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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 2: Sedna A, B, C
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  • @pop24 You have the option of unchecking the Scaling Matrix if you want Panny's own. This has been mentioned many times.

  • @pop24 i feel the same.
    if you set 720 on tele mode, then you get almost the same grain/noise as with the patches, but still it looks better.
    Sadly the detail is lower, but who will notice that, not my public, i am sure about that :lol:
    But when i am editing, and i want to use for example twixtor, then i notice the differences in details.
    Twixtor wil do more warping......
    But still i love a clean image, i personally don't like grain, i even don't understand why people buy plug-ins that ad grin to it?

    i am jumping from setting to setting, some i like, some i like a lot, but that grain............

  • i know, i will try this and i hope i am not the only one who will deal with it.

  • @pop24 & @driftwood...

    Obviously statements such as 'disaster' are not that helpful... Can you let us know your settings for Orion? Maybe try upping de-noise in camera?

    Can you post an example of this? (even for example a single lit object in a otherwise dark room?) With stock 1.1 and 'the setting' you were using? If anything - Orion would be better suited for this than stock... Also 3200 is VERY high for GH2 (or any) video camera... have you got a faster lens? Or -dare I say it- try 1/25 shutter? (ok- don't hurt me too much)...

  • @ alcomposer ..i had post pictures from the clubmovie with the pictoris patch in the first treat. i use fast lenses and i film with 25ms 1.8 or 1.6. upping denoise in camera is only subtile like all other settings you can change in a profile. its not crucial. 3200 is high but the original firmware is very good optimized in this case. i wrote this above.

  • i don't know how the denoiser in the camera works, but it could be that the denoiser cannot work correctly when you change something like bitrates or other manipulation like matrix..Instead, the denoiser may produce visual errors I have also discovered. you cannot turn off the denoiser in camera, only a subtile maipulation like -2 or +2

  • @pop24 Yeah, we'd all like to actually turn the in camera NR off, its been discussed here a lot. At the end of the day it isn't anything clever, it just seems to be a weighted blur/convolution filter. Upping bitrate and altering the matrix does effect the noise obviously, but I don't believe that the in camera NR was ever clever enough that it had a 'correct' way of working with a stock matrix/bitrate. Its flaky and unimpressive with stock, and generates low noise artifacts.

  • okay that would be real problem for the hack, when there is no way to turn off the denoiser.

  • No, not really. Its fine at -2.

  • Here is an example of Orion with the Orion matrix and Pictoris with the hybrid matrix. I shot these on 2 different days but with the same lens, 24mm FD 2.0. Both files were transcoded with 5DtoRGB into ProRes 4444 with no flattening. 5DtoRGB showed that the Orion file was 147mbps and the Pictoris file was 64mbps. Orion was shot with smooth -2,0,0,-2(First time shooting with it so I was unaware of the softness or I would have set sharpness at 0). Pictoris was shot with smooth 0,0,0,-2. Quick color correct with After effects(not trying to make them match each other, just conditions shot in, no post sharpness adjustment). I just took screen shots because quicktime conversion always messes with the gamma. To my eyes there seems to be a trade off I like the smoothness of the Orion matrix but it seems to come with a loss of fine detail, the texture of the sculpture seems to get lost in it and the hybrid matrix still appears to be pretty smooth.

    1440 x 813 - 2M
    1440 x 810 - 1M
  • @driftwood Hi Everyone, my first post here, just a quickie, well done to all for this surge of knowledge and passion for the little Panasonic, it's great to see people striving and producing great work on this camera. I just wanted to add I have had playback problems with Pictoris CBR. Sandisk extreme HD video card 16gb. The problem is that if you shoot footage once it will playback, if you shoot another short piece it will not. It recognises their are two separate pieces of footage, it just says it cant play back. Not sure if this is a problem to just that card or not, but if you are shooting a film or professional piece you do need playback in my opinion. running latest ptools and latest patch obv. Re formatted card before shooting etc. Thanks again to Nick and Vitaliy and others.

