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Apple making their own swamp with new MacOS
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  • Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a generally good track record of supply chain-based predictions, claims in an investor note that the first ARM-based Macs will be a new version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 24-inch version of a previously rumored iMac redesign. He goes so far as to suggest these Macs will show up in the fall.

  • Apple’s transition to a fully ARM-based lineup will take 12 to 18 months. The analyst expects the new ARM machines to outperform their Intel predecessors by 50 to 100 percent, though the actual performance will of course depend on what Apple decides to prioritize with the new designs.

    Well, Apple are masters of proper charts and presentations.

  • Tragedy of Apple

    Apple released developers machine as Mac Mini and with very underpowered A12Z chip (that is just modification of previous A12X and it is made for iPad Pro, beign fully unsuitable for netbooks even).

    This was not original plan, but their idea is to hide real performance trying to use holidays mess and controlled reviewers to not allow comparing notebooks to new 8 core AMD chips.

    Rumors in the industry are that Apple investors even paid for AMD keeping their notebook 4000 line GPU underpowered to keep Apple above water.

  • Also MacOS is now mostly iOS, as all core elements in new version are from iOS, despite lot of MacOS still remaining (mostly for compatibility reasons).

    In next 2-3 years we'll see how old features and compact desktop and mouse oriented design will be flushed out.

  • On MacOS version numbers

    Present new OS version is 11. Apple plans to catch iOS and iPad OS version numbers, but not instantly as they are afraid too much public attention to similarities with iOS. So, we'll have jump, but it will be made at the best possible moment with least attention, may be even during second wave of coronavirus.

    Also big changes to developer teams coming. as iOS, iPad OS and MacOS will become essentially one OS, with each new year design will move more towards spacious tablet like design. Big part here is new generation of designers and developers who never saw good desktop dense designs.

  • In their new world, all ios apps will work on macs....but most interesting ios apps , like instruments, need an touchscreen. If they released a mpe touchscreen imac that would run Velocity Keyboard ( or geoshred or ifretless sax ), now that would be something interesting.

  • @kurth

    As far as I understand their demo, desktop Macs will come with special big touchpad and this is that they used.

    Not sure about touchscreens.

  • New update from my source

    Apple is now developing 3 parallel lines of Macbook Pro notebooks

    1. First line will be using 10nm Intel CPUs
    2. Second line will be using AMD APUs, some models will supply AMD GPUs with them
    3. Third line using their own ARM CPUs, final CPUs are not ready due to issue with 5nm TSMC process

    Their own line is slowest, CPUs are not made for perisistent hard tasks.
    Whole Apple ARM design is made for high short load and instant thermal throttle after this.

    Apple’s new chips will “give the Mac industry-leading performance per watt”

    Present ARM chips are very badly optimized for high frequencies and best logn time performance.

    It is still high probability that move to ARM chips will be cancelled as it is 3 top managers who push this, and is Apple performance in iPhone sales will be bad due to coronavirus we can see huge strategy shifts and change of Apple CEO.

  • Apple hope that up to 70% of developers will stop making applications. This was main reason behind new container format, as for small firms and individual developers supporting 2 different versions is very hard financially (add here that it will be much more as Apple plans to significantly change their chips with each generation).

    Also around 35-50% of developers now are using hackintosh machines for all development and debugging, Apple move to ARM will require them to purchase top of the line Apple products adding significant expenses.

    You can ask - why it is good for Apple, as for users it is certanly bad? issue is that Apple need to improve profits, and this is why main attack is on small / medium size developers (Apple and their partners software will be replacements) and also same attack on independent hardware service that is going on during last 7-10 months.

  • Read carefully this Tweet of ex Apple guy


    Unified hardwarea dn unified software platform.

    iOS and A chips for all and everything.

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  • Mobile CPUs die sizes


    694 x 444 - 85K
  • So basically they're selling tablets with keyboard at a price of a notebook marketing them as innovative super cool, super autonomous, super slim and silent laptops. Silencing performance, of course. Apple has always been ingenious when it comes to creating cult out of ordinary things.

  • Small interesting private leak

    It can be that Apple will have only CPUs for iPhones ready this fall (5nm), and even them will be shifted to later availability.

    Macbooks, tablets and more can stay at 7nm or 7nm+ TSMC process for almost a year, so it will be just A12X and A12Z (that is actually same chip with enabled GPU core).

    Most fun is that Apple TV will have same CPU and Macbooks.

    Unification of software will be staggering and one of leading causes can be that Apple want to start massive developers optimization (aka firing in mass).

    Rumors inside is that we can see big amount of contractors and outsourcing with new approach. many remaining developers will stay working at homes. Apple also gently ask about moving to less expensive states, so they could cut salaries.

  • Apple plans for OS

    In case of some hardware sales slump Apple discussing making OS as subscription service (including iOS, iPad OS and now Mac OS), feature is tested, so if you won't pay for next month it'll offer you special screen and ability to copy your data to attached drive or via Wi-Fi. All other functions will be blocked.

  • This would bite them in the ass. But you would simply turn off connectivity. I always keep wifi off and airplane mode on. Desktops as well. You need to do this with windows too, to checkout any updates beforehand. For internet I keep a throwaway online, and as a checker. And linux is looking more attractive everyday.

  • @kurth

    It won't bite them at all, as tens of thousands of paid bloggers and articles will explain how it is major breakthrough in privacy and quality.

    Connectivity has nothing to do with it. Check how KMS licensing works or any subscription service like Adobe, here it is same.

  • @Vitaliy ....well I install a shxtload of unauthorized software , on both platforms...and they can't do anything about it. There will always be "alternatives".

  • @kurth

    No, it won't be.

    It is no alternatives for iPhone. As you literally can't do much on fully closed hardware/software system.

    All soft is signed, OS also and will be stored in special protected place (as SSD is also proprietary).

    If you look at the history of iPhone jaibreaks you also notice how tighter and better protection is now.

  • image

    Not bad if you compare it to slowest notebook without proper cooling.

    Also note that Apple specially optimized this machines for few leading benchmarks (despite that you need to sing agreement that you won't publish benchmarks Apple guys are not diiots). Rosetta code here is extremely optimized (as it is able to find matches and use special code parts) and they'll track the version changes and such.

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  • "Second line will be using AMD APUs, some models will supply AMD GPUs with them" Hey Vitaliy, what is a AMD APU? Does this mean that Apple might possibly use AMD for their CPU's? That would be interesting but I don't think they would waste their time with AMD CPU's at this point and time. I think they would invest most of their time with the new ARM Processors being that they are already using Intel chips.

  • Apple started testing iPhones with MacOS running on them (actually it is more like modified iOS now)

    Idea is to supply expensive dock station to turn it into full fledged Mac to work with monitor, mouse and keyboard.

    iPad OS also is merging with MacOS (with iOS being foundation for both).

    Rumors are that Apple management want to do one universal app store now and also talk about rising their share during each sale.

  • well apple putting in ryzen apu's would make them easier for hackintoshes

  • image

    Industry rumors are that TSMC having issues with 5nm process, this is why Apple will shift smartphones announcement.

    Situation with A14X chip that must be in new Macbooks is even worse, as TSMC will be able to actually make them in volume only in 2021. so, we can have only announcement around November-December with limited amount sent to reviewers.

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