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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • Why is everyone expecting this camera to look SO much better than the hacked GH2?

  • @Mimirsan Just compare Emeric's hacked GH2 films to his GH3 footage. There is a clear winner here when you compare the resolved detail and dynamic range from the two cameras. Highlight roll off and cleaner shadow detail are evident with the GH3. To my eyes the color looks better as well, it just looks more assertive and less washed out without being over saturated.

  • @Tron Im not comparing to GH2 videos I just dont see it being all that awesome in comparison to the other GH3 footage flaoting around. :-D

  • I think this footage was better than what we saw so far. We can get a look at DR, which seems to be better. Detail is good too. My only gripe yet is about the more "video" look than GH1-GH2. I guess it depends on what you'll use your camera for. But we haven't seen it all yet :)

  • Well, most of the GH3 footage floating around is boring crap in my opinion... been looking forward to seeing something more cinematic in terms of subject and framing and this footage meets that criteria for me. I guess quality is always viewed differently with different eyes.

  • That Montmartre video is great in my 50 inches RetroProjector :-) Emeric did some post processing, that is not bad. pity we can not compare to gh2 in same condition... I am ready to do some shooting outdoor in Paris with my gh2. If somebody has got gh3 we can shoot short footage on same location and same moment for comparison (and edit in same nle).

  • @mrbill gh1->gh2->gh3...

    @tenjin : video look is may be because of 50 i/s for slow motion so it is 1/100s compared to 1/50s for 24p.

  • I am happy for pana; They just did something good with gh3

  • Considering that GH1 and GH2 images can look VERY nice, I don't see it as a knock on the GH3 that someone would say it looks like those cameras at times. It's like some people are expecting some kind of ultrawide gap between the cameras. I do think that there are some clear improvements, but lets be fare in acknowledging that no one has had a chance to master using a GH3 and it's still pre-production and hasn't been hacked like the GH1 and GH2.

    Also it's possible that Panasonic may add a flat picture profile and that may help us even further. From what I saw tho it's not a situation where the GH3 is "worse" than the GH2 as so many early posters have tried to say. I found the color and highlights to have a more natural and smoother look to them. There's plenty of detail. IMO in emeric's film there wasn't a problem with Moire to the point of being distracting. This is all just opinion and nothing based on comparative tests. Soon enough we'll have those and can make definitive judgments.

  • Montmartre video is slow motion. That means gh2 cannot compete here in 1080p. For an "average" video with people moving, etc. we should consider that we perceive : 720p48 <=> 1080p24.

    In the Montmartre video, source is 1080p50. Shutter speed is 1/100 s. It gives an edge to gh3 as far as IQ is concerned. That is why IQ is high.

  • Some god news in the Panasonic interview; "The AA filter in pre-production cameras sent out for review is not the final version." Son lets hope the final version is super. ;-)

  • @EspenB

    Check previous page.

    If you ask me, it sounds like some shit coming from managment.

  • that guy from panasonic looked to me like he only knows things that are on the paper and thats all .. his stupid answer to the question about flat picture profiles looks that he doesnt have a clue or he was just saying what he learned.. He looked to me too scared before any question, probably he knew that he can´t answer everything but he didn´t want to look like a fool...

  • you are so cruel guys...

  • you are so cruel guys...

    LOL. But managers are usually so dumb. They are good managers, I think, may be. But they are not good for interviews.


    tips : click on the picture and drop it to a new tab to have it in (1000 x 667px)

  • Well, THAT looks good. Very good. I want one.

  • It's in 720p.... blech.

  • @Blackout, isn't the point that video more about the noise at those high ISO's. It's not about the absolute best quality image as much as it's a demonstration of how low the noise levels are. At least that's what I took from it.

  • Colored that montmartre video on a whim if anyone is interesting. I was surprised how well it stood up to grade, despite the fact that I was using a compressed DL from the web, and then after exporting from AE it was 1/4 the original (already compressed) size.

  • ^ I found the skintones in your grade a bit too yellow and red for my taste. Preferred the original actually.

    Andrew Reid (EOSHD) has done a great job comparing GH2, GH3, BMCC, the new sony full frame camcorder etc:

    The EOSHD Blackmagic Cinema Camera Shootout - 2.5K Version from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

  • Much of the nitpicking in this thread sounds like many people want both an Alexa for $1200 AND a camera capable of producing artistic movies by itself. Seriously, this is going too far, particularly in regards to very subjective terms like how good colors are or wheter there's a filmic air to it. Good to see these videos are pleasing the pixel peepers :)

  • @Duckpark Thanks for the feedback! I wasn't even paying attention to it, but I totally agree. I'll focus more on skintones in the future :)

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