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Official TZ10 Hack Project Discussion
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  • Sorry to bother, but where can I find GH1 hacks? All I can find is the 3.62d version
  • @Gerondo
    You use the same ptools you have (3.62d) you just use different patches (ini files).
  • @Brian202020
    Thanks for you reply. Where can I find these .ini files? I want to do some test with the TZ 10 but see not much of a difference at this moment.
  • I don't own this camera, so I don't know a lot about what settings work and don't. You'll also need the public firmware, do you have that?
  • @Brian202020
    Thanks for your help.
    Yes I have public firmware: TZ10_V12. I did some settings and loaded saved .bin file in camera. So far so good. But see not so much of a difference in Quality. Maybe I just need to do different settings( trial and error)? I am a little bit confused by earlier reply by Vitaly that I have to use GH1 hack instead of GH2.

    edit: I will do some tests tonight and add some Streamparser pics. Maybe then it makes more sense!
  • I think what Vitaliy was saying is the settings on this camera are similar to the setting on the GH1 and not the GH2. The GH2 is a different beast all together and the GH2 setting work differently than the other cameras.
  • Ok, I have no experience with GH1 whatsoever, so would it be wise to use GH1 .ini files? or at least study their settings?
  • Yes I think thats what Vitaliy was trying to say. Even then not all GH1 settings will work, but I'd venture to say a lot of them will, and loading the GH1 ini files is a good start. It's cool that the TZ10 can be hacked now, but I don't think a lot of testing has gone into it yet, so you might have to experiment a little. Good luck.
  • Thanks for your support. Now I got a good point to start with... test results will follow!
  • Hi, thanks for your job. lot of people will be interested by the hack of the tz7 /zs3, I need it for the video limitation.
    Lot of people need it too!!!!
    Can you tell if it possible and when will be available?
  • Hu! i'm italian, i try to understand as much as i can,
    so i've a Tz7 and you can confirm that:
    -you hacked the 15min limit but you won't share the fw, right?
  • Hi everybody.
    Please excuse my ignorance, I am very new to all this.
    I have the panasonic TZ9, and i assume the encryption on the firmware is the same as the TZ10.
    Would I be able to use the tools detailed in this thread on a TZ9 firmware to remove video record limit, and access other features.
    The TZ9 is a TZ8 with a TZ10 screen, a bit of a frankenstein model !
    Its great, other than the limits like the 8min recording time.
    Any help would be great !
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev and anyone who tried hacking TZ10 : any report about increasing the quality of the video modes ? I can't find any video/article on the web about this.

    Vitaliy, any chance to have manual controls in video mode ?

    Txs !
  • Hi Everybody,

    What will be great for the TZ10 : RAW shooting or Possibility to change compression ration in Jpeg and Deactivation of the Noise reduction function.

  • Hi All. Could you help with question about changing compression ratio for photos.

  • Hi All, Currently I have 1.2 firmware installed on my camera. In the same time the latest downloadable firmware from Panasonic web side is also 1.2. It means that I have "one way ticket" and after hacking I will not able to come back to my original firmware. Is my assumption is correct ?

  • how to crack GPS can't use in china ?

  • Hello.Please, how to change 30fps to 2fps? (for Timelapser)

    Thank you!!!

  • Just wondering why PTool 365d doesn't remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording, only AVCD seems to be unrestricted? (Which is cool BTW, but I prefer to record to MOV format as it seems more stable with AfterFX off the bat).

  • Just wondering why PTool 365d doesn't remove the European time limit for Quicktime / Mov recording

    It removes all fine. MJPEG mode is also limited by file size limitation. This can't be changed.

  • Would it be possible to change the JPG compression to reduce noise in the photos? Maybe to zero?

  • Is this still going? Seems quiet here. I would love to be able to shoot RAW. Is it/will it be possible?

  • Would it be possible to change the JPG compression to reduce noise in the photos?

    I think it can be done sometimes, but noise is really from small sensor.


    It is not in plans, sorry.

  • Would love to see a timelapse option added. This is a great little camera for it.

  • @quiglag

    I suggest to sell it and get latest ultrazoom with wi-fi, it looks like it could have advanced timelapse. But this needs checking.