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Official Panasonic GH3 topic, series 2
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  • @amateur That crops seem to been extracted from camera's original JPEGs. So let us not take that comparation seriously as GH1 and GH2 also had much better RAWs than JPEGs. Too early to worry, in my opinion.

  • nice to see such a nicely shot video from GH3. Looks promising.

  • This thing is sharp. Never thought so looking at early mostly handheld low light footage. What a difference can tripod and sunlight make!

  • about 40mins of video about the gh3

  • Best GH3 footage yet, Manu4Vendetta!

  • @Manu4Vendetta - lovely footage. Should calm some of those talking about cancelling pre-orders

  • @Manu4Vendetta wow, now we are talking. This footage looks very good for pre production. Glad you are the first to take the time to make good video!! thanks.

  • Now thats more like it Mr Wayne, sharp as F**k, no aliasing/moire an plenty of sky shots to show it has no obvious banding issues.

  • Yes that footage is excellent. I am very uneasy with GH3, I love the slow motion and this would give those options, I would buy it and even me want to restart my short film from zero, but I have no money now.

  • Finally, some proper footage.

  • These are the kinds of shots we probably all wished had been released at launch - very sharp, well-composed and capable of highlighting an increase in dynamic range and color rendition. I see better skin tones and probably about a stop of increased range in video mode, with highlights that are noticeably better and hold more detail. Really great shooting by Emeric... kudos.

  • @mpgxsvcd

    "Select 1/30th or 1/25th instead of 1/60th for NTSC lights. The flicker will be gone."

    Not to drag this on, but I have done this and done incremental adjustments all the way up and down the board to figure out where the flicker free zones were for my camera and Tokyo. What I learned

    1) they vary even within Tokyo despite what the frequency is supposed to be across the city, though the sweet spots tend to be 100, 50, and 25.

    2) even when I hit the sweet spot there is often a light or two out of sync with the rest. I have always presumed because it is reaching the end of it's life.

    To be clear, I am not claiming this is a weakness of the GH3 or bashing it, I am simply saying it would be a plus if the camera allowed for smaller increments of adjustment. My guess is that it would allow for reaching a point of no flicker in some but not all of these stray flicker situations. If nothing else it would allow us to settle this ;) I am getting ready to go on vacation for a bit, but when I come back I will see if I still have my old tests, and post some.

  • From video on top.

    @ 37:57

    PAUL GENGE (HOST) Talking about the sensor then, some comment was made about the predecessor, the GH2, and its anti aliasing and I think that again that Japan has made a great effort in trying to --
    TONY STOTT (PANASONIC) Yeah, we've got an anti-aliasing filter on there, and again when we get production samples I think that people will be able to see just how much progress has been made there. So less of that sort of moire effect and more seamless video recording.
    PAUL GENGE (HOST) Don't draw too many conclusions from any footage that you may have seen online from any of these prototype, pre-production models, they're not anywhere near final yet.
    TONY STOTT (PANASONIC) No, absolutely not.
  • Really superb looking footage posted by Manu. Wow. Looks like we have a winner. :)

    @driftwood, What makes you say that we will have a gh4 so soon?

  • Looking at the specs posted on the previous page, it now says:

    Aspect Ratio 4:3, 3:2, 16:9, 1:1

    Multi format sensor now?

    If that is true, PERHAPS Panasonic listens to the forums after the Photokina and then implements, what the users still ask for.

    I am curious for the further development and the final firmware

  • @AKED

    It is images aspect ratio. Sensor is absolutely not related.

  • @Manu4Vendetta This is undoubtedly best looking, best shot video out from GH3. Luma range and dr looks great, and (previously missing) detail is there finally. How did you do that? ;)

    I still think (perceived) that color renderition is different than GH2. Still videoish colors. As I said, luma is great, but chroma is a bit off, like there is less chroma information than gh2 (with hack). Dont like the skintones. Maybe its the "chroma curve" or "saturation curve" that is different, not very exact term though.

  • @emeric, BRAVO!!! That was really nice. Loved the music and the film was very well done. Very engaging. Made me want to go and join the people in the street. Loved your composition. I'm trying to learn how to have a better eye for shots. What you did inspired me. The GH3 did a wonderful job. Maybe now people will relax. I think i'm going to get the GH3 rather than 2 GH2's. I just think the improvements are closer to what i'm looking for both image wise and the functionality.

  • Holy shit that day in Montmartre vid was so good compared to previous stuff!

  • There are some glitches in the emeric video:

    @ 1,28 heavy aliasing in the cathedral

    @ 1,30 some minor moire in the background roof and the window top right.

    @ 2,10 aliasing in the cathedral windows

    I still suspect some kind of glitch in distortion correction under certain conditions.

  • i have one conclusion.

    GH3 has alising only on lines with 10º angle and before 180º Reminds me of alising canon makes on lines. Take a look at the harp and all diagonal lines in @Manu4Vendetta video. Even on textures, hair and complex stuff, it resolves very well, but put some diagonals and MEN WE HAVE SOME TROUBLE.!!!

    The dynamic range is there :) im happy.

    Also the cadence is very good, look to be natively like the best intra patches on GH2. If we have this with a pre production sample, and if hacked properly i thin @driftwood is completely right about the new posibilitys this camera has.

    Image if the engineers behind the camera did put some HARD CORE function specting it to be hacked, just for the sake of making it posible. And imagine that top boses dind knew this, cos its not "their undestanding".

    Like those engineers that put bugs bunny, space invaders or their names inside silicon chips just for the sake of it, nobody NOBODY will ever see them witohut a electronic microscope lols.

    I wish it was like this in GH3

  • ...or there might be circumstances which force the encoder to use line skipping instead of pixel binning.

  • @anti12 :( dont ruin my dream like state

  • That Montmartre video didnt look THAT great. It kinda looked like GH1 footage to me. Saying that its hard to tell being that the footage had been through the editing process.

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