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GH5 Panasonic camera, from anticipation to love or hate
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  • No stabilization would be a bit of a bummer, but I believe in Panasonic and them giving us the best camera they can for the money. Still am in love with my GH4.

    A few years ago everyone complained that they purposely crippled the gh1, gh2, gh3. Then the Gh4 blew that argument sky high. I'm very excited for the Gh5. Ibis or no, it is a worthy upgrade just from what has been shared so far.

  • The Newshooter video that @MikeLinn posted is very intriguing - especially the information that even the GH5 prototype that looked complete is also a mockup. And the refuse of all of them to comment anything except the already published info (basically, video modes) made me think that Panasonic was surprised by the movements of their competitors and started almost from scratch. They refuse to say the sensor's resolution, the sensor's size, anything.

    I guess that the image pipeline is ready, but IBIS, sensor, EVF and other things are in a change process, or already in evaluation. Remembered me the first Pentax K-1 mockup.

    Our friend @driftwood is in the video, but I guess that he could not supply any more information. :)

  • Our friend @driftwood is in the video, but I guess that he could not supply any more information. :)

    Nick joined Panasonic. So, on the other side now :-)

    Our PV team met him, but I do not see him on PV for long time.

  • Perfect card to pair with your future 4K 60fps Panasonic GH5:

    VK: Changed link to PV, as we already have this info.

  • ah, I didn't see that in the Photokina topic

    I remember the day a 512GB card was announced (exactly 2yrs ago!) and damn... I wanted one, but it cost nearly double what I paid for my BMPCC! (as it was, I ended up spending as much on hyperfast SD cards for the BMPCC as I did on buying the camera itself!)

  • I have an odd question. If we wanted a GH4 that could shoot 10-bit, we'd have had to invest in a YAGH or an external recorder. And with the GH5, we get 10-bit internal, but not in 60fps mode.

    So these external accessories might offer some really great potential. Any word on this potential?

  • " It also features ‘6K PHOTO’*2 which extracts approx.18-megapixel still images from ultra-high-quality video with approx. 9 times the pixel count of Full-HD. "

    "*2 “6K PHOTO” is a high speed burst shooting function that cuts a still image out of a 4:3 or 3:2 video footage with approx.18-megapixel (Approx.6000 x 3000 effective pixel count) that 6K image manages. The name ‘6K PHOTO’ is tentative."

    This to me indicates a multi aspect ratio sensor... It says that the 3:2 image has approx 6000 x 3000 pixels...

    The numbers don't make total sense even if the GH5 has a multi aspect ratio 20++ MP sensor.

    In 4:3 aspect 5184 x 3888. (20 MP)

    In 1.45 aspect: 5650ish x 3888 (22 MP)

    Making a 18 MP frame 5650ish x 3185ish but thats a 16:9 ratio...

  • We were for PV at the Photokina. I had an interview at Panasonic with Neil Lloyd-Meek from Panasonic England, who is a trainer for the sales people. The video of the interview will come. He repeated exactly what was said on the Press conference and to every other question regarding GH5 or anything going further of the Lumix system he said that he simply does not know it. He or they could not even say the planned month when the GH5 shall be available.

    I also met Nick Driftwood who said, and I belive it, he knows more but he can not say more due to his contract. Seems to be a high fine on him if he says something and belive me, I tried. What he DID say was, the the community will be very happy with the final result of the GH5 and that Panasonis does read very attentively Personal view and other forums to see what is demanded by the users. My "personal view" is, that the final list of the features of the GH5 is not finished and not decided and that they only published the specs that they are 100% sure that they can and will implement in the GH5 and that they see what else they can fit in.

    One more word about Nick Driftwood: For the forum, he seems to be on the "other" side, but for Panasonic he is still the "hack guy" and whenever something leaks out, he is still the first suspect for Panasonic.

    And directly to Panasonic: No, Nick did not say anything more than what has been published before dring the Panasonic Press conference.

  • Probably no more news until CES 2017 in 4,5 months.

    But seriously strange that even the photo MP is missing form the short introduction.

  • Yesterday presentation recording

  • @EspenB You're right that the 6K Photo Mode numbers don't really make sense.

    For starters, 6000 x 3000 is a 2:1 aspect ratio, which is kind of odd. To get a 6K photo in 3:2 aspect ratio would be 6000 x 4000 (24 MP total). Or in a 4:3 aspect ratio this would be 6000 x 4500 (27 MP total). Which would seem to be a pretty big jump in total megapixel count (and pixel density) for a micro 4/3 sensor.

