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GoPro Hero 7 topic
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  • "GoPro, Inc. (NASDAQ: GPRO) announced that HERO7 Black has achieved the highest week-one retail unit sell-thru of any new camera in the company's history."

  • This video tests motion, moving the camera and moving subjects. An advantage of shooting at 60 fps is smooth, natural motion. Here we have moving trains and walking with the camera.

    The video was shot using Protune flat with native WB. So the colors reflect my grading. I can say that the flat setting gives lots of latitude for both dynamic range and color.

    This was shot handheld using the camera stabilization. For static shots it is the best I have ever experienced; it does pretty well when moving but I am still learning how to best use it when I am mobile. I used low sharpening and did no sharpening in post.

    The uploaded video was rendered at 80 Mbps HEVC, same as the original clips.

  • The above video by the clownish phoneideo is yet another example of confusion about compression that has afflicted a number of early reviews of the 7. He keeps complaining about low bitrates and fails to understand that 60-80 Mbps HEVC is about 120- 160 Mbps H264. He also does not know you can select HEVC for all frame rates and resolutions. He doesnt understand dynamic range, blaming clipped highlight on bitrate!, rather than on overexposure. These guys need to read the manual, and more.

  • @markr041

    Well, I still surprised why you being scientists still did not join PV team and started to make accurate reviews :-)

  • On the other hand, iPhoneDo's reviews are a lot more fun to watch than most people on youtube and tend to be pretty brutally honest.

  • Well, iPhoneDo "brutally" criticized the Hero7 for low bitrates (more than once), in ignorance of compression and bitrate choice. How is that helpful? There are a lot more entertaining options in the visual arts, most of which are less misleading. I do agree he is fun and I have watched a lot of them, but I worry that all of his reviews, when I do not know much about the product, are similarly inaccurate.

    I do not just sit around and kvetch; I left two posts on his video site about compression and bitrates. So let's see how responsible he is. I did the same for two other early video "reviews" and the guys acknowledged the issue. One gave my a like! :).

    Someone here posted a video of a pre-production camera menu that had crippled capabilities. These misleading reviews are not isolated incidences (my favorite is in the great Casey's review of the first Mavic: he did not realize there was a focus setting, and all the footage was "soft."). There is a race to be first that trumps accuracy. And I will refrain from mentioning the quality of the video examples in most of the reviews (iPhoneDo's were pretty good).

  • The bitrate thing really does give an erroneous impression.

  • Yeah. He was clearly wrong on the video thing. Reviewers are humans and make mistakes. We'll see if he takes that back, but he's still "right enough" most of the time.

    Similarly, the video right above his where a mountain biker complains that electronic sensor stabilization isn't actually as good as a gimbal for every use case and complains that GoPro are either cherry picking or post-stabilizing their example footage a bit more was a little cringeworthy for me. It's pretty obvious that no sensor stabilization is going to be as good as a gimbal in every situation, but yet the guy acted as though GP were being significantly dishonest in their marketing - despite that personal experience and various other youtubers' videos have shown that for non-extreme use cases, it really is impressive and worth the hype - now I just wish Yi would answer with a 4k+ variant based on one of the Ambarella chipsets with built-in EIS.

  • @eatstoomuchjam "I just wish Yi would answer with a 4k+ variant based on one of the Ambarella chipsets with built-in EIS."

    You mean 3-axis dixigal EIS as the Hero5 is a 2-axis EIS with an Ambarella chip.

  • @markr941 - Lets give it to iPhoneDo. He only mentioned the cheapening of the material on the outer casing and did not mention the Hero7 battery door issue at all. :-)

  • Abe Kislevitz from the GoPro media team has a better overview than most influencers.

    "I won’t be ditching my Karma Grip anytime soon for a few select reasons. I want to make sure you know the limitations of HyperSmooth to help aid in getting the most out of your HERO7."

    He tells you about hypersmooth limitations in panning conditions, dark scenes, when using ND filters, etc.

  • Yes, Kislevitz is a very good source for information on shooting with GoPro cameras..

  • @EspenB Yes, one of the chipsets with 3-axis EIS.

  • You have to give it to GoPro. After the compact segement is dead they re-invent the Gopro has a small digital compact camera. Just strap on the sleave and lanyard. What is wrong with this picture...

    2800 x 1489 - 188K
  • Hahaha, the camera does not exist :-)

  • Here are some more tests. First, walking through a street fair, no gimbal:

    Indoor (and outdoor) shooting:
    All shot in 4K60P, HEVC, using Protune flat and WB native, and graded in Vegas Pro.

  • How good is the audio from internal mics?

    Shot in Protune flat, WB=native. 4K60P with stabilization, since handheld. Internal mics only. Audio set to stereo with no processing.

  • That sounds pretty good! I'm loving the footage from mine as much as my Sony FDR X3000 now. For some reason, my audio, although better than the Hero 6, still doesn't sound as good as this. I set mine to stereo as well and have opened up some slots on the standard cage that comes with the unit to expose the mic holes a little better, but still not as good as I would like. Can't complain because it's an action camera and does THAT part extremely well.