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Apple making their own swamp with new MacOS
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  • “Over a decade ago, Apple partnered with Intel to design and develop Thunderbolt, and today our customers enjoy the speed and flexibility it brings to every Mac. We remain committed to the future of Thunderbolt and will support it in Macs with Apple silicon,” commented an Apple spokesperson.

    Issue is that Apple LSI are extremely badly suited for Thunderbolt and wide PCIe in general.

    Expect some PR or marketing stunt from Apple in this regard, fuzzy rumors are that we can get USB 4 and Thunderbolt will change name and will have few small protocol changes and will require Apple certification and special ancryption key on all new Apple products.

    Someone even told that Apple stands behind recent DMA scandals concerning Thunderbolt and they will use security pretence to close protocol and make private and patanted modifications.

  • Dangerous moves

    As Apple has issues with meeting their profits targets they started discussing idea to use ARM movement to start attack on independent developers. Apple can form up to 20 software teams that will quickly release copies of popular application made by third party developers, aiming mostly at mid size companies who are weak in the legal battles. As Apple can also make stunts like Goolge makes with Antutu it is quikc to gain most of the app users, as their apps can be removed or downgraded using some weirds logic. Apple idea is to make new apps full of their ads and also add subscription based features. Top managemtn love the plan. We can see implementation soon.

  • Apple 2020 plans

    • Expensive 14" Macbook Pro
    • Cheaper and simpler Macbook Air

    According to one retailer Apple won't reduce notebook prices and want to have all the $200-300 gain they get due to their own CPU as profits.

  • Many Apple engineers are extremely angry

    It is rumors inside Apple that management had meeting with both AMD and ARM (future macs) team and it had been super hot.

    ARM chips can't compete with modern 6-8 core x86 CPUs, they also have extreme deficiences in many regards as had been made precisely for short wakeup, work and deep sleep.

    Only argument that top managemt kept repeating is much better profits as one main LSI (I mean here new upcoming A14x chip) cost Apple around 20-27% of AMD mobile chip cost and less than 10% of top Intel chips cost (as margins are staggering here).

    ARM team also had been concerned with Rosetta and made claims, but top managers assured that they'll wipe this app out within 1-2 years with claims that you don't need any x86 apps.

  • Very fun fact

    On Apple inside meeting they had one section about China-US major conflict and Apple place in all this.
    Main planned scenery is that Apple will be slowly and gradually pushed out of China and also they expect to go out of exUSSR, many Asian countries markets and even Australia/NZ (this had ? mark).

    Fun fact is that they had slide about US disadvantages that told that Apple must fund lobby and stand to change US 110V, miles and such things into common 220V, SI system and so on. As it is important in upcoming standards war.

    Also Apple expect that it will be two completely different 6G and new Wi-Fi standards, one for China controlled camp and another for "shrinking US area of influence" as they called it.

  • More detail from my source

    Biggest weight on the scales that forced Apple to use proprietary ARM is to support Taiwanese chips manufacturer during hard days, and also account to simple fact that MacOS based products sales will be banned in China soon (expect 2021 even). Openly using platform from Taiwan and openly declaring Taiwan independence (that Tim Cook can also do in 2021) are nice things to have.

    On internal slide Apple expect conflict in Taiwan with around 60% probability, so they have one more manufacturer (not Intel) they work to make their LSI (in case of TSMC issues).

  • New rumors about A14x chip

    • 4 Atom class cores, low consumption and low performance
    • 8 so called high performance cores, frequency around 3-3.5Ghz
    • One high performance core is similar to Intel 5th generation Core mobile CPU, but do not like intense work
    • Floating point units will be reduced and peformance will be around 1/3 of modern Ryzen or Intel cores
    • To compensate it will be special media encoding/decoding and DSP unit
    • Final performance will be around 60-70% of Ryzen 1700 class chip
  • A14 chip photos (one that will be used in smartphones)


    Compared to previous chip it is up to 15% faster and up to 30% more energy efficient.

    Note that next step will be tiny marketing step called 4nm (same 5nm but with few small changes, same as Global Foundries fake 12nm) and after this it will be quite big pause till fake 3nm and finally 2nm (that will be final industry destination).

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  • Apple A14 performance rumors

    • CPU single thread peak performance will rise 40%
    • GPU peak performance will rise 50%
    • First Apple LSI to have severe thermal issues (even in smartphone version)
    • All cores performance will rise only 10-20% as it will attempt to resuce frequency to keep thermals
    • All cores + GPU will also rise only 25%, this mode will be most problematic
    • Some testers reported 3x times performance drop in demanding long benchmark
  • Apple is working on their graphics processing more and more, but we most like won’t see this come to anything major (like a dedicated GPU for Apple desktops) for a few years

    My estimate according to software developers talks is 1.5-2 years tops.

    GPU architecture will be fully closed, design made to maximally prevent reverse engineering, even bus is expected to be encrypted in realtime (Apple wants to try to use non standard PCIe like bus).

  • If apple drops pcie buss there ale lots of new buses technologies to gather.

    Real problems with marketing something is not up there with competition. The only way to regain some performance control may be super hyper duper software so optimized pretty impossible to make.

    I really do Not understand why they think powerfull prosseeing they can use RISC. Yes can be optimized ! but at an extent, and always needs hardware upgrades to the chip level. DECODERS, ENCODERS, COMPRESSION and DECOMPRESSION are key words on this race for optimization.

    Either way I don’t see to many pros real pros switching to this ARM in the near future.

  • New round of leaks

    Mid level MacOS X managers got from top meeting very happy, part of leaked info from lower level of management is that Apple made final decision to go all in considering subscription model.