  • I never really bothered to compare no hack versions 1.11 to 1.10. I know some have, but this info regarding overall image and noise response may help us clear things up. .,.. This is still an assumption if there are really differences regarding noise levels and IQ.

  • @pop24, in the olden days when we shot on film, we used different film stocks for different situations. The same notion can be applied to hacks. Simply, put individual hacks on individual low cost 2GB Class 2 SD cards, and change the camera's profile as necessary. It only takes a few minutes to change between stock settings and the various hack settings you'd like to use. So, assess what your needs are and load the settings as needed to suit the shoot.

    I have one card with the default Panasonic settings, and others with various Driftwood settings. Just a thought.

  • I have been testing the Orion the whole day since the 720 50p mode on my camera with the Orion setting behaves really strange (bitrate is not constant but variable).

    1080 25p works as it should, averege bitrate is about 100.000 kb/s

    I managed to stress the codec and get 55.000 kb/s in 720 50p on a clip (filming trees). Mostly I get about 22.000 kb/s.

    In 720p EX tele mode it crashes and I have to do a battery pull / file is lost. (Class 10 45 mb/S 32 gb Sandisk Extreme card).

    1080 25p in Ex tele works.

    Couple of days ago, everything worked great, this has changed now, and I have no idea why, and I have tried everything to fix it but nothing works. Several ppl has contacted me with the same issues, something is going on with the cameras, could this be the first signs of some type of damage done to the cameras from all the testing and pushing the limits?

  • after this much noise in orion-files from yesterday, today i have shot other szenes for a musicvideo with quantum x v2 (old matrix).

    but there is the same amount of noise. whats going on? it looks like makroblocking...not this good looking noise.

    here is the test from today with iso 640 and quantum x v2 (sound is not final) :

    passwort : driftwood

  • wrong clip?

  • Were you using 3.64D (200212) 1.11 when using "quantum x v2 (old matrix)" ?

  • Some frame exports (x8) today using Orion v4b. First 4 ungraded, straight out of cam, 2nd 4 graded (colour, noise, sharpness) in AE 5.5 (footage interpreted at 1.5x):

    Settings: Smooth -2,-2,-2,-2. Canon FD 35/2 @ f2.8 with Bolex Anamorphot 16/32/1.5x. 1/50, ISO 640 (didn't do the ISO bug! Should have), focus around 3.5ft to 5ft. Lit using a pair of shit CFLs.

    Comp 1 (
    2880 x 1080 - 3M
    Comp 3 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
    Comp 4 (
    2880 x 1080 - 3M
    Comp 5 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
    Comp 1 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
    Comp 3 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
    Comp 4 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
    Comp 5 (
    2880 x 1080 - 4M
  • @proaudio4 yes @mozes what does you mean?

  • sorry @cinemon, i did expect a musicvideo.
    until i opened your video example in vimeo full-screen i did see what you mean...
    if i set auto quantizer All to motion, i have that strange smear effect to.
    When set to All to details its gone, but then there is a lot off grain/noise...

  • I'm curious if anyone else's Continuous AF is working with Quantum Patch? It doesn't seem to be working on Orion 4b/panny 14-140

    NVM: Never turned it on in settings

  • @Adde No.

    @All New Orion 4c coming out tonight with the new 'Dark Matter' Matrix. The old matrix is definitely great in daylight. 'Dark Matter' tries to address the night!

  • @driftwood With Orion, you have created a MONSTER! I went out shooting a commercial today and this was kind of the first time i "really" tested my hacked GH2 'cause my previous tests has only included some trees and stuff. Now I was shooting people and live action, which is a WHOLE other dimension in film making imo.

    Look at the shots, all of them are ungraded and directly from the camera. Nostalgic -2+2+2-1 Quantum Orion Samyang 35mm 1.4

    Sequence 02.jpg
    1920 x 1280 - 977K
    Sequence 06.jpg
    1920 x 1280 - 835K
    Sequence 02_2.jpg
    1920 x 1280 - 989K
  • I'm shooting a short tonight, I've done tests with orion 4b and it looks great, any reason to switch to 4c?

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