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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • It is a form of censorship. Journalists trying to cover COVID-19 are not allowed to talk with many federal health researchers or administrators without checking in first with government “public information officers” or PIOs. Sometimes the request is denied outright. Oftentimes, if a reporter is granted an interview, a PIO insists on sitting in on the interview.

    “For a long time I thought I was losing my mind. When you see things that others aren’t seeing or you see something in society that others don’t see or do anything about, you feel like you’re losing your mind,” says veteran Washington, DC health and health policy reporter Kathryn Foxhall. She is the point person for the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) on this issue of restrictions placed on reporters by federal agencies and by others. SPJ calls it “censorship by PIO” or public information officer. Foxhall has also worked with the National Press Club on these issues.

  • @jleo

    You don't get it, It is proper democratic measures made to not allow any Russian hackers and Chinese sponsored cowards to endanger people of US. (c)

  • Mordor news


    See this thing happening on last week? It is called plateau :-), seriously.

    After making promises to demand mask wearing and implementing big fines for not having it our goverment cancelled export restrictions for.. masks. Manufacturers instantly promised to try to export as much as possible to richer countries. Not that it will change anything for people, as you it is very hard to find masks anyway for now. As people already are out of the masks it is fewer and fewer people who wear them now.

    it is perfect illustration of class nature of the goverment, as bigger masks manufacturers did not want to lose so much profits for long, so they literally demanded export restrictions ban to be lifted.

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  • Researchers at the South Korean centre for disease control and prevention (CDC) now say it is impossible for the COVID-19 virus to reactivate in human bodies.

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  • Why you don't see masks widely available still (they had 4 fucking months!)?

    All is simple, check our topics on DRAM, NAND (SSDs) and sensors to get some idea (cameras are very similar also!). As internal mechanism is all the same. Capitalist companies maximize profits and minimize any work and risks. For example, you could have 3-4x of SSDs produced for around 30-40% of current price if not cartel agreements. Same with DRAM where price can be also halfed and production increased 3 times.

    Even more fun is that 90% of western firms now call to China to buy lines to product one time masks (as they have maximal profits now), and waiting period now reached 5 months already, some talk about 7 months minimum if you are willing ot pya around 4x of normal (pre coronavirus) price.

  • I think this virus was released over a year ago, Like aids one can make the desease other carriers only.

    Inmune system down by virus T cell attack, increase viral charge infect whatever was placed covid with any organ with tiny blood vessels make blood cloth you die, if not severely injured or later on injured cos activations of the virus. Grate for medical company and insurance. Grate virus design since this shit is no corona virus, I can use a corona car and put a Ferrari engine and say outside is a corona!! Dude!! Clearly is not but seems from the outside doesn’t behave like a corona it’s for shure.

    Why use corona as exterior of virus, cos it is air spreadable, resist just the time the dies easy with uv or simple soap, easily mistaken by simple flu like symptoms which is headache, throat, tiredness, you know the common thing a simple pill can kill, but on this one just those non steroidal antinflamatories, just won’t cut the cake it make it worse, good move by the molecular designer.

    We are all infected already. That’s a true, Just wait, strange classic stupid symptoms lately ah pinch of feel in the throat some tiredness, maybe some headache, no fever, you know , just your mind messing around. Why so manny rapid bad cases on asintomatic people. Viral charge was not activated yet, and when is on since it was already inside maybe a month ago releases virus massively and kills quick and easy with stupid symptoms. What is written in that RNA was cleverly designed and executed.

    we all know it does not behave la like a classic corona car isn’t it? This shit has another engine and electronics inside, and the project car was released a while ago, more time than you think testing this Frankenstein cars takes time to tune you know, testing, takes time.

    In did a job a the main hospital in a part of Lima. It was an important job mainly for the people of Peru a message from the doctors to the people positive false message of everything is allright near covid, when it is not.

    When I finished the interview and messages, the eyes when the cameras where off, and the real speach begun for me was clear, they said they don’t know what the fuck this is, it doesn’t behave like anything predictable, all kind of strange side effect are seen, seem to be simple but it isn’t.

    They as doctors are more more worried for the asintomátic population that for the severe cases, they say at least here we know is the lung, but when is the liver and you still don’t know cos are asymtomatic, when you will come sick seeking for cure? in what state? There are cases of two days death by pneumonia with asyntomatic and negative results of covid, and destroyed inmune system.


    Their word, not mine, the word of the general manager of the hospital the last man on the photo. with white hair.

    Let’s wait and see, but this has bee on more time than you think.

    and for me im fucked i think being that close to covid patients wasnt worth the risk, but well unless i know they dont know shit about the virus, but ill die painless with some advice they gave me, ive got their phone numbers we became good fellas!!

    lol GH2 doing extreme biohazard job, my throat hurts!!!

    doing real shit , getting real data , not posting stupid graphs

    This was a week ago. I’m alive still, wish me luck fellas! I got more new data from doctors. Stayed tuned

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  • Economics activity index




    US per state:


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  • An interview that Vitaliy gave some time ago :-) Explains everything about the big Corona.

  • It is linear growth now


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  • @zcream....the russian ex-intel...said 300 deaths wordwide per day. The worldwide daily death toll peaked over 10k. On the day this interview was published , it was 5336. The next day it was 7284. Was this interview given on march 11th ? Between the 11th and the 12th, it surpassed 300. If not, then those "facts"really get in the way of a good conspiracy.

  • UVC is particularly good at killing organic material — whether in humans or viral particles — but the jury is still out on whether it can be effective in destroying the novel coronavirus.

    It is time to repress presstitutes for posting such.

    As we already saw how first in medical history people without symthoms become extremely dangerous for flu like viruses spreading, how coronavirus had been declared to survive for weeks on surfaces and so on. Damage this guys done to society is astonishing and they must be repressed.

  • Rich are not feeling bad at all


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  • Mordor news


    What happened at April 30th so we had big cases jump? Moscow and few other cities DOUBLED testing at one day timeframe. Very interesting how system works.

    It is also become clear why all developed countries had such strange PCR testing numbers at the beginning, as too fast testing increase could destroy informational power that will be available in the future.

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  • @MikeLinn.... George Bush is a known war criminal who probably can't even go to canada for fear of arrest. And he's sending out warm messages ?

  • @kurth I dont know when this was actually recorded. Juicy conspiracies nonetheless

  • The UK is one of the few countries that has chosen to create a contact-tracing app that is incompatible with the contact-tracing API currently being developed by Google and Apple. Instead of decentralizing the data across devices, the UK will pool the information it collects in a single database operated by the National Health Service, or NHS.

    It is interesting how few countries wish to use US based tracking stuff.

    Everyone understand now that both Google and Apple are companies acting in the interests of possible enemy and using their tools must be minimized.

  • @endotoxic Interesting take on the situation! Thanks for sharing.

  • @endotoxic...yeah I to see it

  • New York Times leadership tells staff in memo that "the earliest day we will ask people who are currently working remotely to return to our offices in New York will be on Sept. 8, the Tuesday after Labor Day.

  • Very strange virus


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  • @Vitaliy....universities in the US are supposedly opening for fall term. I advised those near to me to quit !