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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 2: Sedna A, B, C
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  • @ davidhjlindberg Those look very nice. What lens(es) might they have been shot with?

  • in 60p mode (orion v4b) i was getting bitrates from 30mbps indoors-55mbps outdoorcomplextree stress test, it looked amazing i will admit for 720, but i thought mbps was supposed to be closer to 70 ish? was also wondering if it was vbr with that much varying bitrate..... oh and extele in hbr30p hardlocks up almost instantly (sandisk 95)

  • @molloy1011 Sorry, forgot mention that. Samyang 35mm 1.4

  • @driftwood "dark matter" sounds good. i am the first one who will test it.

  • @davidhjlindberg Those shots look darn good! Especially the third one.

  • Hmmm... just testing with Orion and I wonder if it's not time to revisit 160iso again. I'd say Orion has changed the way 160 bands with blue sky - for instance - and now the higher ISOs just look noisier, not smoother.

  • Shot an excess of 100 gig yesterday (music video shoot), indoors at 640 and 1250 iso with Orion 4b 24p, without issues. I haven't had the time to review the footage yet, but there were plenty of beautiful shots.. I'm already looking forward to the edit / grading!

    I'll get back when I have more to report.

  • Ok it might be a stupid question but what are the advantages of CBR vs VBR...I mean...the BR is adjusting in VBR right?? So would I be missing details if i use VBR or not???

  • @driftwood so the new orion v4c is for night shots....yes v4b gets some noticeable noise in high iso,...its superb to have a dark matrix patch,....

  • 4c??? Time to head back to page one...

  • could'nt find this patch v4c orion dark matrix,...but clearly mentioned in the first page that it was released on 4/3/12 ????

  • @rajamalik It's says "released tonight"....when it's up, there'll be a link for the download.

  • @AlexManta

    Choose whatever looks good to your eyes! Don't always rely on numbers numbers numbers! If you like it, then it's good!

  • Hi, My first post here. I wanted to contribute here, so this week shot 720/60p a test with the Orion settings. It's really fun to carry around this tiny camera and squeeze such good material from it. Very much thanks to VK, Driftwood and all the contributors on this site.

    The hack worked pefectly with all the ski takes.

    Sorry for the long cuts. I left them that way in order to see the highspeed effect, etc.

    This is also the first time I've tried to embed video, so don't be surprized if it doesn't show up.

    Here goes:

  • Oh well..? Here's a link anyway:

    I'll learn.

  • @bheath- holy shit, you're the Bill Heath that shot/shoots for Warren Miller? LOVE your work. Back when I was a staff producer for a boutique agency, we were ready to book you for an American Ski Co. campaign - we even discussed it with Kurt until the campaign was shelved. :(

    Big fan of you and this little camera.

  • @driftwood Is the new Dark Matrix suppose to replace Orion4b or solely a compliment for night time/low light situations?

  • Edit: got to change something...

  • Hey Guys, I wonder why I can't get CBR on the Orion patch and I have a lot of banding. Shot with Zeiss lenses Smooth -2-2-2-2 iso 320 (I turned on the camera at 400 and than put it on 320). I'm really lost.

    Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 11.22.01 PM.jpg
    1916 x 1076 - 2M
  • @bheath Loved it. Too bad California didn't have a winter this year.

  • @bheath Wow! Very Nice! What shutter speed was it shot on btw?

  • @PixCanFly if you click on his video, it'll take you to his vimeo page; on it, it read: GH2 VK hack Driftwood settings - Orion constant b.r. 720 60p 500-2000 shutter speed 14-140 zoom graded, twixtor frame addition (test)

    Beautiful stuff.

  • I am coming to the party a little late with some of this so I will just go ahead and ask.

    I use exclusively sandisk 30MB/s cards (8, 16, and 32)

    What is the highest quality hack I can use with those cards that:

    1. spans
    2. works in all modes (24H, 24H 80%, 24H 160%, and 720/60p)
  • Winter arrived last week. Some nice, blizzardy powder indeed.

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