slight down angle, but it is so slow and steady I have the luxury of not worrying it will suddenly dive.

  • My hometown Belgrade aerials with oktokopters and GH2 :)

  • That seems REALLY stable.

  • @gizmo you piloting that? looks awesome!

  • Yes, thanks :)

  • I putted this to wrong topic at first.. but my works with gh2..Working a lot with multicopters now, and this is old stuff. I shot this last August. I got Flow Motion v2 hack and shot this 720p/50fps. Now finally I will have this week better stabilation system to my Droidworx Hexa copter. I think Adobe´s warp stabilizer is best stabilizer in post to stabilize multicopter footage. Everything else is now learning and testing for me color grading etc. so much work already with multicopters. Working now with night footage for new reel and testing Driftwood´s 2K motion jpeg, cause don´t need too much slomotion :), but my customers yell 1080p and now I finally get better stabilazers etc. I got now Droidworx hexe HLE with av200 gimbal. Building Y6 for faster flying. Finally Skyline is working and it should come to my door this week :)... Now stabilation comes from crappy NAZA!

    Anyway my opinion: All GPS I call "away point flying". Good clips you fly manually... Meaby good gears helps you, but dont trust gps. keep it safe.. I am insured and dont risk anything. always have good plan filming. I have few examples, but Finland is too small country to put failures online... Keep this safe as possible.. all bigger than "go pro engineer quads are not toys anymore..So I keep everything so as simple as possible, never trust gps.. compasses... meaby I ll take those away.. cause I dont know even I dont use them now, dont know how Nazas software handles command etc. chen compass and gps is attached..

    AND HERE IN FINLAND FPV FLYING AND WAY POINT FYING AND FLYING ABOVE PEOPLE IS ILLEGAL. IF IT IS NOT PLANNED FILMING SITUATION AND ALL "ACTRESS" ARE TEACHED AND AWARE THAT EVEN 20K € COPTER CAN FAIL. It is nice to see city flying videos etc, but I take my act serious and have a lot of experience that there is so much things can go wrong. And just got in Lappland first experience that You totally loose control of your heli. Wasn´t nice feeling. I was lucky to get that experience on closed area and really middle of nowhere...:). And most amazing that on crash (finally all comes down ;)) broke only one plastic screw and 3 props..

    Anyway this is work of maniacs ;)! Don´t count hours if You go for aerial filming!

    Thank´s all working around these amazing hacks :)! Just really difficult to get people understand here how good cam GH2 is WITH HACKS!

    Any other Multicopter filmmakers here with GH2 or GH3? Is it worth to buy GH3 for aerial filming? experiences for diffrent hacks, lenses etc. to share? Just bought for stills canon 5D mark2, but dont believe get better aerial video with that.. only pics!

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev :)! Nice combination of too many nice toys :)! Need to get paid of a lot of money and nothing else to do :)!

    Meaby this topic is already for multicopter filmers, but new ones always asking. so sorry my messy way to write. (heh) I will come crazy anyway when You start work with aerial filming!

    Start with cheap quad´s, learn to build stuff , learn to fly, take old contour first or go pro :).. Ahh-- sorry! buy cheap easy to fly package like Naza. Learn soldering, google like maniac , dont eat all you see in forums. And remember buy a lot of spare parts.. :) I could say I fly with multiwii quadcopters, and hexas I dont fly I film.. Flying is more fun than editing anyway :)!

    dvxuser had good story about where You are getting to:

    Here´s one truth and i am really sorry of this guy. Dji got software problem in gps module, there was plenty of these around. Just here for example, because I got some PM´s about helifilming. There is no best even who tries to sell You :(.. just like in cameras.. learn to build, or hang out more experienced dudes ;). Spare 1000 hours You start know something. Play with indoor small ones, that´s How I first learned to fly.

    Here some truth, posted this because Wookong is "The Brand" and prob the hottest brains for multicopters, there was software problem, but people make more problems ;).. I don´t want to blame any companies. I ALSO USE DJI PRODUCTS!

    This is just best forum for video filming, so This is link is just for new ones to understand fow new and how fast developing this is:

    I feel sorry for those for every one.... Can feel the pain!