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GH2 Third party batteries
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  • Hello everybody.

    GH2 is short on genuine batteries. I was wondering if anyone ever tried those 3rd party batteries ?

    1930mAh is better, but is it really reliable ?


  • Yes, I've bought it ( 1930mAh) and works well.

  • how long can u shoot with it?

  • Is there any 3rd party battery user that can record 2 hours non-stop with it? Is there a particular brand or seller with batteries capable of doing that, even without charge level indication? I mean standard size in-camera batteries, not external solutions.

  • With 1930 mAh you can record more than original (I recorded more than 1 hour and half using zoom and lcd all the time)

  • I have a bunch of cheap ebay batteries, i just swap and recharge every half hour or so, they are so cheap it doesn't matter if i shorten the life cycle of them.. 2 for $14.. as long as they work for 50 charges .. ive not had a issue with any of mine yet. Heck its 2 for $17 with a charger.. really compared to alkaline batteries they are a bargain.

  • @Ebacherville Any link for the batteries you refer to at ebay? Thanks!

  • just cheap ebay deals.. like these mine i got with a charger and have held up well.. no battery indicator as expected on Pani cameras but just keep swapping them and charging them.

  • ^^^^I have the same ones, no issues, swap every half hour.

  • @manuelrm about the 1930 mAh Ecell battery: on ebay they state it is 7.2V, so I expect it to have a proper decoder to prevent the camera from shutting down within two seconds. Could you let me know if it shows battery status and does a gentle shutdown when the battery is empty?

    edit: i found this comment by oneday stating that these batteries discharge within two days when you don't use them. Is that also your experience?

    battery ecell 1930mAh.jpg
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  • I bought this battery from dealextreme, no warning but also no battery status indicator. I've filed a complaint with dealextreme and they removed it from their website. But be aware when you find a similar product elsewhere.

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  • I've tested this battery a bit more.

    At first I thought it would be > 8.4 V. But when I started measuring it it looks like it really is a 7.2 V battery:

    • real battery: full = 8,35 V / Empty = 6,5 V / battery status indicator = yes
    • fake battery: full = 8,35 V / Empty = 0 V / battery status indicator = no

    So it seems like there is a third camera mode between original battery (decoder) and DC power (> 8,4 V): under 8,4 V but no status indicator. Any thoughts?

  • This is very random, sorry for my blooded pocket, but I will buy the original.

  • Recently, my main GH2 developed an issue where it says "this battery cannot be used" when I use a first party battery but works when I plug it into the wall.

    While I plan to send it back, does anybody know whether it might work with a third party battery or one of the other aftermarket power alternatives?

  • @thepalalias: I think it is not unlikely any other battery, original or 3rd-party, will work. The error message sounds like one specific to one particular piece of battery, or did you encounter this message with more than one?

  • I've used Wasabi batteries for years in all my cameras. They do not indicate battery status but have always proven safe and reliable and I charge them in the OEM chargers. They charge fine in the Panny chargers and Canon.

  • @karl 2 batteries - one that worked a few minutes earlier and one that I purchased new the next day.

    EDIT: Actually 3. I was at Samy's and we took the battery out of a GH2 they had at the store that they had been using a moment before and swapped it into mine. Same result.

  • @thepalalias: Ah, then it sure sounds like a defect in the body.

  • In one weeks time I'm going to order a 3rd party battery as OEM batteries still over $50. For a year now I've been using mainly UPSTARTBATTERY replacement batteries with a lifetime warrenty. My findings - the batteries work fine but: Batteries last 1/2 to 2/3rds time of OEM batteries. No battery level indicator. Occasionally, and it seems to be when the batteries are cold (<10 deg C) it displays "this battery cannot be used" and the camera cannot be turned on.

    Other alternatives? It seems the 1930mah batteries (by ecell?) are unreliable and frequently do not charge once discharged. 1600mah batteries by Tianlin2010 still being falsely sold as showing battery meter. The Wasabi 1400mah batteries according to peternap work well but without meter. Any other suggestions - especially larger capacity?

  • I have one of the Ecell batteries and although it is rated at over 1900mAH it only lasts for about half an hour - useful for getting you out of a hole but not reliable to use as a main battery. May try one of the lower capacity batts as they might be more accurately rated. Again this is just a "get-out-of-jail" batt as I wouldn't want to trust them as a main power source.

  • After reading this thread it is still difficult for me to determine what the safe 3rd party batteries may be (if any). Can anyone summarize?

  • I'm doing a test now, but basically there are no guaranties. Should have some numbers soon.

  • One thing i do know about 3rd party batteries is that your camera will have a slight burning smell when the battery voltage drops low some time before the camera shuts down. I guess as voltage drops current increases and some of the components heat up. My GH2 hasn't been damaged by this but it can't be doing it any good long term.

    Solution is the use the fully charged batteries for only a short period (half hour max then swap)

  • Got 2 E Cell and 2 Ex-Pro 3rd party batts and all outlast the Panny one