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Apple making their own swamp with new MacOS
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  • Within 2 months Apple will stop software developing for x86

    Exclusions will be made for some drivers and some OS parts.

    All other software now will be developed for ARM only and new features won't be ported or shared with x86 versions.

    Some software will also get new crypto protection and reversing protection, so CPU will dynamically decrypt the code inside itself (decryption key will be secret and will be flashed into CPU on factory).

    All hardware will be serialized and cross signed, so none of authorized service will be able to replace any significant chip and keep machine working.

    Apple will market all new computers as "impossible to repair", it will be only total replacement with controlled destruction of older products that will be allowed.

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  • Many Mac users reported that their computers have been running slower than usual on Thursday with apps launching slowly or not at all, alongside other Apple service issues.

    It appears that the problem is due to many people rushing to download macOS Big Sur, which was officially released today, which in turn seems to have crashed Apple’s OCSP (online certificate status protocol) service — which is used for several key aspects of macOS, including validating digital certificates for both Apple and third-party software on the Mac

    It is time to leave such system. Until it is too late.

  • Got one important message from devs

    Apple is preparing some bad surprise in software department in 2021, idea is to "milk the notebooks user base" and the found the way to do it. How they will do it I have no idea, as one big manager accidentally told it on meeting smiling, no details.

  • Apple is closing iOS apps installation possibility outside their store

    Apple has already started blocking the installation of iOS applications on Mac computers with the M1 chip, bypassing the App Store. Earlier it was reported that the company plans to do this soon, but no one expected it to happen so soon.

    We are talking about installing iOS applications using a third-party utility iMazing, which is generally intended to manage media content on iOS devices, but users have found another use for it. Now, when trying to install an IPA file, an error window appears with the text: “The application cannot be installed. Please try again later. "

    Same thing will happen soon with any sideloaded application.

    After participating in Baiden coup Apple meetings tone changed and now they want to speed things up a lot.

  • Management changes reflecting new reality

    Apple’s hardware team is getting its biggest shakeup in nearly a decade, as Dan Riccio — who served as the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering since 2012 — transitions to “a new role” at the company. He’ll be replaced as Apple’s head hardware engineer by John Ternus, who led the hardware team designing the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro, in addition to working on Apple’s M1 chips. Ternus has been vice president of hardware engineering at Apple since 2013.

  • A new bill introduced in the North Dakota Senate might have far-reaching consequences for app store operators. The bill, Senate Bill 2333, seeks to ban stores like Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store from mandating developers only use those app stores and their respective in-app payment systems. It also bans retaliation against developers in the event they choose an alternative distribution channel or payment system.

    “The purpose of the bill is to level the playing field for app developers in North Dakota and protect customers from devastating, monopolistic fees imposed by big tech companies,” said Sen. Kyle Davison (R-Fargo)

    They want money, Apple money.

    Just watch on how it'll sink and few guys will become very rich.

  • Apple announced that its Testflight tool, which allows developers to share their apps with non-developer beta testers, is finally migrating to MacOS. Testflight had until this point been an iOS exclusive but with this move, developers will be able to more quickly and easily test in-app purchases and other Mac features.

    Another small step to fully closed ecosystem.