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Official Sony NEX 5N topic
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  • @alcomposer
    No comparisons..more just about alternatives

    I must be a beautiful Asian woman! ;-)
    Would not bother with Nex lenses..theyre all mediocre

  • FYI she's Korean. Just sayin'

    Thinking of mounting my 5N (with pancake) onto my rifle to film some paintball action. Yay or nay? lol
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  • thought i might keep this thread alive...
    here's how I configured my 5N for a shoot recently.
    Anyone ever heard of the Loupe Master viewfinder? I think Cinevate's Cyclops is similar. It's great because you can stick your face into it, and especially good for me as I wear glasses.
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  • Here´s my rig with the 5n
    N5N-nikon (1).jpg
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    N5N-nikon (3).jpg
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    N5N-nikon (2).jpg
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  • @xenogears
    Nice. Do you find using an external monitor reduces (or increases) overheat time?
    I'm waiting to get a cage so I can figure out a way to install cooling fans or heat sinks or sth similar to cool the 5N quicker..
  • @ed_lee83
    Well, i only have a overheat once, but i was a hot day, switching from a room with many people to exterior under bright sun, turnig of fr 30 secs and no more overheat sign. I already recorded a 3 days shooting at night and no overheat, i´m from Venezuela so cool weather is not a option.
  • @xenogears
    Good for you i suppose. I've heard horror stories about overheating.
    Here i had some time to try out a theory by placing cooling fans on the back of the body to see if a) Can record longer before overheat b) speed up recovery time after overheat shutdown.
    In this test i filmed a TV screen with audio. Room temp was about 22 degrees C.

    So, this had no help at all lenghtening record time (i peaked 35 mins) - which was as expected. But, after i turned off for about 15 secs, i was able to record for another 35 mins straight before overheating again. Before, it would only record for a few minutes.

    Now I don't know if it's worth figuring out a feasible way to install these fans properly?
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  • @ed_lee83 (don't own a nex...) however maybe try a Heat Pipe, as this would be able to make a closer connection to the body, (maybe even try transfer grease):

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  • A peltier + Heatsink combo would work nicely, people already use them on DSLR for astrophotography
  • Why not drill some holes on the body and install tiny mesh dust filter? :)
  • I'm afraid all this DIY stuff is a bit beyond me :)
    Yeah, seriously @stonebat, drill some holes or cracking open the case would probably the most effective!
  • Nice rig, @ed_lee83. I too, am very interested in the type of view finders you mention, designed to allow you to view with both eyes (even with glasses on). I have recently read about the "magfinder" in the British "what digital camera" magazine. They tested it against the more conventional (one eyed) viewers & where quite impressed with it.

    I can,t find the review online (i saw the printed copy). You can see the product at

    Where did you find yours?

  • @dark_fibre I bought mine retail in Hong Kong for a slightly lower price than that. It was called Loupe Master. I believe Jag35 has the same OEM product. I wouldn't say it's more "conventional" but great to use if u wear glasses. But I find that it easily fogs up from breathing when you have the shade attached. As such, i cut into the shade tO give my nose a little room and for my breath tO escape.

  • @ed_lee83.Thanks for that. I have just bought some nice underwater (skin diving) goggles from a specialist dive shop, they recommend an anti-fogging fluid. If you keep having issues something similar might be worth a try.

  • Could it be possible to hack Sony NEX series including 5n ? I see too much work in other cameras running and good results obtained.

  • Hi everybody...

    I was doing some research to find the 5n video crop factor but i did not find...

    I know the sensor is 1.5x crop factor for photos (from sony website) but i do not know if the camera add some adittional crop when shotting video (no information about).

    I know the sony NEX VG20 camcorder is 1.5x crop for photo and 1.8x crop for video. In VG20 the 18-200mm lens is 27-300mm in photo mode and 32.4-360mm in video mode (35mm equivalent). (from sony website).

    I just would like to know if someone can confirm or test the photo vs video mode in 5n to find if there is difference in what the camera can frame with the same lens in both modes.

    Many thanks.

  • @apefos 5n is same for both video & photo and to me is around 1.5x ( keep also in mind of 4.3 aspect ratio for photo and 16.9 for video) I have a GH2 also (GH2 is 1.8 crop no?) and crop is more on GH2 than it is on 5n using same lens. As far as I knew same applies to VG20 as I thought it is essentially the same as a 5n just in a different body.

  • @mimirsan

    thank you for the reply. so it seems the 5n just change for 16:9 for video without any aditional croping. if so, it will be great because it will have the smalest crop factor from a low budget camera for video. I would love to see the same lens in gh2 and in 5n in a comparison video on vimeo... thanks

  • Tempted to get this body just for 60p 1080 for slowmo shots, sure it has got faults like can't record over 30 minutes before it over heats but for a $500 camera that can slowmo at 2.5x slower when slowed to 24p.. not a bad deal. besides who is going to record 20 to 30 minutes of slowmo footage in one shot.

  • who is gona shoot more than 20 to 30 minutes in a single shoot in a narrative work?

    the 16mm k3 camera just shoot 30 seconds in each winding... and it was and is used to do narratives...

    Alfred Hitchcock did a movie called ROPE all done with long shots of 10 minutes maximum: Hitchcock shot for periods lasting up to ten minutes (the length of a film camera magazine)

    There is a solution for overheating developed using ram memory heatsinks:


    Some heatsinks links

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  • Dang you apefos, your going to make me spend more $$$ now :)

  • @apefos I will do a crop comparison for you when I get a bit of free time.

    As for the heatsinks...where did you find that??? Does it work?

  • Well, I did not test the heatsink myself. You can search "memory heatsink" on ebay and you will find lots of cheap options. I read somewhere the copper ones are better. Some of them come with an adesive to ease glue on nex-5n.

    A crop comparison between 5n photo and video mode with same lens, same focal lenght would be great. (remember to use both 3:2 and 16:9 photo mode when doing that).


  • @apefos Oops ive literally just uploaded a video with the difference between the GH2 and 5N crop in video 16.9 but not photo. Will do a quicky 5n photo/video comparison later.

  • Quicker to demonstrate with photograb from video.

    Lens was 24mm

    As you can see from the left/right of image there's no crop. only the top and bottom are cut off for 16.9.

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