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Official TZ10 Hack Project Discussion
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  • Uau!!! Make my day!
    Em português... Muito bom!!!
  • Eu tb estou esperando essa porra faz tempo. :-)
  • I spend big time on patches for TZ10 lately.
    Process is not finished yet, but progress is good.
  • Awesome, to change Japanese to English was why I started the TZ10 decrypt thread on dvx after all. This is excellent! Feeling a little left out though :)
  • Vitaliy, do you think the knowledge gained from this could also be used to modify the TZ7 firmware (which I assume is quite similar to the TZ10)?
  • @mizaru

    I don't have such plans. It is much better to sell TZ7 and buy TZ10 if you want to use hacks in the future.
  • Oh well. Here's hoping you decide to share the firmware decryption method at some point in the future... ;)
  • Thanks Vitaliy :). It was just a coincidence that I bought the TZ10 and didn't regret it. With your works even better :)
  • Thanks.

    I made very good progress in last days.
    Really, only two patches remain. Manual video and PAL/NTSC switching using menu.
    Most probably, both won't be present in initial release as due to very significant software differencies I need too much time to understand how to implement them in the new way.
  • ZS7... TZ10... are they same model?
  • Yes, firmware is the same.
  • Is the 30 minutes limitation when recording a video removed?
  • >Is the 30 minutes limitation when recording a video removed

  • will the tz10 take a higher bit rate with the hack? manual video will be awesome!!
  • Are the 30fps max a hardware/sensorlimit or is it possible to capture higher framerates?
  • >Are the 30fps max a hardware/sensorlimit or is it possible to capture higher framerates?

    This is CCD sensor, so, more that 30fps won't happen.
  • Vitaliy_Kiselev, awesome work thanks!

    Is saving in raw a possibility or there is no code to patch for that?
  • Is the download link to the TZ10 hack currently available? I searched for it and cannot seem to find it.

    Thanks so much for doing something so useful for all us TZ10 owners.
  • Thanks Vitaliy ! :-)
  • Vitaliy, no patch for battery in this release ?
  • >Vitaliy, no patch for battery in this release ?

  • I might have to pick one of these up and use it for some of the shots I previously used my GoPro HD Hero on. If you pick up the "Reverse GoPro adapter" from "Eye Of Mine" can use the TZ10/TZS7 with all the GoPro mounts.

    Link to the "Eye Of Mine" product page:
  • What about the TZ20 / ZS10 (the same model and firmware). Just sold my TZ7 for a TZ20 and the TZ20 has a much much faster auto focus. Can we expect a firmware hack for the TZ20 sooner or later?
  • Many of us would find a patch useful which allows us to use third-party batteries without the Secure-ID chip in the TZ10.