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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @Vitaliy.....

    The judicial source said the probe was focusing on a March 8 directive by Lombardy authorities which asked local care homes to take in patients discharged from hospitals in an effort to free up badly needed space in packed wards.

    Some doctors and nurses say this helped spread the infection because the care homes lacked adequate protection.

    [VK - added citation]

  • @Vitaliy...yeap...look back at jleo's post...the video's gone. Well I think utubA has gone too far and kissed it's own ass goodbye.

  • 100% of americans will psychologically breakdown if lockdown is longer than 6 months.... good thing these americans didn't get left behind by MacArthur...those americans spent 5 years eating potatoes.

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  • Young and middle-aged people, barely sick with covid-19, are dying of strokes

    Doctors sound alarm about patients in their 30s and 40s left debilitated or dead. Some didn’t even know they were infected.

    As Oxley, an interventional neurologist, began the procedure to remove the clot, he observed something he had never seen before. On the monitors, the brain typically shows up as a tangle of black squiggles — “like a can of spaghetti,” he said — that provide a map of blood vessels. A clot shows up as a blank spot. As he used a needlelike device to pull out the clot, he saw new clots forming in real-time around it.

    “This is crazy,” he remembers telling his boss.

  • @jleo

    Many doctors expressed worry that as the New York City Fire Department was picking up four times as many people who died at home as normal during the peak of infection that some of the dead had suffered sudden strokes. The truth may never be known because few autopsies were conducted.

    It is very strange behaviour of ruling class as it strongly oppose autopsies all around the world.

  • Mordor news

    In 2019 around 295,5 thousands people died from oncology.

    In 2020 around 972 people died from coronavirus.

    For this to happen most of onvology centers are being closed or highly reduced, expected number of people hwol will die this year from oncology is 350-500 thousands (due to lack of medical help).


  • Small amount of optimism

    The continued sharp decline in working hours globally due to the COVID-19 outbreak means that 1.6 billion workers in the informal economy – that is nearly half of the global workforce – stand in immediate danger of having their livelihoods destroyed.

    Capitalism kills.

  • @Vitaliy....usually autopsies are not performed in non violent death unless requested by the family. But in a health crisis they should've been requested by the coroner. But the kicker about this article is ...we don't know shxt about this virus. But it's not the flu.

  • Total control

  • @kurth

    With new illness, especially such complex one and such that affect economy so much, you need to made as much autopsies as possible - around 80% of all people who died.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Capitalism kills.

    Correction: Governments kill. They don't care what societal model is in place, they have complete control in the background, and can implement it whenever they want. We the people have no power anymore. Anywhere. It is a grim fucking time.

  • @joethepro

    Goverment is just nice committee responsible for holding common fund that capitalists own. And who act in their interests. So, it is against logic to blame goverment. And it no such thing as "we, the people", only in some wet dream such thing exist.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Don't misunderstand my comment. I am in no way defending the capitalist system and the USA government's deep ties into it. I'm just saying, don't be naive. The social framework which a country/government claims is meaningless. The government has been given ultimate authority by the fact that they exist. When the people who they claim to represent have their voices/complaints continually squashed or ignored, there will be inevitable revolt. When this happens, the government uses power and violence against all dissenters. Every government will do this. We have given up control.

  • @joethepro

    Start from so we could return to same talk with better understanding on the terms and how state works.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Im not sure I understand your position. Are you defending major governments and the control they exert? Look at the USA, China, Russia, India. Major countries with governments who have complete control over the people. Some of these countries are so bad that you cannot say what you are thinking online, or you may disappear. This is my point. What is yours?

  • @joethepro

    I am not defending anything. I just asked to use scientific class based approach. You try to revert to common logic, it is dangerous path leading to defeat of your ideas.

  • If no control then no society.

    Society’s is in fact the wrong here as an structure. Social word should be thrown away, and make new definition of structure.

    All that comes out of society is corrupted by default.

    No governments, no political side, no nothing, is to blame but society.

    Invent new word and definition @joetheoro and maybe time will structure something better for us all.

  •'re right. Every govt no matter what it's so-called economic model are now totalitarian. Government by it's very nature, as an organism, seeks to expand it's power. And all govts are made up of individuals who profit from their positions, no matter if it's china, russia, or the usa/empire. And it's form is a's always been a pyramid. There's few people in power at the top, who will do anything humanly imaginable to stay there, and many below. Maybe lenin and trotsky tried to invert it for about a decade, but it easily reinverted itself. And others all the way back to akhenaten have tried. For example, simply look at the wealth of the ruling families of venezuela. They have huge bank accounts. That's not what their economic model should predict, yet human nature makes it inevitable.

  • @kurth

    I propose to stop talking on common logic level and move up. As things like "human nature makes it inevitable" statements suck badly (and they are 100% from propaganda you get from birth in each capitalist country).

  • Coronavirus lockdown in France to be extended till 24 July

    New law will be passed in next few days.

  • Here we go again

    US officials are very worried about famine in North Korea.

    For reference - it is US who put energy, food and other goods blockadon NK :-)
    And it is US who have tens of millions of their own people who lost their jobs and all income.
    With farmers destroying products and waiting for cheap migrant workers to work for them again (and telling same officials that if they won't get them some cheap workers it'll be famine in US).

  • @Vitaliy ...history shows no matter where, that all leaders seek to develop identity cults that allow them to assume all powerful status....hence..."human nature makes it inevitable". The will to power has always and will always exist. Some leaders are more transparent than others. Some send axe assassins to mexico when their position is threatened. Some attempt to coverup a pandemic. Some simply seek to assuage their childlike egos. There are many levels of human behavior that occur before the political.

  • @kurth

    As I said, I want to up discussion level and you try to dig it down :-)

    Some send axe assassins to mexico when their position is threatened.

    Knowing history helps. USSRs never told that they sent anyone, even Western countries never agreed with this until later in Cold war.

    Mr. Trotsky had anough complications within Mexican and US organizations that he workerd with (pseudo socialist parties mostly).