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GoPro Hero 7 topic
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  • Tech details I believe to be correct:

    Hero7 Black has the same GP1 SOC as the Hero6. Only upgrade is 1 GB/Gb (?) extra RAM for bigger frame buffer. This makes it easier to predict the image shake.

    Hero7 White and Silver doesn't use the GP1 chip at all. It's unclear what kind of stabilizer performance these budget cameras actually offer. No one has reviewed one yet! (And let's face it they are just crap anyway.)

    While the BLACK is selling with a live streaming feature, this is only i 720p. The phone that you connect it to in the field will probably stream in 4K with the internal camera!

  • @EspenB According to two YouTube videos, the full stabilization mode IS (get it?) available for 4K60p. See this video for example:

    Note, unlike the video you posted, the camera here has the new GUI. So, it is credible. 4K60p with the upgraded stabilization is a new breakthrough feature.

    And here is the excellent detailed written review, for literates:

    And here is photo proof hyper-stabilization with 4K60p:

  • @markr041 - This might have a simple explanation without questioning credibility. Firmware differences.

    Production of the Hero7 startet many months ago in the early summer. These are shipped with early firmware to retailers.

    Social Influencers where given the camera about three weeks ago. Pressumably GoPro installed the most recent firmware on these review units.

    A product update for customers will probably get online next week when the sales embargo is lifted.

  • Confirmation on updated review firmware.

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  • @EspenB Your post and that video are true examples of "fake news." The reason or motive is irrelevant. The consequences from misleading people are not. GoPro did not authorize that video for good reason. The other early users posting videos were empowered by GoPro. They may have hype, but they have no falsehoods. Even company PR has standards.

  • image

    GoPro is offering a $100 Credit Towards Pre-Order of a GoPro Hero7 Black when you Trade-in a Qualifying GoPro or Digital Camera. Includes a 32GB SanDisk Extreme microSDHC Card

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  • @Vitaliy The above repeated my post here of September 20. One should always check... :)

    1. The trade-in camera must have cost at least $99 when new, but does not have to work.

    2. GoPro sends a pre-paid Fedex (download) label, so free shipping of the used camera (ground). The destination is California, so if one is on the East Coast it may take 5 days to get to GoPro.

    3. GoPro promises within 14 days of receiving the used camera they will ship out the new one, 2-day (free).

  • @markr041

    Well, my little fault as it was on previous page, actually I posted similar in to other topic and made support it'll be noticed.

    Otherwise any non working $5 camera from cragilist will do as it seems.

  • Offer only available in U.S. =(

  • @Sunscreen

    Or to people with friends in the US :-)

    As buying stuff in US is good.

  • Where is the reviews of the WHITE and SILVER? I guess GoPro only shipped the BLACK to influencers.

  • I guess @iPhonedo did not make it to the @GoPro #Hero7 social influencers give away list. To bad. I would love to see both the GoPro CEO and @iPhonedo in a tandem waterslide selfie at the influencers party. #nextyear

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  • Does anyone have any idea how this stabilization works? I guess they installed some gyroscopes to track the camera movement. Also, as far as I understand there is no optical stabilization, so it’s only gonna work in daylight (with very short shutter)

  • @Lohmatij

    Yes performance will suffer in low light. It's the same with the 3-axis stabilization in the previous Hero6. I belive the early firmware for Hero6 they still tried to stabilize in bad light conditions, but then they put out a new firmware which just disables the stabilizing in low light conditions.

    Also note that GoPro states that rolling-shutter correction is a part of the stabilizing performance. Rolling shutter skew as well as longer exposures are bad for the algorithms. Also, this is probably not good for use with ND filter on the lens I guess.

    So a real gimbal will still provide such benefits:

    • Stabilizing with less artifacts

    • Work in bad light conditions

    • Still work if you apply ND filter for longer shutters

    • No extra crop of the picture (EIS crops like 10-12 per cent i Wide angle view)

    • etc.

    I guess it's great for that it is. But gimbal like it's not. And never will be.

    We always have to see beyond the GoPro marketing hype. They do use "super" and "hyper" a lot!

  • A "real" gimbal has smaller (mechanical) limits to extreme motion than does digital IS and, if you have ever used a gimbal in real life, a gimbal really suffers in higher wind and when moving fast - air movement affects gimbals but not digital IS. And some gimbal motion seems unnatural, too flat. Oh, try using a gimbal in a snowstorm, in rain or - underwater!

    To me the disadvantage of using digital IS is only the loss of resolution when almost the full sensor is being used (4K). And do not tell me about BOSS - 2-axis really stinks.

  • Final release firmware for the Hero7 Black.

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  • The trade-up program for the Hero 7 Black has ended already! Not for the Fusion (guess which one is selling well...).

    And the manual is now available for the 7:

  • It's still online sometimes. But giving consumers 100 USD off after trading in some old trash is basically the same as giving them a 100 USD discount from day one. This is not business. Probably this is only a short term campaign to examine which cameras the user base will trade in for a GoPro. After they get enought cameras in they will close the survey.

    This is also why the trade in is only effective in the USA.

  • @EspenB What do you mean "It is still online sometimes." It is not online for the Hero 7 Black. It was not a survey, it was a discount, and now it's over. More misinformation and groundless speculation?

  • @markr041 - GoPro surveys the cameras they collect of course. After like i.e. 1000 units the campaign are closed. No surprises here.

  • Hyper-lapse underwent no re-compression when uploaded; soundtrack muxed on. Downloadable.