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Sony A6300 4K 100mbit 14 stops DR little monster, official topic
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  • It's pretty clear that Sony set out to create a future-proof camera in the a6300, one who's specs will likely look impressive, even two years down the road. The camera has a lot of fire power, both in the AF and video departments, and initial impressions indicate that everything works as it should. Which is to say, the a6300 is a really impressive little camera.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Yes, i know :). Although I'm very happy with my sony A7S. And when I saw the specs of the A6300, I was really enthusiast. 4k, 120fps in 1080p, fasted AF ever (and usable with adapter and other lenses), slog 3,..

    So I ordered one immediately. I never thought that the rolling shutter would be worse then with the A7S. Or that the 1080 would be so soft :D. But I don't going to cancel the order. This will be my little photo camera, handy to take with me (with the small 17-50mm) like compact cam (ok, a big compact cam :) ) Next year I or the year after that I will buy an upgrade for my A7s for video.

  • Does the fact that there are more phase detect pixels in this camera than in the a6000 affect its potential for noise performance? If this cam had the same number of PD pixels as the a6000 for instance, would it potentially have a little cleaner output, or does it really not make a difference in practice?

  • I have mine a6300. Gonne do a little test

    Edit: very small test:

    I used the kitlens (16-50mm)

    Really don't like that rolling shutter :p

  • Wow, that RS is going to make action shots look like garbage. This is a tough decision, so many pros, but some strong cons.

  • Well, preorders from B&H have started getting shipment notifications. Mine's scheduled to arrive tomorrow. :) Any test requests for over the weekend? Also have my A6000 that I may or may not keep, depending on the photo IQ difference (and if there's still green shadows from RAW compression), so I can do comparisons with that, too.

  • I just tested my 24-70mmf4 canon lens with metabons iv. Focus af is very fast (for picture. For video it's nog working I think)

    Another test, with also slo mo:

  • @conscius, in the video 'a6300 test run' from ahshing, he made the footage using the AF with the Sigma 19 2.8 and look like very nice.

  • @conscius Nice little video. Beautiful horse.

  • @Manu4Vendetta ow. I have to see why my AF is not working with video (canon 24-70). It is working if I make a photo (and it's really fast!) So it is working with sigma. Maybe i did something wrong

    Thanks @joethepro :D

  • Sorry Manu4Vendetta i deleted the first version. Here is the light graded version.

  • woolhats, nice footage. Now we are seeing best video material from A6300.

  • 50mm does not look that bad. What causes this micro jittering though? don't care about the rolling shutter on building or trains, but if it is what causes this bad motion ( instead of being badly shot) than it is a bummer.

  • @ttandcredi Not sure about jitter but why put a traffic sound track on that. Or perhaps it was a new microphone rejects speech and only picks up background noise!

  • @scot it is not my footage. And I usually prevent my ears by turning audio off while watching tests. :)