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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • If I buy a new camera I do not want to buy a new computer...

    You don't need to. Cheap GPU will do.

  • if you are just doing a playback, the gpu can do.

    but problem is:

    if you are editing the cpu does the decoder, the gpu does only the real time effects.

    so h265 will need a new cpu, and a new cpu will need a new motherboard, new memory, new computer...

  • if you are editing the cpu does the decoder, the gpu does only the real time effects.

    Please, let's move to other topic, as people here not much interested in this details.

    To be short - it is incorrect. GPU is complex thing, decoding is done by fixed logic video block (same as in Intel CPUs with QuickSync), all effects is done using code written for specific GPU (Cuda or OpenCL).

  • How is progress in IQ supposed to happen (in affordable equipment) if codecs can't progress too? h264 was just as big of a pain in the ass to edit and play when it started to take over on cameras around 7-8 years ago. Lots of people complained that HDV/MPEG2 were more than good enough.

    Then affordable software and hardware caught up, and the complaints disappeared, and everyone finally admitted that MPEG2 really wasn't good enough. The exact same cycle is starting to happen now, just without such a clear successor to h264. Will it be h265? VP9? Something else?

    My 5yr-old computer with an i7 2600K and a GTS450 can play h265 files fairly well in VLC. Edit, no, but I don't expect that on such old hardware. If the GH5, or whatever my next camera is, uses h265 or some other new codec, I'll happily deal with transcoding, or try the proxy workflow in the new Premiere CC.

  • GH5 3.7 million dots OLED EVF.

    This is a major improvement. With GH4 EVF it is hard to see if the 4k video is in focus. AF is little unreliable in 4k video. It helps manual focusing too.

  • Any chance the GH5 could have built-in waveform?

  • Any chance the GH5 could have built-in waveform?

    Extremely small.

  • GH4: 2359k dots OLED EVF 0,67 magnification

    GH5: 3680k dots OLED EVF 0,76 magnification

  • Any chance the GH5 could have built-in waveform?

    Why are you so pessimistic Vitaliy?...

  • first footage shot on the GH5?

    The clips properties show it was shot at 4k 60p..on a panasonic lens....????

  • Based on the clips inserted into the podcast, it looks like he shot his documentary in 4K 60P as well. Probably done purely for marketing reasons, as that is a standalone feature of this camera. If the cam can really do 180 fps HD (3x slow-mo in a 60P timeline), it could still add a nice dramatic effect to the final piece.

  • I did not get it, why do you think this was shot on GH5? I skipped through video couldn't watch it really..

  • 1 - because the video is 4k @60. And 2 - because the host is a Panny ambassador now.

  • @aldolega If Panasonic is going to offer H.265, why can't they also offer H.264? I mean, DJI just did that, they are offering H.265 but there is still H.264 for those that prefer it, Panasonic could simply do the same. It doesn't need to be a hassle with just H.265 like Samsung did.

  • @theSUBVERSIVE Yes that's a good point, assuming there isn't some technical reason it couldn't be done, that would be the ideal solution for right now. And the GH6 or 7 could be h265 only, as by then everything would have caught up.

  • [Photos added by VK]

    GH5 photos:




    800 x 592 - 44K
    800 x 655 - 54K
    800 x 569 - 48K
    800 x 526 - 62K
    800 x 654 - 63K
  • I bet the joystick is to move between PDAF points...

  • I bet the joystick is to move between PDAF points...

    Time to get rid of such things. All it needs is one button and good eye tracker inside EVF for this.

  • What are the new drive modes?

    I think 6k Photo and post focus?

  • AE-lock button seems to bee much closer to thumb in GH5 than in GH4. It is good because it is difficult to use back button focusing in GH4. It needs too much thumb movement and the video shakes easily. I hope is will be possible to program separate AF and AE lock and maybe even WB lock.

  • Looks like on the photo with LCD flipped out, it has the Bluetooth symbol, what will that do instead of wifi connection?

  • Nikon has it, BT has low energy consumption.

  • Still no picture of the sensor. I'm dying to discover the aspect ratio of the sensor...

  • I already posted this on other topics, but it is worth discussing in GH5 topic also


    This is Olympus MK II main motherboard. If my sources are right, GH5 motherboard will be very similar. For such price MB must not have SD slots directly mounted on it, as well as do not have any external connectors.

    In short it means that it'll me least integrated and most complex MB for few years for Panasonic.