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GoPro ProTune 35mbps RELEASED + App + now HD3
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  • @toxotis70 It's further into the settings menu

  • Can someone please upload the new firmware .bin file? One of my GoPro's is stuck in update mode so I have to put it on my SD card.

    Very appreciated!

    I found a firmware file but it won't update. It seems stuck in the V198 (camera icon) update mode. Does anyone know if the GoPro can be hard reset or restored?

  • Has the 35mbps firmware been released? I can't find it on the Gopro site..?


  • @Jon2323 You have to open GoPro Cineform studio, connect your GoPro Hero 2 to your computer and turn it on, and then it will notify you that an update is available. Follow the instructions to complete update. After update, go to settings -> more and there you will find ProTune as a yes/no option.

  • Sony Vegas reports protune 24p as 24p , not 23.97..

  • I'm liking protune , grades nicely.. the grain seems a bit more but.. much more usable footage now IMHO.

  • @Ebacherville

    Thanks for the 24p/23.98p update. 24p is a little bit of a bummer since it'll drift a little in a 23.98 multicam situation, but it's not a huge deal. I'll take 24p over nothing.

  • Also keep in mind 30 fps is 29.97 PROGRESSIVE.. yeah, I was a bit bummed about the 24p thing also.. but the 30P being progressive made up for it a bit. Looks really good in a 60i or 30p projects or in a 23.97fps as slightly slow motion footage. (most of my GoPro footage is used as b-roll and I have no timing to worry about so I'll just slow it down to 23.97fps) Considering these are tiny ruggedized sports cameras for 200 clams , I cant complain.. it makes good gradable footage now. Yo'd think they could add a 23.97 fps to the menu in the future.. we should bug them about it..

  • Look at it this way, you now have a matchbox sized camera, with ultra wide angle that will cut with most camcorder/ DSLR footage and blend in.

    Bonus is the highlights have much more detail than stock, there is a tiny bit more chroma noise.

  • Be aware of ML fail upgrading GoPro ProTune (via Cineform) with error v198. It bricks the camera!!! Any solution for mac?

  • @Kaikerr Be aware of ML fail upgrading GoPro ProTune (via Cineform) with error v198. It bricks the camera!!!

    Wait a few minutes and the v198 error screen should disappear, don't turn off till it does.

  • just a note, it says you have to disconnect from the comp then reconnect to complete the update.

    talk about a artifact party town when the lights go down rambo =)

  • talk about a artifact party town when the lights go down rambo =)

    Yep, but we know that's not what the Wearable/Mountable Outdoor Sports Camera was designed for. It's not that bad actually outdoors, it can be cleaned up easily with Neat. Watch right to the end it cleans up nicely. This is a worst i've seen it, there are better comparisons about. Turning off the in-camera image processing which is what ProTune basically does shows the noise the sensor has at low light.

    This is more motion footage at 35Mbps uncolor corrected.

  • It just get's better. Amateur ProTune video shot by the guys wife. Straight out of the camera no CC. Watch in 720p or 1080 at youtube. Would colour correct really well. Link to you tube is below.

  • I have also tested the new firmware with protune and made a quick comparison (shot at 1080 25fps). Still image comparison only, will repeat a motion test...

    Side by side (Protune on right)

    You can see that you get much more details in highlights (see the window on top left) but also much more grain in shadows. Which is o.k. for me because I usually shoot outside at daylight. In general the protune image with it's new flattened curve is much more blurry though. Take a look at the ruler....

  • I've done 3 a/b tests of the ProTune vs the standard profile. I like the extended dynamic range and there are less artifacts like moire. My low light test us uploading now. There is substantial noise with ProTune. I wish in ProTune you could toggle the noise reduction they use with the standard, but leave everything else.

  • And here's the low light shootout. The results are the same as Rambo's, with much noise, but greater dynamic range.

  • I've since taken down the 2nd test. I have discovered that CineForm Studio is doing something to the color that I'm unable to prevent. The other 2 tests I did were in 1080p, and I just used Apple Compressor to transfer them. With the 720p60 footage, the GoPro audio gets messed up so I traditionally use Cineform Studio to convert the mp4 file to a huge Prores file. Then I usr Compressor to convert to ProRez (LT) which preserves the audio. Anyway, I can't access any of the editing controls in CineForm Studio, and it seems that it is pitting a color profile on the transferred footage. I see an option for ProTune, but I can't select it, or any adjustments. Frustrating.

  • Im updated to the latest FW.. however Protune is not enabled... and Im noticing some freezing in the menu's selection... and rather annoyed that my video will completely stop recording all by itself after 5 min 51s for no reason at all !

  • MYzter, you need to turn PT on in settings/More/Protune/ On /OFF. As for the stopped recording, try another freshly formatted in camera SD card.

  • I updated mine last night and have also had some issues since. disclaimer: I have not made recordings longer than 4m yet.

    Once in a while, recording stops randomly, usually <30s in. The startup time is much longer, like 5-10 seconds with Protune enabled vs < 2 secs before, this is pretty bad, particularly if you rely on 1-button mode. I just swapped in a new Kingston Ultimate 32gb 100x (class 10) instead of my original 8gb class 4, so speed is certainly not an issue at this point - it was cutting off early before this. Once in a while the camera gets stuck during power-on in the active-mode screen and needs the battery pulled. I've also had it forget the previous settings a few times (though it might have been an issue with me removing the SD before power-off).

    I wish there were 720p modes at < 60fps, at least a 720p/30fps, so i could save a bunch of space and maybe some juice. Speaking of juice, i've noticed the battery gets warmer than before, so I assume it will eat it faster. As others have pointed out, there's quite a lot more noise in low light environments, not sure if this is that big a deal for me.

    Oh, and the quality difference is deliciously vast. Virtually no compression artifacts, it's less sharp but more natural looking and the dynamic range is hugely improved - no more sunlit areas that look like they were flood-filled white in photoshop. Maybe this will be the season others can appreciate the complexity of the snow terrain I cover on my board, lol.

  • Abe Kislevitz from GoPro potsed this in another general camera forum and it sums up ProTune very well. Abe works for GoPro as their Head Editor, most of the Gopro Official Videos are his.

    Just a note about Protune -

    Protune is simply a mode in the camera that bypasses all of the in-camera settings that are added to the file to make it look pleasing to the 'consumer' out of the box. The other big addition it gives is the high bit-rate. This you'll only see an advantage in complex scenes or high motion. No it won't make a static shot look better necessarily (unless you're keen to less sharpening), it also won't do anything to rolling shutter - that's a product of the CMOS frame speed and vibration.

    Why is it noisier? In-camera noise reduction is turned off, also the shadows are brought up to give more detail incase the user wants standard color curves in the camera, lows are crushed to black so you never see the noise.

    All that said, for the pro trying to utilize the camera in a PRO workflow, it will do heaps in matching to the other cameras being used.

    Biggest uses I've seen are mountain bike, snow, and surf - all of which are complex scenes with high motion, high highlights, and dark low lights.

  • Thanks Rambo, I do understand how to enable/disable Protune... (FW HD2.08.12.198.WIFI.R47.00) I reformatted my SD card and made a recording for 50min... the camera saved three files