    This will include both MacOS X, Final Cut X and few special software packages, including educational one. They plan to increase income 10 fold from MacOS X software and do it using subscription and fully closing MacOS X system for third party developers. In case of Baiden win lot of it will happen in early 2021 already or will be shifted depending on overall situation in case of low probability Trump return to office.

  • Upcoming MacBook Pro 13”

    • Apple CPUs and also option to have Intel CPU
    • Magic Keyboard
    • Bezels as thin as current 16” model
    • $1099 for cheapest model, simplest ARM 8GB RAM, 256 Gb SSD
    • 1080p FaceTime Camera
    • Unveiled at Oct Event
    • Shipping in Oct
  • Industry insiders pointed out that Apple has cancelled support for AMD GPUs in the macOS Arm 64-bit operating system, indicating that Apple will be adopted in the future. Silicon’s Mac personal computers may use a GPU developed and designed by Apple. Recently, the industry has reported that in addition to Apple Silicon processors, Apple’s iMac desktops launched next year will also be equipped with self-developed and designed Apple GPUs.

    According to relevant sources, Apple's self-developed GPU is progressing smoothly. The research and development code is Lifuka. Like the upcoming A14X processor, it is produced using TSMC's 5nm process. Apple has designed a series of processors for Mac personal computers. The new GPU will provide better performance per watt and higher computing performance. It has tile-based deferred rendering technology that allows application developers to write More powerful professional application software and game software.

    From Chinese site

  • In June, we announced that all Mac software distributed outside the Mac App Store must be notarized by Apple in order to run by default on macOS Catalina. In September, we temporarily adjusted the notarization prerequisites to make this transition easier and to protect users on macOS Catalina who continue to use older versions of software. Starting February 3, 2020, all submitted software must meet the original notarization prerequisites.

    If you haven’t yet done so, upload your software to the notary service and review the developer log for warnings. These warnings will become errors starting February 3 and must be fixed in order to have your software notarized. Software notarized before February 3 will continue to run by default on macOS Catalina.

    As a reminder, all installer packages must be signed since they may contain executable code. Disk images do not need to be signed, although signing them can help your users verify their contents.

    With announcement of new ARM notebooks it'll be next step, as despite all the fight related with iOS Appstore Apple wants to turn MacOS into full iOS copy in this regard, blocking any ability to install third party apps and getting at least 20% cut from everything including update and subscription plans even.

    Inside Apple the attack on their Appstore is now related with recent Apple plans to rise cut from 30% to 35% from certain apps categories and up to 50% on online games category, hence we had big game developers going against Apple, as they had sources inside Apple.

    Apple is now extremely pressed by investors to keep profits relative to stock price and only way to do is is to rip every Apple device owner and also rip each developer working using Apple infrastructure.

  • Apple has been stepping up its purchases of datacenter server components since second-quarter 2020 with related shipments in full-year 2020 expected to double on year and to continue to grow in 2021

    Apple is preparing new MacOS (aka iOS desktop edition) section of their app store for new ARM computers.

    They also will send record amount of telemetry (to improve your security, no less!) so thousands of new servers are required.

  • On A14 CPU

    Apple’s A14 Bionic, a 5nm chip with a six-core CPU (two high, four low), and 11.8 billion transistors. Apple is promising a 40 percent performance improvement over the last iPad Air and improved graphics support, thanks to a new four-core GPU.

    Apple says it’s the “most advanced chip” it has ever made, and it even includes specific machine learning accelerators that apps will be able to use. Apple demonstrated a variety of apps during its press event today, promising that app developers will be able to take advantage of the power of this new chip for their apps.


    Rumors is that Apple new notebooks will be all based on A14X or A14Z, that will have active extra two high powered cores that are disabled in A14.

    Some previous rumors talked about equal 8 core CPU, but it seems much less probable now.

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  • Less probable now with all problems with UV light and lies from tsmc.

  • New info

    Main measurement of new ARM closed system success will be extra income from services and subscriptions.

    In late 2021 Apple must be starting offering OS, OS+ and OS+Creative packages subscriptions.

    Last will include new Final Cut X (software will have parts that you could subscribe to for extra if you want things outside basic features) and other creative software

    Apple is working with banks on offering subscription packages using credit system, so students could pay for them after graduation, for example.

    Buyers of new hardware will be getting 2 years of free OS level subscription. All software OS+ or OS+Creative features or advanced software will be provided on the one month trial basis.

  • This is so ingenious!!! This fucks sure know how to milk the cow to death.

    Apple assuring that you are gonna be a debtor all your working life

  • Twitter leaker Komiya told that Apple has two chips coming, they will feature eight and twelve cores, respectively. The actual core configurations are unknown at this time. Considering that the silicon is intended for notebooks, it will need to pack a bit more punch than its mobile and tablet counterparts; Hence, a 2+2+4 and 4+4+4 (ultra-high-performance, high-performance, efficiency) configuration is possible. Komiya also rounds things off by saying that Apple will launch a sixteen-core version next year.

    One thing is certain - Apple new ARM based notebooks will be much slower compared to AMD Ryzen 5000 based competition in 2021.

  • To confirm, there IS a November ARM Mac event. I’m hearing November 17th.


  • New Apple custom GPU coming


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  • Apple has announced a “One More Thing” event for November 10th, which will presumably see the company announce its first Arm-based Macs that run on Apple Silicon chips instead of the Intel processors the company has used since 2005.

  • Apple’s new laptop lineup will include:

    • 16 inch MacBook Pro
    • 13 inch MacBook Pro
    • 13 inch MacBook Air

    Chinese OEM Foxconn will be assembling the smaller models for Apple, while Taiwanese company Quanta will be working on the 16 inch MacBook Pro.