    If we assume the 18 MP number is accurate, then a 3:2 aspect ratio photo with that megapixel count would have dimensions of around: 5200 x 3466 An 18 MP 4:3 aspect ratio photo would measure around 4900 x 3675

    In either case, that's much closer to a 5K photo mode than than a 6K one.

  • @davedv

    We had similar discussion already as I remember.

    I think part can come from multi aspect sensor. And other part from marketing.

    Top Panasonic guy said that 6K is between 4K and 8K. And 8K must be present at least in one camera and one TV at 2020, this is how leaders said.

    So, all this strange "6K" weird mode "was marketing decision" (c) GC

  • I suppose if you call UHD (3840 x 2160) 4K and double that resolution 8K (7680 x 4320), then 6K would lie in the middle at 5760 x 3240 (which is 18 MP as mentioned in the Panasonic PR).

    That would make more sense and could work into a multi-aspect sensor like the GH2 had:

    For example, if the oversized, multi-aspect sensor had a native 3:2 aspect ratio with 5760 x 3840 resolution (about 22 MP), then you might be able to end up with a 16:9 resolution of 5760 x 3840 and a 4:3 resolution of 5300 x 3975 or so (20+ MP).

    But it's still strange that they specifically mentioned 6000 x 3000 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio for the 6K Photo Mode. With how little actual information was in the press release, you think they could get the few facts it did contain correct.

  • Pretty impressive specs the GH5 has.

    If only the Panasonic HC-X1 and he UX180 was going to have a 10 bit 4:22 recording mode as well. I mean if a still camera can have it, why can't a a couple of professional camcorders?

  • I mean if a still camera can have it, why can't a a couple of professional camcorders?

    Because main LSI is different and older.

    In old years Panasonic debuted their new LSI in the consumer ultrazooms. Now it is GH models.

  • The pre-presentation was a teaser for sure.

    The press text also says "The name '6K PHOTO' is tentative. " so marketing has gone bananas I presume. Since things don't seem to add up.

    Since 4:2:2 10 bit codec was rumored from before, the only real news was the body design (only as "mockup" I presume).

    I'm personally sad to see that the internal flash has gone since that makes under water photos with external TTL flash sync more difficult/impossible.

    The good thing is the possible return of the multi aspect ratio sensor, which will make wide angle shoots wider than before on the GH4. I shoot a lot of video with the GH3/GH4 under water with fisheye or 7-14 mm lenses.

    (Might be blocked in certain teritories because of music use.)

  • I'm so impressed with these specs. Great to see 10/422 in consumer cameras now, especially in 4k. As long as they include vlog, this will be a revolutionary step. I never expected IBIS at a price point in line with the GH series.

  • 1080p 12bit 4:4:4 would be nice as well let's make it happen Panasonic you can do it. Does any one else think it would be a nice addition?

  • Regarding 1080p, the most valuable feature Panasonic could add would be a super high quality down conversion from the 4k sensor. They implemented this on the SDI output on the DVX200, and it is absolutely superb! I've worked with it personally. It's like having the fine detail of a 4k picture in a 1080 picture. Bit depth and chroma resolution are of secondary importance. Sure, more is better, but the quality of the down conversion is primary.

  • Let's test what you guys know about HDR video, that is the single exposure version that relies on the dr of said exposure. Vlog-l just does not cut it for HDR.

    What kind of vlog will the gh5 bring us

  • Grading 10+ bit images on an HDR monitor for delivery in an HDR format is all that is required from a production standpoint. For all we know the camera may have its own HDR profile built-in... its all just speculation at this point.

  • Sorry for the off-topic, but did Nick say anything bout Moon T9? :)

  • @Ralph_B Definitely right about the down conversion part. Can you imagine having the right down conversion plus 12bit 4:4:4 that would be the icing on the cake for me.

  • You see, @Walkaboutcamera the majority of ppl on this site are interested in things that actually work. If you have some useful information to share, we welcome it! Put some examples online and we can take a look at it.
    When you post "Tron failed the test" or "hint v-log-l only does 4 1/3 stops over 18% grey", speaking for myself, I can't see how to use this information, and, also, I need a few good work examples to show that it is worth my time and effort to try it.