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Driftwood Quantum X Settings, Series 1: v3b Rocket - v4b Orion - v5 β Pictoris
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  • The Panny 25mm Leica f1.4 is also a great lens. The Panny Zooms are slow and overly processed. But I like the Leica SUmmilux and I dont own the 20mm but vids looks nice.

    Zeiss ZFs are fabulous and Tokina 11-16mm is also a great wide lens at f2.8.

  • True, the 20mm 1.7 is probably the exception for "the" look. I've seen and shot some amazing looking shots with this lens.

  • @cinemon - The 14-140 doesn't necessarily lean towards a filmic look (looks a little more video also due to speed), tho the 20mm will render nice images. IMO. It all depends upon the conditions...

  • @bwhitz thx for your words ;) i have the 14-140 and the 20mm pancake from panasonic. is this sort of glass nothing for filmlook?

  • I'm curious about the red channel banding issues that some seem to report - does that concern pictoris, orion or both? And is it an issue at all ISOs? I don't recall similar issues from earlier versions.. but I might be wrong.

    Cheers for any clarification on this.

  • But I can have 2 24P settings right? Is there a setting I could use with the PNY 16gb 20mbs cards?

  • @cinemon "whitch patch should i use to archieve this look? And what color correction was maybe done?"

    Any patch really. But for the absolute "filmiest" look... use low-GOP or all-I. Then it's about the lenses... Use Nikon or Canon glass... really anything besides the panasonic stuff (sorry, but I think the contrast/color is really bad on them)... :( Then lower the mid-tones... they come in really hot on any profile.

    I grade for this look all the time. I'm actually putting together a grading tutorial soon... I promise. ;) Just been busy...

    BTW, I've been shooting allot of 60fps stuff with Orion on Sandisk 45mb/s cards and I've yet to encounter a dropped frame or lockup. Plus, the quality is the best 720p footage I've seen yet! Pretty much looks like 1080p when doing close/medium shots. Amazing!!!

    Got "stopped recording" all the time in 24fps 1080p mode with the 30mb/s cards though. So yea... don't use anything lower than 45mb/s.

    Samples soon...

  • @driftwood By the way, I love your Orion setting. Quality is great and spans. FCP X even recognized the spanned files as one. Only thing I need to remember is that I cannot view the spanned files on the camera and that I must record a small segment after a long spanned session. After moving over to GH2 and benefiting from the great work from VK, yourself and the many others who contribute to elevate the GH2 to such an amazing quality, I now use my Nikon D700 only for the rare still photo when high ISO pix are required.

  • I have now written to enquire with NEXTO D1 Co Ltd.

  • Then the NVS1501 is a peice of sh*t. They advertise that it supports exFAT.

  • @driftwood They work when copied directly on to computers. It is no problem with OSX Lion, FCPX. This failure happens only on those portable standalone storage devices such as the one I use as the SD card is not recognized with the error message that I wrote above. As the card is not accepted, I cannot even copy the files over.

  • @kaventan You should simply copy over the private folder from your sdcard to whatever computer/device (OSX, WWin7, etc.. they all work!)

    Ive never had this problem.

    @Chaos123x Nope. Thats impossible. You have to upload a new firmware if you want to switch back and forth between hacks/stock. Easy solution: have two separate firmwares on 2 separate cards.

  • I use Nexto D1 NVS1501 to store my card video and images when I travel. I seem to have a problem that the device would not accept my card when I use Orion patch.

    Error Message on the storage device: PEX Error. File too big in Ex Fat.

    No problem with stock settings for GH2. I encounter the same problem with Sanho Hyperdrive. I have spanned files and I am using SanDisk 64GB 95 Mb/s.

    Is this problem to do with FAT in the storage device? When I read the File System Format for the Video Storage Device it reads: Internal hard drive: FAT32, exFAT and accepts Memory Card: FAT12/16/32, exFAT.

  • Any easy way I switch from 24h (non hacked 24mbs) to Orion 24 without reloading the firmware. Like if I'm running out of card space and need to switch to a slower card.

    Only have 1 Sandisk 64gig 95mbs card and a crap load of PNY Class 10 16gb cards.

    Any of these new hacks work with a PNY class 10?

  • @driftwood thanks mate. rock on the 24H.

  • whitch patch should i use to archieve this look? And what color correction was maybe done?

    1274 x 688 - 2M
  • 24H (High) is 1080p 24 frames per second Progressive.

    Panasonic's v1.11 firmware includes the new setting of High BitRate(HBR) offering 18M at stock 25p/30p except its 'kept' inside a PsF wrapper - Progressive segmented Frame. Some very good stuff written by Allan Tepper on PsF is here;-

  • Hi can someone simple explain the difference between 24H and HBR. I know 24H is High Quality, 24L is low quality but where does HBR come in if 24H is already high quality? Why would someone shoot HBR and not 24H or 24L?

    I'm sure the more I read the more I understand and the more I get confused.

    Thanks for your help guys.

  • I had no issues with the 64g 95mb/s cards, fyi

  • Tested 'β Pictoris' VBR Hybrid matrix on 32GB sandisk 30mb/s and on a basic 16GB Class 10 SD, one word : WOW! 24p and HBR are giving a great cinematic look, really excellent. But the best is 720 50p : the best I've tested from all GH2 settings, absolutely great! All modes recroded flawlessly, no crash, and smooth playback in camera, even with a basic SD card. Guess it will be my permanent settings for a long time :-)

    Thank you Driftwood and Vitaly : you made a great camera being outstanding!

  • @PixCanFly yes, Orion is constant high bit rate and Rocket is variable bit rate

  • Is the Driftwood Quantum X (v4 Orion) CBR 'Settings' the latest and the best for high bitrate? I'm getting lost with so many settings now.

  • @rockroadpix , thank you, i will be using also VBR and Orion matrix, however i want to use it in HBR 25p (PAL) mode, tested it works great but some scenes could not play on my camera Sandisk extreme video hd 32 GB/30mbs ...

  • @feha, thanks! VBR. For some reason, VBR makes more sense to me. Bring the bits when you need them. I'm probably wrong, but I go by my eye for shooting more than 1s and 0s & stuff...

    I like the organic look of the matrix in Orion.

  • @rockroadpix great video, did you use VBR or CBR ?

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