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GoPro Hero 7 topic
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  • @tcarretti - I'm still hoping for GoPro to provide a bluetooth microphone option.

    The basic problem is that my smart phone has better audio recording.


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  • @EspenB Funny you say that! I had been using the Myk App to record audio to my iPhone while controlling my Hero 6. That app will then transport the footage from the GoPro camera to the phone and sync the audio to create a new file. The app worked a treat with the Hero 6, but on the Hero 7 it seems GoPro was able to lockout the bluetooth so there is a slight latency in the syncing process. I'm hoping they get it sorted out because it really works well with the Hero 6.

    Here's a link to my test of the app using the GoPro Hero 6 Black:

    Skip to 4:30 to get straight to the app part....

  • Wow. People seem really angry that the camera shoots 1440 vs 1080. So much rage about better image quality which will probably not cause any issues at all in editing.

  • Sharpness settings comparisons, at 4K 60P:

    First low, then Medium then High. The change will be obvious. Two scenes. Tree foliage makes the differences quite apparent.

  • "At the Qualcomm 4G/5G Summit, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), today announced that two cameras in GoPro’s just-released HERO7 lineup use Qualcomm Technologies’ solutions. The GoPro HERO7 Silver and HERO7 White use the Qualcomm® Vision Intelligence 200 and Vision Intelligence 100 Platforms, respectively. Both platforms are based on the Qualcomm® APQ8053 system-on-chip (SoC), which features a heterogeneous compute architecture designed to deliver high compute capability and outstanding power efficiency. The SoC also features integrated location and connectivity which allows for seamless sharing of content wirelessly."

  • There is seems to already be a promotion on the Hero7 SILVER in the GoPro store.

    "SILVER30" gives you 60 USD off in the US GoPro store. (Promo code not valid in Europe.)

    I think we can take from this that the SILVER is probably not selling particularly well.

    Well we see heavy discounts and promotions also on the BLACK in december?

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  • Just for fun, and there is a rainbow.

    Protune flat, WB native, sharpness medium. Transformed in Vegas pro using ACES (no LUT).


    "To make money, GoPro needs to raise prices, and that's an option customers have already rejected."

  • @EspenB

    Issue with western companies is extreme inefficiency. Japanese companies are similar.

    It is not companies in normal sense - it is engine that eats investors money and produces lot of crappy products that require heavy marketing and lies to sell.

  • New Hero7 Black firmware update coming that will fix the jerky pan problem, that the stabilization resists a deliberate pan. Promised in early December, and announced in the official GoPro community forum.


    Hello Everyone,

    We got news! The new firmware to be released in early December is set to correct the red line artifact issue. Please watch out for updates through

    Thanks, Marius

  • "We appreciate you sharing results of your tests on battery performance. All of these have been reported to the team. There is a new firmware version that will be released in early December that is set to fix the issue of the HERO7 Black camera battery not charging to 100%."

  • GoPro Hero7 Black as travel camera?

    Shot in Protune flat, WB native, 4K 60P. Graded using ACES in Vegas Pro.

  • 360 fanboy video above (he has a site dedicated to 360, not action cams).

    The fact is that the 2D videos, hyper-lapse or not, seen or carved from 360 cameras touting 5.7K resolution are barely 1080, while all videos from the GoPro Hero7 Black, including hyperlapse videos, can be 4K (or close). In the video, he admits this but just says you can't tell. Ha! 360 cameras are fun, for a few days. And hyper-lapses are fun, once in a while.

  • Can anyone explain this difference between the Hero7 and Hero6? All GoPros are prone to flaring with he sun in from the sides, but on the Hero6 you sometimes gets a very pronounced purple "death ray" effect which is not found on the Hero7 Black!

    To my naked eye both lenses and front glass protection looks the same on both cameras. And both front protectors are stated as using Corning Gorilla Glass. Still, could there be different types of glass?

    I have yet to swap the Hero7 front glass onto the Hero6, but that might be a possible test parameter.

    And if it's not the front glass what could GoPro possible have done to reduce the purple flaring on the latest model?

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  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    This seems to be a nation wide promotion in the US of A with USD50 off.

    In Europe there is no such thing, actually there is a 10 euro price increase since 2018. But they do give you a GoPro Beanie as a free bonus product. :-p