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'Apocalypse Now' Experimental Series 1 Thread - BOOM, Intravenus - cbrandin/driftwood AN Soft/Cinema
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  • ignore my comment. deleted.

  • @bangkng AN = Apocalypse Now. Settings files are on the first posts of this thread. There are several variants Soft/Sharp and GOP6 (Cluster), GOP 12/15 (DREWNet). An Intra (GOP1) preset is coming soon.

    If you don't know what the benefits are, or understand the first posts of this thread, then you need to start your research. People will help you, but not spoon feed.

  • no, i was confused when reading the description of apocalypse now that it can do AN 20 (lol just misread). I thought that it was some kind of a new setting that i missed. i got it now. thanks.

  • @Soup Intra Venus GOP1 all I frame 176 Mbit patch will kill all the patch. Sedna doesn't need to be 444.

  • I got a few minutes to try AN Drewnet Sharp 2 today. I used a 55mm Nikkor 2.8 lens 1080p 24 50fps. Zeus was being uncooperative and not staying put but I suppose he turned out fairly well....but

    Whenever I'd video something static like a tree or monkey grass, the video would breakup and flicker.

    I'll try a few more lenses then I want to try the same ones in soft.

    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • I tried out Apocalypse Now Nebula 6 Soft last night and I had some read errors when trying to play the video back within camera. It also stopped recording after I attempted to playback, and I had to restart my camera before I was able to record again. The weird thing is that I was able to play back before that, but I stopped trying after it failed twice. Maybe it's because my card isn't fast enough? But I've shot with the same card on CM Night multiple times on long shoots with no problems.

    Everything else worked fine though, the image quality is great! Thank you for your hard work!

  • I am very impressed with the quality of the new patch Nebula Apocalypse Now. Soft image, a color much more realistic and attractive. Thank you very much to all testers especially Driftwood, Vitaly, and cbrandin. I have really wanted to try for my next short film IntraVenus. Thank you very much for your work.

  • @rajamalik Thanks for the update. Too bad Sedna doesnt get 444 :|

    Another question - if I use the latest Nebula and shoot using 24L - do i still get the same quality videos? i understand it uses lower bitrates, but is everything else the same (great video quality, softer and everythign nebula has to offer)?


  • Does "Apocalypse Now" or simulated 444 benefit the GH2 B&W modes as well? Particularly when it comes to banding.

  • It seems that Apocalypse Now - Intra Venus GOP1 176M will be the "setting of all settings"! Can't wait for this!!

  • I guess I was wrong about AN Drewnet sharp 2 flickering. I uploaded the file to Dropbox and it's not doing it now.

  • @cbrandin @driftwood if 444 soft is a 9 or 10% resolution loss what is the loss on the sharp2 matrix settings? is there none? if so is sharp2 still working towards more organic colour space and a 444 look? or something else? ( i see statements about the soft 444 matrix emulating that look by working on a 333 matrix type thing, so this loss in resolution comes from knocking the luma back then sharp does not use this type of matrix ? so no loss? but still 444 emulation attempts? ) thanks..... i am learning, but its a lot to take in , sorry if I'm being a bit noooby

  • @goanna it won't enlarge / download so seems a little redundant....

  • I don't know technically what these 'Apocalypse Now' settings are doing to the images & color but I love it! It almost looks like "knock on wood" better canon footage,not as sharp & videoish as previous GH2 footage I have come across but yet still very detailed and believe me I have footage from just about every setting on the planet.

    I'm more of a hip hop & r-n-b video guy,in the past I have always spent a lot of time trying to rescue my footage from looking so GH2ish if you know what I mean?All I can say is this footage responds to color different & the images just have a certain vibe & feel to my eye. technically I can't explain what's going on but I know I'm getting the best images I have ever gotten out of my camera hands down! thanks to all involved making these setting possible.

    below are screen grabs of video I shot with AN Nebula "Sharp 2". as a test I added some quick preset looks from magic bullet which always look horrible lol but on this footage to my surprise it looked quite decent,almost like the colors melted into the image. Am I on drugs or does this footage have a more organic feel far as image & color rendition?

    1920 x 1080 - 1M
    1920 x 1080 - 2M
  • Lots of discussions on the new settings front...

    I have the Voigtlander 25mm, SLR Magic 12mm and Zeiss ZF 50mm 1.4.

    What Apocalypse Now settings are best suited for those lenses? I'm only interested in maximum quality with a film look and best grading opportunity.

  • image

    @EYESOUL - I envy your ability to trust your own eyes. Me, I've given up (or else my old eyes have). I can't tell anything from an LCD and even my opinions of my own footage changes each time I see it afresh. I've decided to put my faith in others' expert opinion based on testing.

    Perceived quality changes not linearly with bitrate. The curve shows a flattening trend at higher bitrates while at lower bitrates the perceived quality deteriorates very quickly.

    By Fabio Sonnati

  • @eyesoul Nice looking stuff there! I'll have to say this is blowing me away. Anything I shoot with good glass is just amazing. What glass where you using here?

  • @jakepowell i'm in the same boat as you, best thing to do now is just test both of them. whats keeping me from trying any of the 444 "Sharp" is that i only have panny lenses and I dont want my image to be more sharp than what it is now... Maybe a future AN setting that will not add sharpness or softness to the video? Who knows but kudos to Driftwood and cbrandin for the best GH2 settings imo.

  • @goanna thanks for the info

  • @vicharris don't know if this is good glass so to speak but I shot it with a old Olympus OM 50mm 1.8..don't know about photos but this lens is sharp wide open & looks great for video,looks even better with the new settings.I didn't mention it earlier but I was very impressed with the lowlight performance of 'AN' cluster 7 as well.

  • This is the breaking up I had with AN Drewnet sharp 2

  • @eyesoul Not sure either but I love the look. I've pretty much gone all tokina and rokinon glass, nikon mount and it all looks great with this. Going to try the old Nikon AIS stuff next.

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