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Official TZ10 Hack Project Discussion
  • This is dedicated topic about TZ10 hack project.

    Short info:

    1. TZ10 is very good, compact camera, with manual controls in photo mode. Has 12x zoom, GPS.

    2. It was first target in our new dumping approach.

    Short FAQ:

    Q. Can you tell us TZ10 dumping status, was it success or not?
    A. We completely dumped TZ10 firmware.

    Q. Does this mean that you'll distribute dumped firmware?
    A. Certainy no. And we do not need this.

    Q. How it'll be possible to hack TZ10 in this case?
    A. We reversed TZ10 encryption and will use public TZ10 firmware.

    Q. Can this info be applied to GH2?
    A. Unfortunately, no. GH2 uses different encryption (most probably) or different encryption key, so we need to dump it separately.

    More info will follow shortly.
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  • Sometimes i try to record a video but the camera says my sd is too slow or something similar (i dont use english language on it). My sd card is a uhs-1 u1 32gb sdcard (kingston sd10g3/32gb)

  • Its sad but thanks for the info! :(

  • @robinhugy

    You can't. It is old camera :-) But very nice one.

  • Can i use exFat with my TZ10? If i format with my pc, camera want to reformat all time :(

  • @pavgoust

    I really do not remember. Most probably it is another check.

  • Why does PTool 3.66d beta not remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording? It did so, for AVCHD recording but not for Mov.

    Card formats to exfat so it should not have a problem with file size.

    Thank you

  • May be, but it is quite hard thing. Even to find related parts.

    If you ask me - it is simpler now to just buy new camera with such feature.

  • Hi Vitaly, Would it be possible to add an option to the firmware to make the self timer setting permanent until changed to off again. Now, after setting the timer to 2 secs and shooting the pic, the selftimer is set to off again. I need this option because I shoot a lot of panorama's on a tripod with the TZ-10. Still a great camera. But to keep the shots steady, I need the permanent shutter delay of 2 secs. I believe it could be easy to fix for you as an expert.

  • hello I'm new here, I have a TZ10 and I was wondering if it was possible someone post the best configuration for AVCHD Movie? Or Maybe someone can share some pictures, with all the best settings/changes to apply in pTool for TZ10?

    I'm a bit noob when it comes to shooting video, but if it is possible to improve it and liked someone help me to choose the best settings for that.

    By the way, I already have pTool 3.66d, and the original firmware (TZ10_V12) I'm just waiting for some tips from someone more knowledgeable for the the best changes to make! AC3 compression is worth it?

    Excuse my english I'm Portuguese...

    PS: By the way, can someone share an optimal settings for shooting?

    I'm a little disappointed with my photos, they are too grainy ...

  • @quiglag

    I suggest to sell it and get latest ultrazoom with wi-fi, it looks like it could have advanced timelapse. But this needs checking.

  • Would love to see a timelapse option added. This is a great little camera for it.

  • Would it be possible to change the JPG compression to reduce noise in the photos?

    I think it can be done sometimes, but noise is really from small sensor.


    It is not in plans, sorry.

  • Is this still going? Seems quiet here. I would love to be able to shoot RAW. Is it/will it be possible?

  • Would it be possible to change the JPG compression to reduce noise in the photos? Maybe to zero?

  • Just wondering why PTool 365d doesn't remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording

    It removes all fine. MJPEG mode is also limited by file size limitation. This can't be changed.

  • Just wondering why PTool 365d doesn't remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording, only AVCD seems to be unrestricted? (Which is cool BTW, but I prefer to record to MOV format as it seems more stable with AfterFX off the bat).

  • Hello.Please, how to change 30fps to 2fps? (for Timelapser)

    Thank you!!!

  • how to crack GPS can't use in china ?

  • Hi All, Currently I have 1.2 firmware installed on my camera. In the same time the latest downloadable firmware from Panasonic web side is also 1.2. It means that I have "one way ticket" and after hacking I will not able to come back to my original firmware. Is my assumption is correct ?

  • Hi All. Could you help with question about changing compression ratio for photos.

  • Hi Everybody,

    What will be great for the TZ10 : RAW shooting or Possibility to change compression ration in Jpeg and Deactivation of the Noise reduction function.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev and anyone who tried hacking TZ10 : any report about increasing the quality of the video modes ? I can't find any video/article on the web about this.

    Vitaliy, any chance to have manual controls in video mode ?

    Txs !
  • Hi everybody.
    Please excuse my ignorance, I am very new to all this.
    I have the panasonic TZ9, and i assume the encryption on the firmware is the same as the TZ10.
    Would I be able to use the tools detailed in this thread on a TZ9 firmware to remove video record limit, and access other features.
    The TZ9 is a TZ8 with a TZ10 screen, a bit of a frankenstein model !
    Its great, other than the limits like the 8min recording time.
    Any help would be great !
  • Hu! i'm italian, i try to understand as much as i can,
    so i've a Tz7 and you can confirm that:
    -you hacked the 15min limit but you won't share the fw, right?
  • Hi, thanks for your job. lot of people will be interested by the hack of the tz7 /zs3, I need it for the video limitation.
    Lot of people need it too!!!!
    Can you tell if it possible and when will be available?